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  1st Session

                            H. CON. RES. 102


                         CONCURRENT RESOLUTION

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and 
recognizing the humanitarian safeguards these treaties provide in times 
                           of armed conflict.
  1st Session
H. CON. RES. 102


                         CONCURRENT RESOLUTION

Whereas the Geneva Conventions of 1949 set basic humane standards of behavior 
        during armed conflict, and are the major written source of international 
        humanitarian law;
Whereas these Conventions prescribe humane treatment for civilian populations, 
        wounded, sick and shipwrecked military personnel, and prisoners of war 
        during armed conflict;
Whereas these Conventions recognize the International Committee of the Red Cross 
        as an independent and neutral organization whose humanitarian mission is 
        to protect and assist civilians, prisoners of war, and other victims of 
        armed conflict;
Whereas ``the red cross in a field of white'' is not an ordinary organizational 
        symbol, but one to which the international community has granted the 
        ability to impose restraint during war and to protect human life;
Whereas the American Red Cross and its sister national societies are members of 
        a world-wide organization rooted in the provisions of international 
        humanitarian law and dedicated to the promulgation of its principles, 
        among which are the Geneva Conventions of 1949;
Whereas the international programs of the American Red Cross bring relief from 
        natural and manmade disasters abroad, contribute to the development of 
        nonprofit relief organizations abroad, and include the teaching of 
        international humanitarian law throughout the United States;
Whereas many domestic programs of the Red Cross in health and safety, disaster, 
        blood, youth, and service to the members of the Armed Forces of the 
        United States grew out of a response to armed conflict;
Whereas, thanks to the efforts of Clara Barton and Frederick Douglass, the 
        United States ratified in 1882 the first convention for the amelioration 
        of the condition of wounded and sick members of the armed forces in the 
Whereas in 1955 the United States ratified the Geneva Conventions of 1949; and
Whereas the Geneva Conventions of 1949 are among the most universally ratified 
        treaties in the world: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring),


    The Congress--
            (1) recognizes the historic and humanitarian significance 
        of the Geneva Conventions of 1949, and celebrates the 50th 
        anniversary of the signing of these treaties;
            (2) exhorts combatants everywhere to respect the red cross 
        emblem in order to protect innocent and vulnerable populations 
        on every side of conflicts;
            (3) commends the International Committee of the Red Cross 
        and the more than 175 national Red Cross and Red Crescent 
        societies, including the American Red Cross, on their 
        continuing work in providing relief and assistance to the 
        victims of war as prescribed by these Conventions;
            (4) applauds the Promise of Humanity gathering organized by 
        the American Red Cross in 1999 in Washington, D.C., as an 
        important reminder of our responsibilities to educate future 
        generations about the principles of international humanitarian 
            (5) commends the efforts of the International Committee of 
        the Red Cross and the more than 175 national Red Cross and Red 
        Crescent societies, including the American Red Cross, for their 
        work in educating the world's citizens about the humanitarian 
        principles of international humanitarian law as embodied in the 
        Geneva Conventions of 1949;
            (6) invites the American Red Cross during this anniversary 
        year to assist Congress in educating its Members and staff 
        about the Geneva Conventions of 1949;
            (7) supports the anniversary theme of the International 
        Committee of the Red Cross that ``Even War Has Limits''; and
            (8) calls upon the President to issue a proclamation 
        recognizing the anniversary of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 
        and recognizing the Conventions themselves as critically 
        important instruments for protecting human dignity in times of 
        armed conflict and limiting the savagery of war.


    In this concurrent resolution, the term ``Geneva Conventions of 
1949'' means the following conventions, done at Geneva in 1949:
            (1) Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the 
        Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field (6 UST 3114).
            (2) Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of 
        Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked Members of the Armed Forces at 
        Sea (6 UST 3217).
            (3) Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of 
        War (6 UST 3316).
            (4) Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian 
        Persons in Time of War (6 UST 3516).

            Passed the House of Representatives October 26, 1999.



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