Home > 107th Congressional Bills > H.Con.Res. 136 (ih) Expressing the sense of the Congress that the moratoria on new oil and natural gas leasing activity on submerged lands of the Outer Continental Shelf should be maintained. [Introduced in House] ...

H.Con.Res. 136 (ih) Expressing the sense of the Congress that the moratoria on new oil and natural gas leasing activity on submerged lands of the Outer Continental Shelf should be maintained. [Introduced in House] ...

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  1st Session
H. CON. RES. 135



                              May 17, 2001

     Resolved, and referred to the Commmittee on Foreign Relations


                         CONCURRENT RESOLUTION

Expressing the sense of the Congress welcoming President Chen Shui-bian 
                    of Taiwan to the United States.

Whereas for more than 50 years, a close relationship has existed between the 
        United States and Taiwan, which has been of enormous economic, cultural, 
        and strategic advantage to both countries;
Whereas the United States and Taiwan share common ideals and a vision for the 
        21st century;
Whereas freedom and democracy are the strongest foundations for peace and 
Whereas Taiwan has demonstrated an improved record on human rights and a 
        commitment to democratic ideals of freedom of speech, freedom of the 
        press, and free and fair elections routinely held in a multiparty 
        system, as evidenced by the March 18, 2000, election of Chen Shui-bian 
        as Taiwan's new president; and
Whereas the upcoming May 21, 2001, visit to the United States by President Chen 
        Shui-bian of Taiwan is another significant opportunity to broaden and 
        strengthen the friendship and cooperation between the United States and 
        Taiwan: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), 
That the Congress--
            (1) warmly welcomes President Chen Shui-bian of Taiwan upon 
        his visit to the United States;
            (2) requests President Chen Shui-bian to communicate to the 
        people of Taiwan the support of the Congress and of the people 
        of the United States; and
            (3) recognizes that the visit of President Chen Shui-bian 
        to the United States is another significant opportunity to 
        broaden and strengthen the friendship and cooperation between 
        the United States and Taiwan.

            Passed the House of Representatives May 17, 2001.


                                                 JEFF TRANDAHL,


                              By Martha C. Morrison,

                                                          Deputy Clerk.

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