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  1st Session
H. CON. RES. 1



                            January 9, 1995

        Received and referred to the Committee on Armed Services


                         CONCURRENT RESOLUTION

 Recognizing the sacrifice and courage of Army Warrant Officers David 
Hilemon and Bobby W. Hall II, whose helicopter was shot down over North 
                      Korea on December 17, 1994.

Whereas, on December 17, 1994, the helicopter of Army Chief Warrant Officer 
        David Hilemon and Army Chief Warrant Officer Bobby W. Hall II was shot 
        down over North Korea;
Whereas, as a result of this incident, Chief Warrant Officer Hilemon sacrificed 
        his life for his country and Chief Warrant Officer Hall was taken 
        captive by the Korean People's Army;
Whereas, on December 22, 1994, Chief Warrant Officer Hilemon's remains were 
        returned to the United States at the Demilitarized Zone at Panmunjom and 
        on December 28, 1994, he was laid to rest with full military honors and 
        in full view of Mt. Rainier in the State of Washington, in accordance 
        with the wishes of Chief Warrant Officer Hilemon; and
Whereas Chief Warrant Officer Hall, held in captivity for 13 days under 
        stressful circumstances, served his country above and beyond the call of 
        duty: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), 
That the Congress--
            (1) recognizes the sacrifice of Army Chief Warrant Officer 
        David Hilemon to his country and expresses gratitude for his 
        selflessness and deepest regret for his loss to his family; and
            (2) recognizes the exceptional service of Army Chief 
        Warrant Officer Bobby W. Hall II to his country and expresses 
        commendation for his courage.

            Passed the House of Representatives January 5 (legislative 
      day, January 4), 1995.


                                                ROBIN H. CARLE,


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