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H.Con.Res. 351 (rfs) Recognizing Heroes Plaza in the City of Pueblo, Colorado, as honoring recipients of the Medal of Honor. [Referred in Senate] ...

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  2d Session
H. CON. RES. 351

   Congratulating the University of Delaware men's football team for 
  winning the National Collegiate Athletic Association I-AA national 



                            January 28, 2004

  Mr. Castle submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was 
        referred to the Committee on Education and the Workforce


                         CONCURRENT RESOLUTION

   Congratulating the University of Delaware men's football team for 
  winning the National Collegiate Athletic Association I-AA national 

Whereas on Friday, December 19, 2004, the University of Delaware Blue Hens men's 
        football team won its sixth national title;
Whereas the University of Delaware won the championship game by defeating the 
        Colgate University 40-0;
Whereas the Blue Hens swept through the Division I-AA playoffs, outscoring 
        opponents by a combined score 149-23 in victories over Southern 
        Illinois, Northern Iowa, and Wofford;
Whereas the Blue Hens captured their seventh Atlantic 10 Football Conference 
        title, were named winners of the Lambert Cup as the top team in the East 
        for the 18th time and were named Eastern College Athletic Conference 
        (ECAC) Team of the Year for the 10th time;
Whereas the University of Delaware team was led by co-captains Mike Adams and 
        Jason Nerys and All-American quarterback Andy Hall;
Whereas the roster of the University of Delaware team also included Dominic 
        Santoli, Germaine Bennett, G.J. Crescione, Roger Brown, Antwan Jenkins, 
        David Boler, Brian Ingram, Justin Long, Ryan McDermond, Ryan Carty, T.J. 
        DiMuzio, Zach Thomas, Terry Kelly, Brad Michael, Dave Camburn, Joe 
        Bleymaier, Mike Weber, Ryan Trask, Brad Shushman, Sean Bleiler, Leon 
        Clarke, Brent Steinmetz, Ben Cross, Lawrence Jones, Jamie Rotonda, Nicos 
        Chivis, Lonnie Starks, Drew Kisner, Kyle Campbell, Jeremy Kametz, 
        Jeffrey Robinson, Maguell Davis, Bryan Tingle, Lou Samba, Andy Snapp, 
        Anthony Cinelli, Niquan Lee, John Nauss, Rashaad Woodard, John Mulhern, 
        KeiAndre Hepburn, Kevin Pulley, Sidney Haugabrook, Dominic Madigan, 
        Antoinie McClure, Jeffrey Thompson, Blake Anderson, Mark Moore, Craig 
        Browne, Marquez Davis, Nick Iarrobino, Mike Buchman, Mondoe Davis, 
        Andrew Wilson, Marco Kristen, George Potts, Mike Bingnear, Mark 
        Ciavirella, Greg Benson, Brett Wharton, Brendon Morfe, Rich Beverley, 
        Tom Parks, Chris Edwards, Scott Conley, Chris Korkuch, Trip DelCampo, 
        Brian Sims, Jared Wray, Paul Thompson, Bobby Delacy, Joe Cordrey, Jesse 
        O'Neill, Brian Jennings, Vince Mumford, Michael Taylor, Steve Selk, Rick 
        Lavelle, Richard Washington, Nat Bell, Chris Mooney, Shawn Johnson, 
        Bubba Jespersen, Sean Sweeney, and Randall James;
Whereas second-year head coach K.C. Keeler enjoyed one of the most outstanding 
        seasons in college football by setting a school record for wins in a 
        season with a mark of 15-1;
Whereas Coach Keeler and his coaching staff, including Kirk Ciarrocca, Dave 
        Cohen, Bryan Bossard, Kyle Flood, Paul Williams, Rob Neviaser, Rick 
        Brown, Brian Ginn, Craig Cummings, Frank Law, Brandon Walker, Mike 
        Marks, Russell Barbarino, Dr. Vincent Disabella, Keith Handling, Joan 
        Couch, deserve much credit for the outstanding determination and 
        accomplishments of their young team;
Whereas fans across the State of Delaware have supported the team over the 
        course of the season and more than 6000 Delawareans traveled to 
        Tennessee to watch the championship game;
Whereas the Blue Hen football program encompasses all the facets of university 
        life, including growth of character, academic involvement, campus 
        involvement, and graduation; and
Whereas the students, alumni, faculty, and supporters of the University of 
        Delaware are to be congratulated for their commitment and pride in their 
        national champion men's football team: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), 
That the Congress--
            (1) congratulates the University of Delaware men's football 
        team for winning the 2003 National Collegiate Athletic 
        Association Division I-AA football national championship;
            (2) recognizes the achievements of all the team's players, 
        coaches, and support staff; and
            (3) directs the Clerk of the House of Representatives to 
        make available enrolled copies of this resolution to the 
        University of Delaware for appropriate display and to transmit 
        an enrolled copy of this resolution to each coach and member of 
        the 2003 National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I-AA 
        men's football national championship team.

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