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H.R. 101 (rh) To transfer a parcel of land to the Taos Pueblo Indians of New Mexico. [Reported in House] ...

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  1st Session
                                H. R. 101



             February 2 (legislative day, January 30), 1995

   Received; read twice and referred to the Committee on Energy and 
                           Natural Resources


                                 AN ACT

 To transfer a parcel of land to the Taos Pueblo Indians of New Mexico.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    (a) Transfer.--The parcel of land described in subsection (b) is 
hereby transferred without consideration to the Secretary of the 
Interior to be held in trust for the Pueblo de Taos. Such parcel shall 
be a part of the Pueblo de Taos Reservation and shall be managed in 
accordance with section 4 of the Act of May 31, 1933 (48 Stat. 108) (as 
amended, including as amended by Public Law 91-550 (84 Stat. 1437)).
    (b) Land Description.--The parcel of land referred to in subsection 
(a) is the land that is generally depicted on the map entitled ``Lands 
transferred to the Pueblo of Taos--proposed'' and dated September 1994, 
comprises 764.33 acres, and is situated within sections 25, 26, 35, and 
36, Township 27 North, Range 14 East, New Mexico Principal Meridian, 
within the Wheeler Peak Wilderness, Carson National Forest, Taos 
County, New Mexico.
    (c) Conforming Boundary Adjustments.--The boundaries of the Carson 
National Forest and the Wheeler Peak Wilderness are hereby adjusted to 
reflect the transfer made by subsection (a).
    (d) Resolution of Outstanding Claims.--The Congress finds and 
declares that, as a result of the enactment of this Act, the Taos 
Pueblo has no unresolved equitable or legal claims against the United 
States on the lands to be held in trust and to become part of the 
Pueblo de Taos Reservation under this section.

            Passed the House of Representatives February 1, 1995.


                                                ROBIN H. CARLE,


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