Home > 107th Congressional Bills > H.R. 1099 (eh) To make changes in laws governing Coast Guard personnel, increase marine safety, renew certain groups that advise the Coast Guard on safety issues, make miscellaneous improvements to Coast Guard operations and policies, and for other purpos...

H.R. 1099 (eh) To make changes in laws governing Coast Guard personnel, increase marine safety, renew certain groups that advise the Coast Guard on safety issues, make miscellaneous improvements to Coast Guard operations and policies, and for other purpos...

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        State, subdivision or authority.


    Notwithstanding section 8 of the Act of June 19, 1886 (46 App. 
U.S.C. 289), beginning on April 1, 2002, the 10 sailboats participating 
in the New World Challenge Race may transport guests, who have not 
contributed consideration for their passage, from and around the ports 
of San Francisco and San Diego, California, before and during stops of 
that race. This section shall have no force or effect beginning on the 
earlier of--
            (1) 60 days after the last competing sailboat reaches the 
        end of that race in San Francisco, California; or
            (2) December 31, 2003.


    Notwithstanding any other law or agreement with the United States 
Government, the vessel ASPHALT COMMANDER (United States official number 
663105) may be transferred to or placed under a foreign registry or 
sold to a person that is not a citizen of the United States and 
transferred to or placed under a foreign registry.

            Passed the House of Representatives March 21, 2001.


                                                 JEFF TRANDAHL,


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