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H.R. 1385 (ih) To consolidate, coordinate, and improve employment, training, literacy, and vocational rehabilitation programs in the United States, and for other purposes. ...

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                       One Hundred Fifth Congress

                                 of the

                        United States of America

                          AT THE SECOND SESSION

          Begun and held at the City of Washington on Tuesday,
the twenty-seventh day of January, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-

                                 An Act

To consolidate, coordinate, and improve employment, training, literacy, 
  and vocational rehabilitation programs in the United States, and for 
                             other purposes.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    (a) Short Title.--This Act may be cited as the ``Workforce 
Investment Act of 1998''.
    (b) Table of Contents.--The table of contents for this Act is as 
Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents.


              Subtitle A--Workforce Investment Definitions

Sec. 101. Definitions.

      Subtitle B--Statewide and Local Workforce Investment Systems

Sec. 106. Purpose.

                       Chapter 1--State Provisions

Sec. 111. State workforce investment boards.
Sec. 112. State plan.

                       Chapter 2--Local Provisions

Sec. 116. Local workforce investment areas.
Sec. 117. Local workforce investment boards.
Sec. 118. Local plan.

          Chapter 3--Workforce Investment Activities Providers

Sec. 121. Establishment of one-stop delivery systems.
Sec. 122. Identification of eligible providers of training services.
Sec. 123. Identification of eligible providers of youth activities.

                       Chapter 4--Youth Activities

Sec. 126. General authorization.
Sec. 127. State allotments.
Sec. 128. Within State allocations.
Sec. 129. Use of funds for youth activities.

     Chapter 5--Adult and Dislocated Worker Employment and Training 

Sec. 131. General authorization.
Sec. 132. State allotments.
Sec. 133. Within State allocations.
Sec. 134. Use of funds for employment and training activities.

                      Chapter 6--General Provisions

Sec. 136. Performance accountability system.
Sec. 137. Authorization of appropriations.

                          Subtitle C--Job Corps

Sec. 141. Purposes.
Sec. 142. Definitions.
Sec. 143. Establishment.
Sec. 144. Individuals eligible for the Job Corps.
Sec. 145. Recruitment, screening, selection, and assignment of 
Sec. 146. Enrollment.
Sec. 147. Job Corps centers.
Sec. 148. Program activities.
Sec. 149. Counseling and job placement.
Sec. 150. Support.
Sec. 151. Operating plan.
Sec. 152. Standards of conduct.
Sec. 153. Community participation.
Sec. 154. Industry councils.
Sec. 155. Advisory committees.
Sec. 156. Experimental, research, and demonstration projects.
Sec. 157. Application of provisions of Federal law.
Sec. 158. Special provisions.
Sec. 159. Management information.
Sec. 160. General provisions.
Sec. 161. Authorization of appropriations.

                      Subtitle D--National Programs

Sec. 166. Native American programs.
Sec. 167. Migrant and seasonal farmworker programs.
Sec. 168. Veterans' workforce investment programs.
Sec. 169. Youth opportunity grants.
Sec. 170. Technical assistance.
Sec. 171. Demonstration, pilot, multiservice, research, and multistate 
Sec. 172. Evaluations.
Sec. 173. National emergency grants.
Sec. 174. Authorization of appropriations.

                       Subtitle E--Administration

Sec. 181. Requirements and restrictions.
Sec. 182. Prompt allocation of funds.
Sec. 183. Monitoring.
Sec. 184. Fiscal controls; sanctions.
Sec. 185. Reports; recordkeeping; investigations.
Sec. 186. Administrative adjudication.
Sec. 187. Judicial review.
Sec. 188. Nondiscrimination.
Sec. 189. Administrative provisions.
Sec. 190. Reference.
Sec. 191. State legislative authority.
Sec. 192. Workforce flexibility plans.
Sec. 193. Use of certain real property.
Sec. 194. Continuation of State activities and policies.
Sec. 195. General program requirements.

              Subtitle F--Repeals and Conforming Amendments

Sec. 199. Repeals.
Sec. 199A. Conforming amendments.


Sec. 201. Short title.
Sec. 202. Purpose.
Sec. 203. Definitions.
Sec. 204. Home schools.
Sec. 205. Authorization of appropriations.

            Subtitle A--Adult Education and Literacy Programs

                      Chapter 1--Federal Provisions

Sec. 211. Reservation; grants to eligible agencies; allotments.
Sec. 212. Performance accountability system.

                       Chapter 2--State Provisions

Sec. 221. State administration.
Sec. 222. State distribution of funds; matching requirement.
Sec. 223. State leadership activities.
Sec. 224. State plan.
Sec. 225. Programs for corrections education and other institutionalized 

                       Chapter 3--Local Provisions

Sec. 231. Grants and contracts for eligible providers.
Sec. 232. Local application.
Sec. 233. Local administrative cost limits.

                      Chapter 4--General Provisions

Sec. 241. Administrative provisions.
Sec. 242. National Institute for Literacy.
Sec. 243. National leadership activities.

                           Subtitle B--Repeals

Sec. 251. Repeals.


                      Subtitle A--Wagner-Peyser Act

Sec. 301. Definitions.
Sec. 302. Functions.
Sec. 303. Designation of State agencies.
Sec. 304. Appropriations.
Sec. 305. Disposition of allotted funds.
Sec. 306. State plans.
Sec. 307. Repeal of Federal advisory council.
Sec. 308. Regulations.
Sec. 309. Employment statistics.
Sec. 310. Technical amendments.
Sec. 311. Effective date.

                Subtitle B--Linkages With Other Programs

Sec. 321. Trade Act of 1974.
Sec. 322. Veterans' employment programs.
Sec. 323. Older Americans Act of 1965.

          Subtitle C--Twenty-First Century Workforce Commission

Sec. 331. Short title.
Sec. 332. Findings.
Sec. 333. Definitions.
Sec. 334. Establishment of Twenty-First Century Workforce Commission.
Sec. 335. Duties of the Commission.
Sec. 336. Powers of the Commission.
Sec. 337. Commission personnel matters.
Sec. 338. Termination of the Commission.
Sec. 339. Authorization of appropriations.

Subtitle D--Application of Civil Rights and Labor-Management Laws to the 
                         Smithsonian Institution

Sec. 341. Application of civil rights and labor-management laws to the 
          Smithsonian Institution.


Sec. 401. Short title.
Sec. 402. Title.
Sec. 403. General provisions.
Sec. 404. Vocational rehabilitation services.
Sec. 405. Research and training.
Sec. 406. Professional development and special projects and 
Sec. 407. National Council on Disability.
Sec. 408. Rights and advocacy.
Sec. 409. Employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.
Sec. 410. Independent living services and centers for independent 
Sec. 411. Repeal.
Sec. 412. Helen Keller National Center Act.
Sec. 413. President's Committee on Employment of People With 
Sec. 414. Conforming amendments.

                       TITLE V--GENERAL PROVISIONS

Sec. 501. State unified plan.
Sec. 502. Definitions for indicators of performance.
Sec. 503. Incentive grants.
Sec. 504. Privacy.
Sec. 505. Buy-American requirements.
Sec. 506. Transition provisions.
Sec. 507. Effective date.

              Subtitle A--Workforce Investment Definitions


    In this title:
        (1) Adult.--Except in sections 127 and 132, the term ``adult'' 
    means an individual who is age 18 or older.
        (2) Adult education; adult education and literacy activities.--
    The terms ``adult education'' and ``adult education and literacy 
    activities'' have the meanings given the terms in section 203.
        (3) Area vocational education school.--The term ``area 
    vocational education school'' has the meaning given the term in 
    section 521 of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied 
    Technology Education Act (20 U.S.C. 2471).
        (4) Basic skills deficient.--The term ``basic skills 
    deficient'' means, with respect to an individual, that the 
    individual has English reading, writing, or computing skills at or 
    below the 8th grade level on a generally accepted standardized test 
    or a comparable score on a criterion-referenced test.
        (5) Case management.--The term ``case management'' means the 
    provision of a client-centered approach in the delivery of 
    services, designed--
            (A) to prepare and coordinate comprehensive employment 
        plans, such as service strategies, for participants to ensure 
        access to necessary workforce investment activities and 
        supportive services, using, where feasible, computer-based 
        technologies; and
            (B) to provide job and career counseling during program 
        participation and after job placement.
        (6) Chief elected official.--The term ``chief elected 
    official'' means--
            (A) the chief elected executive officer of a unit of 
        general local government in a local area; and
            (B) in a case in which a local area includes more than one 
        unit of general local government, the individuals designated 
        under the agreement described in section 117(c)(1)(B).
        (7) Community-based organization.--The term ``community-based 
    organization'' means a private nonprofit organization that is 
    representative of a community or a significant segment of a 
    community and that has demonstrated expertise and effectiveness in 
    the field of workforce investment.
        (8) Customized training.--The term ``customized training'' 
    means training--
            (A) that is designed to meet the special requirements of an 
        employer (including a group of employers);

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