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H.R. 1501 (eh) To amend the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 to [Engrossed in House] ...

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                  In the Senate of the United States,

                                                         July 28, 1999.
      Resolved, That the bill from the House of Representatives (H.R. 
1501) entitled ``An Act to amend the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe 
Streets Act of 1968 to provide grants to ensure increased 
accountability for juvenile offenders; to amend the Juvenile Justice 
and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974 to provide quality prevention 
programs and accountability programs relating to juvenile delinquency; 
and for other purposes.'', do pass with the following


            Strike out all after the enacting clause and insert:


    (a) Short Title.--This Act may be cited as the ``Violent and Repeat 
Juvenile Offender Accountability and Rehabilitation Act of 1999''.
    (b) Table of Contents.--The table of contents for this Act is as 

Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents.
Sec. 2. Findings and purposes.
Sec. 3. Severability.


Sec. 101. Surrender to State authorities.
Sec. 102. Treatment of Federal juvenile offenders.
Sec. 103. Definitions.
Sec. 104. Notification after arrest.
Sec. 105. Release and detention prior to disposition.
Sec. 106. Speedy trial.
Sec. 107. Dispositional hearings.
Sec. 108. Use of juvenile records.
Sec. 109. Implementation of a sentence for juvenile offenders.
Sec. 110. Magistrate judge authority regarding juvenile defendants.
Sec. 111. Federal sentencing guidelines.
Sec. 112. Study and report on Indian tribal jurisdiction.

                        TITLE II--JUVENILE GANGS

Sec. 201. Solicitation or recruitment of persons in criminal street 
                            gang activity.
Sec. 202. Increased penalties for using minors to distribute drugs.
Sec. 203. Penalties for use of minors in crimes of violence.
Sec. 204. Criminal street gangs.
Sec. 205. High intensity interstate gang activity areas.
Sec. 206. Increasing the penalty for using physical force to tamper 
                            with witnesses, victims, or informants.
Sec. 207. Authority to make grants to prosecutors' offices to combat 
                            gang crime and youth violence.
Sec. 208. Increase in offense level for participation in crime as a 
                            gang member.
Sec. 209. Interstate and foreign travel or transportation in aid of 
                            criminal gangs.
Sec. 210. Prohibitions relating to firearms.
Sec. 211. Clone pagers.


 Subtitle A--Reform of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention 
                              Act of 1974

Sec. 301. Findings; declaration of purpose; definitions.
Sec. 302. Juvenile crime control and prevention.
Sec. 303. Runaway and homeless youth.
Sec. 304. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
Sec. 305. Transfer of functions and savings provisions.

Subtitle B--Accountability for Juvenile Offenders and Public Protection 
                            Incentive Grants

Sec. 321. Block grant program.
Sec. 322. Pilot program to promote replication of recent successful 
                            juvenile crime reduction strategies.
Sec. 323. Repeal of unnecessary and duplicative programs.
Sec. 324. Extension of Violent Crime Reduction Trust Fund.
Sec. 325. Reimbursement of States for costs of incarcerating juvenile 

      Subtitle C--Alternative Education and Delinquency Prevention

Sec. 331. Alternative education.

                  Subtitle D--Parenting as Prevention

Sec. 341. Short title.
Sec. 342. Establishment of program.
Sec. 343. National Parenting Support and Education Commission.
Sec. 344. State and local parenting support and education grant 
Sec. 345. Grants to address the problem of violence related stress to 
                            parents and children.


                  Subtitle A--Children and the Media.

Sec. 401. Short title.
Sec. 402. Findings.
Sec. 403. Purposes; construction.
Sec. 404. Exemption of voluntary agreements on guidelines for certain 
                            entertainment material from applicability 
                            of antitrust laws.
Sec. 405. Exemption of activities to ensure compliance with ratings and 
                            labeling systems from applicability of 
                            antitrust laws.
Sec. 406. Definitions.

                       Subtitle B--Other Matters.

Sec. 411. Study of marketing practices of motion picture, recording, 
                            and video/personal computer game 


Sec. 501. Special licensees; special registrations.
Sec. 502. Clarification of authority to conduct firearm transactions at 
                            gun shows.
Sec. 503. ``Instant check'' gun tax and gun owner privacy.
Sec. 504. Effective date.


Sec. 601. Penalties for unlawful acts by juveniles.
Sec. 602. Effective date.


             Subtitle A--Criminal Use of Firearms by Felons

Sec. 701. Short title.
Sec. 702. Findings.
Sec. 703. Criminal Use of Firearms by Felons Program.
Sec. 704. Annual reports.
Sec. 705. Authorization of appropriations.

   Subtitle B--Apprehension and Treatment of Armed Violent Criminals

Sec. 711. Apprehension and procedural treatment of armed violent 

                Subtitle C--Youth Crime Gun Interdiction

Sec. 721. Youth crime gun interdiction initiative.

                    Subtitle D--Gun Prosecution Data

Sec. 731. Collection of gun prosecution data.

     Subtitle E--Firearms Possession by Violent Juvenile Offenders

Sec. 741. Prohibition on firearms possession by violent juvenile 

            Subtitle F--Juvenile Access to Certain Firearms

Sec. 751. Penalties for firearm violations involving juveniles.

                 Subtitle G--General Firearm Provisions

Sec. 761. National instant criminal background check system 


Sec. 801. Straw purchases.
Sec. 802. Stolen firearms.
Sec. 803. Increase in penalties for crimes involving firearms.
Sec. 804. Increased penalties for distributing drugs to minors.
Sec. 805. Increased penalty for drug trafficking in or near a school or 
                            other protected location.

                     TITLE IX--CHILD HANDGUN SAFETY

Sec. 901. Short title.
Sec. 902. Purposes.
Sec. 903. Firearms safety.
Sec. 904. Effective date.


Sec. 1001. School safety and violence prevention.
Sec. 1002. Study.
Sec. 1003. School uniforms.
Sec. 1004. Transfer of school disciplinary records.
Sec. 1005. School violence research.
Sec. 1006. National character achievement award.
Sec. 1007. National Commission on Character Development.
Sec. 1008. Juvenile access to treatment.
Sec. 1009. Background checks.
Sec. 1010. Drug tests.
Sec. 1011. Sense of the Senate.


Sec. 1101. Short title.
Sec. 1102. Findings and purpose.
Sec. 1103. Preemption and election of State nonapplicability.
Sec. 1104. Limitation on liability for teachers.
Sec. 1105. Liability for noneconomic loss.
Sec. 1106. Definitions.
Sec. 1107. Effective date.


Sec. 1201. Short title.
Sec. 1202. Purpose.
Sec. 1203. Findings.
Sec. 1204. Definitions.
Sec. 1205. Program authorized.
Sec. 1206. Application.
Sec. 1207. Selection priorities.
Sec. 1208. Authorization of appropriations.


Sec. 1301. Purpose.
Sec. 1302. Authorization of appropriations.
Sec. 1303. School-based programs.
Sec. 1304. After school programs.
Sec. 1305. General provisions.


Sec. 1401. Short title.
Sec. 1402. Elimination of convicted offender DNA backlog.
Sec. 1403. DNA identification of Federal, District of Columbia, and 
                            military violent offenders.


                     Subtitle A--General Provisions

Sec. 1501. Prohibition on firearms possession by violent juvenile 
Sec. 1502. Safe students.
Sec. 1503. Study of marketing practices of the firearms industry.
Sec. 1504. Provision of Internet filtering or screening software by 
                            certain Internet service providers.
Sec. 1505. Application of section 923 (j) and (m).
Sec. 1506. Constitutionality of memorial services and memorials at 
                            public schools.
Sec. 1507. Twenty-first Amendment enforcement.
Sec. 1508. Interstate shipment and delivery of intoxicating liquors.
Sec. 1509. Disclaimer on materials produced, procured or distributed 
                            from funding authorized by this Act.
Sec. 1510. Aimee's Law.
Sec. 1511. Drug tests and locker inspections.
Sec. 1512. Waiver for local match requirement under community policing 
Sec. 1513. Carjacking offenses.
Sec. 1514. Special forfeiture of collateral profits of crime.
Sec. 1515. Caller identification services to elementary and secondary 
                            schools as part of universal service 
Sec. 1516. Parent leadership model.
Sec. 1517. National media campaign against violence.
Sec. 1518. Victims of terrorism.
Sec. 1519. Truth-in-sentencing incentive grants.
Sec. 1520. Application of provision relating to a sentence of death for 
                            an act of animal enterprise terrorism.
Sec. 1521. Prohibitions relating to explosive materials.
Sec. 1522. District judges for districts in the States of Arizona, 
                            Florida, and Nevada.
Sec. 1523. Behavioral and social science research on youth violence.
Sec. 1524. Sense of the Senate regarding mentoring programs.
Sec. 1525. Families and Schools Together program.
Sec. 1526. Amendments relating to violent crime in Indian country and 
                            areas of exclusive Federal jurisdiction.
Sec. 1527. Federal Judiciary Protection Act of 1999.
Sec. 1528. Local enforcement of local alcohol prohibitions that reduce 
                            juvenile crime in remote Alaska villages.
Sec. 1529. Rule of Construction.
Sec. 1530. Bounty hunter accountability and quality assistance.
Sec. 1531. Assistance for unincorporated neighborhood watch programs.
Sec. 1532. Findings and sense of Congress.
Sec. 1533. Prohibition on promoting violence on Federal property.
Sec. 1534. Provisions relating to pawn shops and special licensees.
Sec. 1535. Extension of Brady background checks to gun shows.
Sec. 1536. Appropriate interventions and services; clarification of 
                            Federal law.
Sec. 1537. Safe schools.
Sec. 1538. School counseling.

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