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  1st Session
                                H. R. 1633

 To amend title XXI of the Social Security Act to encourage the use of 
 web-based enrollment systems in the State children's health insurance 
                            program (SCHIP).



                             April 3, 2003

    Mr. Schiff (for himself, Mr. McHugh, Mr. Hinchey, Ms. Millender-
  McDonald, Mr. Kennedy of Rhode Island, Mr. Hoeffel, Mr. Towns, Mr. 
 Matsui, Mr. Sherman, Mr. Honda, Ms. Woolsey, Ms. Lee, Ms. Norton, Mr. 
George Miller of California, Mr. Grijalva, Ms. Eddie Bernice Johnson of 
 Texas, Mr. Bell, Mr. McDermott, Mrs. Napolitano, Mr. Lantos, and Mr. 
   Stupak) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the 
                    Committee on Energy and Commerce


                                 A BILL

 To amend title XXI of the Social Security Act to encourage the use of 
 web-based enrollment systems in the State children's health insurance 
                            program (SCHIP).

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the ``SCHIP Web-Based Enrollment Act of 


    (a) Allowing Use of Retained Allotments Without Percentage 
Limits.--Section 2104(g)(2)(C) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 
1397dd(g)(2)(C)) is amended--
            (1) by striking ``up to 10 percent'' in the heading; and
            (2) by inserting before the period at the end the 
        following: ``and may use any of such amount for fiscal year 
        1998 and any subsequent fiscal year for expenditures in 
        developing and implementing a system of enrollment that is 
        based on applying for benefits through an Internet web site''.
    (b) Assistance in Development and Implementation.--The Secretary of 
Health and Human Services shall make available upon request to States 
(as defined for purposes of title XXI of the Social Security Act) 
information and technical assistance on the development and 
implementation of a web-based enrollment system under the State 
children's health insurance program under such title, including (in 
cooperation with the State of California and appropriate agencies in 
that State) information on the web-based system (www.healtheapp.org) 
being implemented in that State.
    (c) Effective Date.--The amendments made by subsection (a) shall 
apply to fiscal years beginning with fiscal year 2004.


    (a) In General.--The Secretary of Health and Human Services shall 
provide for grants to States (as defined for purposes of title XXI of 
the Social Security Act) to enable the States to develop and implement 
web-based enrollment systems under their State child health plans under 
that title. Such a system may also be applied for enrollment of 
children and families under the medicaid program under title XIX of 
such Act.
    (b) Terms and Conditions.--Grants under this section shall be 
subject to such terms and conditions as the Secretary may specify and 
shall only be made based upon an application that is made to, and 
approved by, the Secretary.
    (c) Authorization of Appropriations.--There are authorized to be 
appropriated for grants under this section $50,000,000 for the 5-
fiscal-year period beginning with fiscal year 2004. Amounts 
appropriated under this subsection shall remain available until 
expended. Funds so appropriated are in addition to funds made available 
under title XXI of the Social Security Act.

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