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H.R. 1794 (ih) To protect United States military personnel and other elected and appointed officials of the United States Government against criminal prosecution by an international criminal court to which the United States is not party. [Introduced in Ho...

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  1st Session
                                H. R. 1793

 To amend the National Labor Relations Act to protect employer rights.



                             April 11, 2003

 Mr. DeMint (for himself, Mr. Ballenger, Mr. Carter, Mr. Bereuter, Mr. 
    Brady of Texas, Mr. Cunningham, Mr. Doolittle, Ms. Granger, Mr. 
 Hayworth, Mr. McKeon, Mr. Norwood, Mr. Paul, Mr. Souder, Mr. Wicker, 
Mr. Franks of Arizona, and Mr. Manzullo) introduced the following bill; 
   which was referred to the Committee on Education and the Workforce


                                 A BILL

 To amend the National Labor Relations Act to protect employer rights.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the ``Truth in Employment Act of 2003''.


    Congress finds that:
            (1) An atmosphere of trust and civility in labor-management 
        relationships is essential to a productive workplace and a 
        healthy economy.
            (2) The tactic of using professional union organizers and 
        agents to infiltrate a targeted employer's workplace, a 
        practice commonly referred to as ``salting'' has evolved into 
        an aggressive form of harassment not contemplated when the 
        National Labor Relations Act was enacted and threatens the 
        balance of rights which is fundamental to our system of 
        collective bargaining.
            (3) Increasingly, union organizers are seeking employment 
        with nonunion employers not because of a desire to work for 
        such employers but primarily to organize the employees of such 
        employers or to inflict economic harm specifically designed to 
        put nonunion competitors out of business, or to do both.
            (4) While no employer may discriminate against employees 
        based upon the views of employees concerning collective 
        bargaining, an employer should have the right to expect job 
        applicants to be primarily interested in utilizing the skills 
        of the applicants to further the goals of the business of the 


    The purposes of this Act are--
            (1) to preserve the balance of rights between employers, 
        employees, and labor organizations which is fundamental to our 
        system of collective bargaining;
            (2) to preserve the rights of workers to organize, or 
        otherwise engage in concerted activities protected under the 
        National Labor Relations Act; and
            (3) to alleviate pressure on employers to hire individuals 
        who seek or gain employment in order to disrupt the workplace 
        of the employer or otherwise inflict economic harm designed to 
        put the employer out of business.


    Section 8(a) of the National Labor Relations Act (29 U.S.C. 158(a)) 
is amended by adding after and below paragraph (5) the following:
``Nothing in this subsection shall be construed as requiring an 
employer to employ any person who seeks or has sought employment with 
the employer in furtherance of other employment or agency status.''.

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