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H.R. 1846 (ih) To provide for the immediate application of certain orders relating to the amendment, modification, suspension, or revocation of certificates under chapter 447 of title 49, United States Code. ...

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                             <greek-th> x 

                             <greek-th> x 

                                                          <greek-th> x 
108th CONGRESS<greek-th> x 
  1st Session<greek-th> x 
                         H. R. 1845<greek-th> x 

     To provide grants to States to establish, expand, or enhance 
   prekindergarten programs for children who are not yet enrolled in 
                       kindergarten.<greek-th> x 

<greek-th> x __________________________________________________________

              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES<greek-th> x 

                      April 29, 2003<greek-th> x 

 Mr. Andrews introduced the following bill; which was referred to the 
         Committee on Education and the Workforce<greek-th> x 

<greek-th> x __________________________________________________________

                          A BILL<greek-th> x 

     To provide grants to States to establish, expand, or enhance 
   prekindergarten programs for children who are not yet enrolled in 
                       kindergarten.<greek-th> x 

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled, <greek-th> x 

SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE.<greek-th> x 

    This Act may be cited as the ``Prekindergarten Access Act of 
2003''.<greek-th> x 


    Title V of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 is 
amended by adding at the end the following:<greek-th> x 

            ``PART E--PREKINDERGARTEN PROGRAMS<greek-th> x 

``SEC. 5701. FINDINGS.<greek-th> x 

    ``Congress finds the following:<greek-th> x 
            ``(1) Countless studies have shown what every parent 
        already knows: High-quality preschool education programs work. 
        They prepare children to learn when they go to school, and the 
        programs increase the success of students throughout their 
        lives.<greek-th> x 
            ``(2) Children who get a high-quality prekindergarten 
        education are less likely to repeat a grade level and have less 
        need for special education instruction than those with no 
        prekindergarten experience.<greek-th> x 
            ``(3) Prekindergarten programs make a significant 
        difference in the lives of children from low-income families. A 
        recent study found that children in high-quality child care 
        programs had better thinking and attention skills, better 
        mathematics and pre-reading skills, and fewer behavioral 
        problems.<greek-th> x 
            ``(4) In a study following children to age 21 who received 
        high-quality early children education, such children were more 
        likely to have enrolled in college, been employed, and delayed 
        parenthood.<greek-th> x 

``SEC. 5702. DEFINITIONS.<greek-th> x 

    ``For purposes of this part, the following definitions shall 
apply:<greek-th> x 
            ``(1) Prekindergarten.--The term `prekindergarten' means a 
        program serving children ages 3, 4, and 5 years old that 
        supports children's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical 
        development and helps prepare children for the transition to 
        kindergarten.<greek-th> x 
            ``(2) Eligible prekindergarten providers.--The term 
        `eligible prekindergarten providers' includes child care 
        programs, Head Start agencies, and schools that--<greek-th> x 
                    ``(A) have met applicable State licensing 
                requirements and have obtained accreditation by a 
                national accrediting body with demonstrated experience 
                in accrediting child care, prekindergarten programs, or 
                schools; or<greek-th> x 
                    ``(B) agree to obtain such accreditation not later 
                than 3 years after receipt of a grant under this 
                part.<greek-th> x 
            ``(3) Prekindergarten teacher.--The term `prekindergarten 
        teacher' means an individual who has or is working toward a 
        bachelor of arts degree in early childhood 
        development.<greek-th> x 

``SEC. 5703. PROGRAM AUTHORIZED.<greek-th> x 

    ``(a) In General.--The Secretary is authorized to provide grants to 
a State with an approved application under subsection (b) to allow such 
State to establish or expand prekindergarten early learning programs by 
eligible prekindergarten providers and local educational agencies in 
partnership with early childhood programs, organizations, or agencies 
that serve prekindergarten school children.<greek-th> x 
    ``(b) State Application.--<greek-th> x 
            ``(1) In general.--The State shall designate a State agency 
        to administer, including the receipt and administration of 
        funds and the evaluation of the program, the State-funded 
        prekindergarten program funded under this part.<greek-th> x 
            ``(2) State application.--The appropriate agency shall 
        submit an application to the Secretary that includes--
        <greek-th> x 
                    ``(A) an assurance that the State will provide non-
                Federal matching funds equal to not less than 20 
                percent of the award; and<greek-th> x 
                    ``(B) a description of--
                <greek-th> x <greek-th> x <greek-th> x <greek-th> x <greek-th>
                            ``(i) how grant funds will be used to 
                        expand or enhance existing efforts across the 
                        State in providing access to high quality 
                        prekindergarten programs;<greek-th> x 
                            ``(ii) how the State will collaborate with 
                        local child care agencies and councils, 
                        including local child care resource and 
                        referral agencies;<greek-th> x 
                            ``(iii) how grant funds will be used to 
                        supplement and not supplant existing Federal, 
                        State, local and private funds used for 
                        prekindergarten programs;<greek-th> x 
                            ``(iv) how the State will ensure that grant 
                        funds are provided to a range of types of 
                        eligible prekindergarten 
                        providers;<greek-th> x 
                            ``(v) how the State will help eligible 
                        prekindergarten providers attract and retain 
                        qualified prekindergarten 
                        teachers;<greek-th> x 
                            ``(vi) how the State will identify the 
                        eligible children and eligible prekindergarten 
                        providers; and<greek-th> x 
                            ``(vii) how the State will give priority to 
                        full-time prekindergarten programs, including 
                        the expansion of existing part-time programs 
                        into full-time programs.<greek-th> x 

``SEC. 5704. LOCAL APPLICATIONS.<greek-th> x 

    ``(a) In General.--A local educational agency or eligible 
prekindergarten provider, as the case may be, that desires to receive a 
grant under this part shall submit an application to the State agency 
designated under section 5703(b) at such time, in such manner, and 
containing such information as such agency may reasonably 
require.<greek-th> x 
    ``(b) Special Rule.--If the State prekindergarten program is not 
operated through the local educational agency, then the State shall 
award subgrants to eligible prekindergarten providers that currently 
administer prekindergarten programs at the local level.<greek-th> x 
    ``(c) Content.--An application referred to in subsection (a), at a 
minimum, shall--<greek-th> x 
            ``(1) demonstrate a need for the establishment, 
        enhancement, or expansion of a prekindergarten 
        program;<greek-th> x 
            ``(2) describe how the local educational agency or eligible 
        prekindergarten provider collaborates with local early 
        childhood councils and agencies;<greek-th> x 
            ``(3) provide an assurance that each individual hired is 
        qualified to teach children at the prekindergarten 
        level;<greek-th> x <greek-th> x 
            ``(4) provide an assurance that the ratio of teachers or 
        child development specialists to children shall not exceed 
        10910;<greek-th> x 
            ``(5) provide a description of how funds will be used to 
        coordinate with and enhance, but not duplicate or supplant, 
        early childhood programs serving eligible children that exist 
        in the community;<greek-th> x 
            ``(6) describe how the agency or eligible prekindergarten 
        provider will use a collaborative process with organizations 
        and members of the community that have an interest and 
        experience in early childhood development and education to 
        establish, expand, or enhance prekindergarten 
        programs;<greek-th> x 
            ``(7) describe how the program will meet the diverse needs 
        of children, ages 3 through 5, in the community who are not 
        enrolled in kindergarten, including children with disabilities 
        or whose native language is other than English;<greek-th> x 
            ``(8) describe how the agency or eligible prekindergarten 
        provider will collaborate with local schools to ensure a smooth 
        transition for participating students from early childhood 
        education to kindergarten and early elementary 
        education;<greek-th> x 
            ``(9) describe the results the programs are intended to 
        achieve, and what tools will be used to measure the progress in 
        attaining those results; and<greek-th> x 
            ``(10) provide an assurance that none of the funds received 
        under this part may be used for the construction or renovation 
        of existing or new facilities (except for minor remodeling 
        needed to accomplish the purposes of this part).<greek-th> x 

``SEC. 5705. USES OF FUNDS.<greek-th> x 

    ``(a) In General.--An agency or eligible prekindergarten provider 
that receives a grant award under this part shall use funds received to 
establish, enhance, or expand prekindergarten programs for children, 
ages 3 through 5, who are not enrolled in kindergarten, including--
<greek-th> x 
            ``(1) providing a program that focuses on the developmental 
        needs of participating children, including their social, 
        cognitive, physical, and language-development needs, and using 
        research-based approaches that build on competencies that lead 
        to school success, particularly in language and literacy 
        development and in reading;<greek-th> x 
            ``(2) paying the costs of purchasing educational equipment, 
        including educational materials, necessary to provide a high 
        quality program;<greek-th> x 
            ``(3) pursuing accreditation by a national accreditation 
        body with demonstrated experience in accreditation of 
        prekindergarten programs, to be obtained not later than 3 years 
        after the date of receipt of funds under this 
        part;<greek-th> x 
            ``(4) helping prekindergarten teachers pursue and attain 
        the credential and degree requirements established by the State 
        and provide a stipend for attaining educational or professional 
        development; and<greek-th> x 
            ``(5) meeting the needs of working parents.<greek-th> x 
    ``(b) Permissible Uses of Funds.--A prekindergarten program 
established under this part may use funds received under this part to 
pay for transporting students to and from a prekindergarten 
program.<greek-th> x 

``SEC. 5706. REPORTING.<greek-th> x 

    ``(a) Local Reports.--Each local educational agency or eligible 
prekindergarten provider that receives a grant award under this part 
shall submit an annual report to the designated State agency that 
reviews the effectiveness of the prekindergarten program established 
with funds provided under this part on--<greek-th> x 
            ``(1) number and ages of children served, including 
        information (disaggregated by family income, race, disability, 
        native language);<greek-th> x 
            ``(2) number of hours of service per day and number of 
        months;<greek-th> x 
            ``(3) number of prekindergarten teachers; and<greek-th> x 
            ``(4) other sources of Federal, State, local, and private 
        funds used to operate a program.<greek-th> x 
    ``(b) Report to Congress.--The Secretary shall submit an annual 
report to Congress that evaluates the prekindergarten programs 
established under this part.<greek-th> x 


    ``There are authorized to be appropriated to carry out this part 
$2,000,000,000 for fiscal year 2003, $4,000,000,000 for fiscal year 
2004, $5,000,000,000 for fiscal year 2005, $8,000,000,000 for fiscal 
year 2006, and $10,000,000,000 for fiscal year 
2007.''.<greek-th> x <greek-th><greek-th> x 

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