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H.R. 2084 (eh) Making appropriations for the Department of Transportation and related agencies for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2000, and for other purposes. [Engrossed in House] ...

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            San Joaquin buses and bus facilities, Stockton, California
            San Juan Intermodal access, Puerto Rico
            San Marcos Capital Area Rural Transportation System (CARTS) 
        intermodal project, Texas
            Sandy buses, Oregon
            Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit district bus facilities, 
            Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority buses and bus 
        facilities, California
            Santa Clarita buses, California
            Santa Cruz metropolitan bus facilities, California
            Santa Fe CNG buses, New Mexico
            Santa Fe paratransit/computer systems, New Mexico
            Santa Marie organization of transportation helpers 
        minibuses, California
            Savannah/Chatham Area transit bus transfer centers and 
        buses, Georgia
            Seattle Sound Transit buses and bus facilities, Washington
            Seattle, intermodal transportation terminal, Washington
            SMART buses and bus facilities, Michigan
            Snohomish County, Community Transit buses, equipment and 
        facilities, Washington
            Solano Links intercity transit OTR bus purchase, California
            Somerset County bus facilities and buses, Pennsylvania
            South Amboy, Regional Intermodal Transportation Initiative, 
        New Jersey
            South Bend, Urban Intermodal Transportation Facility, 
            South Carolina statewide bus and bus facility.
            South Carolina Virtual Transit Enterprise, South Carolina
            South Dakota statewide bus facilities and buses, South 
            South Metro Area Rapid Transit (SMART) maintenance 
        facility, Oregon
            Southeast Missouri transportation service rural, elderly, 
        disabled service, Missouri
            Springfield Metro/VRE pedestrian link, Virginia
            Springfield, Union Station, Massachusetts
            St. Joseph buses and vans, Missouri
            St. Louis, Bi-state Intermodal Center, Missouri
            St. Louis Bi-state Metro Link buses
            Sunset Empire Transit District intermodal transit facility, 
            Syracuse CNG buses and facilities, New York
            Tacoma Dome, buses and bus facilities, Washington
            Tennessee statewide buses and bus facilities, Tennessee
            Texas statewide small urban and rural buses, Texas
            Topeka Transit offstreet transit transfer center, Kansas
            Towamencin Township, Intermodal Bus Transportation Center, 
            Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK) buses, 
            Tucson buses, Arizona
            Twin Cities area metro transit buses and bus facilities, 
            Utah Transit Authority buses, Utah
            Utah Transit Authority, intermodal facilities, Utah
            Utah Transit Authority/Park City Transit, buses, Utah
            Utica Union Station, New York
            Valley bus and bus facilities, Alabama
            Vancouver Clark County (SEATRAN) bus facilities, Washington
            Washington County intermodal facilities, Pennsylvania
            Washington State DOT combined small transit system buses 
        and bus facilities, Washington
            Washington, D.C. Intermodal Transportation Center, 
            Washoe County transit improvements, Nevada
            Waterbury, bus facility, Connecticut
            West Falls Church Metro station improvements, Virginia
            West Lafayette bus transfer station/terminal (Wabash 
        Landing), Indiana
            West Virginia Statewide Intermodal Facility and buses, West 
            Westchester County DOT, articulated buses, New York
            Westchester County, Bee-Line transit system fareboxes, New 
            Westchester County, Bee-Line transit system shuttle buses, 
        New York
            Westminster senior citizen vans, California
            Westmoreland County, Intermodal Facility, Pennsylvania
            Whittier intermodal facility and pedestrian overpass, 
            Wilkes-Barre, Intermodal Facility, Pennsylvania
            Williamsport bus facility, Pennsylvania
            Wisconsin statewide bus facilities and buses, Wisconsin
            Worcester, Union Station Intermodal Transportation Center, 
            Yuma paratransit buses, Arizona:
Provided further, That within the total funds provided for new fixed 
guideway systems to carry out 49 U.S.C. section 5309, the following 
projects shall be considered eligible for these funds: Provided 
further, That the Administrator of the Federal Transit Administration 
shall, not later than 60 days after the enactment of this Act, 
individually submit to the House and Senate Committees on 
Appropriations the recommended grant funding levels for the respective 
    The following new fixed guideway systems and extensions to existing 
systems are eligible to receive funding for final design and 
            Alaska or Hawaii ferries;
            Albuquerque/Greater Albuquerque mass transit project;
            Atlanta North Line Extension;
            Austin Capital Metro Northwest/North Central Corridor 
            Baltimore Central Light Rail double tracking project;
            Boston North-South Rail Link;
            Boston Piers Transitway phase 1;
            Charlotte North-South corridor transitway project;
            Chicago Metra commuter rail extensions;
            Chicago Transit Authority Ravenswood and Douglas branch 
        line projects;
            Cleveland Euclid Corridor;
            Dallas Area Rapid Transit North Central LRT extension;
            Dane County/Madison East-West Corridor;
            Denver Southeast Corridor project;
            Denver Southwest LRT project;
            Fort Lauderdale Tri-Rail commuter rail project;
            Galveston rail trolley extension project;
            Houston Regional Bus Plan;
            Lahaina Harbor, Maui ferries;
            Las Vegas Corridor/Clark County regional fixed guideway 
            Little Rock River Rail project;
            Long Island Rail Road East Side Access project;
            Los Angeles Metro Rail--MOS 3 and Eastside/Mid City 
            MARC expansion programs: Silver Spring intermodal center 
        and Penn-Camden rail connection;
            Memphis Area Transit Authority medical center extension;
            Miami East-West Corridor project;
            Miami North 27th Avenue corridor;
            New Orleans Airport-CBD commuter rail project;
            New Orleans Canal Streetcar Spine;
            New Orleans Desire Streetcar;
            Newark-Elizabeth rail link project;
            Norfolk-Virginia Beach Corridor project;
            Northern Indiana South Shore commuter rail project;
            Northern New Jersey--Hudson-Bergen LRT project;
            Orange County Transitway project;
            Orlando I-4 Central Florida LRT project;
            Philadelphia Schuykill Valley Metro;
            Phoenix--Central Phoenix/East Valley Corridor;
            Pittsburgh Airborne Shuttle System;
            Pittsburgh North Shore--Central Business District corridor;
            Pittsburgh State II light rail project;
            Port McKenzie-Ship Creek, AK ferry project;
            Portland Westside-Hillsboro Corridor project;
            Providence-Boston commuter rail;
            Raleigh-Durham--Research Triangle regional rail;
            Sacramento South Corridor LRT project;
            Salt Lake City South LRT Olympics capacity improvements;
            Salt Lake City South LRT project;
            Salt Lake City/Airport to University (West-East) light rail 
            Salt Lake City-Ogden-Provo commuter rail project;
            San Bernardino MetroLink extension project;
            San Diego Mid Coast Corridor;
            San Diego Mission Valley East LRT extension project;
            San Diego Oceanside-Escondido passenger rail project;
            San Francisco BART to Airport extension;
            San Jose Tasman LRT project;
            San Juan--Tren Urbano;
            Seattle Sound Move Link LRT project;
            Spokane South Valley Corridor light rail project;
            St. Louis--St. Clair County, Illinois LRT project;
            Tacoma-Seattle Sounder commuter rail project;
            Tampa Bay regional rail system;
            Twin Cities Transitways Corridors projects; and the
            Washington Metro Blue Line extension--Addison Road.
    The following new fixed guideway systems and extensions to existing 
systems are eligible to receive funding for alternatives analysis and 
preliminary engineering:
            Atlanta--Lindbergh Station to MARTA West Line feasibility 
            Atlanta MARTA South DeKalb comprehensive transit program;
            Baltimore Central Downtown MIS;
            Bergen County, NJ/Cross County light rail project;
            Birmingham, Alabama transit corridor;
            Boston North Shore Corridor and Blue Line extension to 
            Boston Urban Ring project;
            Bridgeport Intermodal Corridor project, Connecticut;
            Calais, ME Branch Rail Line regional transit program;
            Charleston, SC Monobeam corridor project;
            Cincinnati Northeast/Northern Kentucky rail line project;
            Colorado--Roaring Fork Valley Rail;
            Detroit--commuter rail to Detroit metropolitan airport 
        feasibility study;
            El Paso--Juarez international fixed guideway;
            Girdwood, Alaska commuter rail project;
            Harrisburg-Lancaster Capitol Area Transit Corridor 1 
        commuter rail;
            Houston Advanced Transit Program;
            Indianapolis Northeast Downtown Corridor project;
            Jacksonville fixed guideway corridor;
            Johnson County, Kansas I-35 commuter rail project;
            Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee rail extension project;
            Knoxville to Memphis commuter rail feasibility study;
            Miami Metrorail Palmetto extension;
            Montpelier-St. Albans, VT commuter rail study;
            Nashua, NY-Lowell, MA commuter rail project;
            New Jersey Trans-Hudson midtown corridor study;
            New London waterfront access project;
            New York Second Avenue Subway feasibility study;
            Old Saybrook--Hartford Rail Extension;
            Philadelphia SEPTA commuter rail, R-3 connection--Elwyn to 
            Philadelphia SEPTA Cross County Metro;
            Salt Lake City light rail extensions;
            Santa Fe/El Dorado rail link;
            Stamford fixed guideway connector;
            Stockton Altamont Commuter Rail;
            Virginia Railway Express Woodbridge transit access station 
        improvements project;
            Washington, D.C. Dulles Corridor extension project;
            Western Montana regional transportation/commuter rail 
            Wilmington, DE downtown transit connector; and the
            Wilsonville to Washington County, OR connection to 

                          Discretionary Grants

                (liquidation of contract authorization)

               (highway trust fund, mass transit account)

    Notwithstanding any other provision of law, for payment of previous 
obligations incurred in carrying out 49 U.S.C. 5338(b), $1,500,000,000, 
to remain available until expended and to be derived from the Mass 
Transit Account of the Highway Trust Fund.

                 Job Access and Reverse Commute Grants

    For necessary expenses to carry out section 3037 of the Federal 
Transit Act of 1998, $15,000,000, to remain available until expended: 
Provided, That no more than $75,000,000 of budget authority shall be 
available for these purposes.


             Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation

    The Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation is hereby 
authorized to make such expenditures, within the limits of funds and 
borrowing authority available to the Corporation, and in accord with 
law, and to make such contracts and commitments without regard to 
fiscal year limitations as provided by section 104 of the Government 
Corporation Control Act, as amended, as may be necessary in carrying 
out the programs set forth in the Corporation's budget for the current 
fiscal year.

                       Operations and Maintenance

                    (harbor maintenance trust fund)

    For necessary expenses for operations and maintenance of those 
portions of the Saint Lawrence Seaway operated and maintained by the 
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation, $11,496,000, to be 
derived from the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund, pursuant to Public Law 


                     Research and Special Programs

    For expenses necessary to discharge the functions of the Research 
and Special Programs Administration, $30,752,000, of which $575,000 
shall be derived from the Pipeline Safety Fund, and of which $3,500,000 
shall remain available until September 30, 2002: Provided, That up to 
$1,200,000 in fees collected under 49 U.S.C. 5108(g) shall be deposited 
in the general fund of the Treasury as offsetting receipts: Provided 
further, That there may be credited to this appropriation, to be 
available until expended, funds received from States, counties, 
municipalities, other public authorities, and private sources for 
expenses incurred for training, for reports publication and 
dissemination, and for travel expenses incurred in performance of 
hazardous materials exemptions and approvals functions.

                            Pipeline Safety

                         (pipeline safety fund)

                    (oil spill liability trust fund)

    For expenses necessary to conduct the functions of the pipeline 
safety program, for grants-in-aid to carry out a pipeline safety 
program, as authorized by 49 U.S.C. 60107, and to discharge the 
pipeline program responsibilities of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, 
$36,104,000, of which $4,704,000 shall be derived from the Oil Spill 
Liability Trust Fund and shall remain available until September 30, 
2002; and of which $30,000,000 shall be derived from the Pipeline 
Safety Fund, of which $16,500,000 shall remain available until 
September 30, 2001: Provided, That in addition to amounts made 
available for the Pipeline Safety Fund, $1,400,000 shall be available 
for grants to States for the development and establishment of one-call 
notification systems and public education activities, and shall be 
derived from amounts previously collected under 49 U.S.C. 60301.

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