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  1st Session
                                H. R. 2572

To authorize appropriations for the benefit of Amtrak for fiscal years 
               2004 through 2006, and for other purposes.



                             June 24, 2003

  Mr. Young of Alaska (for himself, Mr. Oberstar, Mr. Quinn, and Ms. 
  Corrine Brown of Florida) introduced the following bill; which was 
     referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure


                                 A BILL

To authorize appropriations for the benefit of Amtrak for fiscal years 
               2004 through 2006, and for other purposes.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the ``Amtrak Reauthorization Act of 


    Section 24104 of title 49, United States Code, is amended to read 
as follows:
``Sec. 24104. Authorization of appropriations
    ``(a) In General.--There are authorized to be appropriated to the 
Secretary of Transportation $2,000,000,000 for each of the fiscal years 
2004 through 2006, for the benefit of Amtrak for capital expenditures 
under chapters 243, 247, and 249 of this title, operating expenses, and 
payments described in subsection (b).
    ``(b) Mandatory Payments.--
            ``(1) In general.--Funds authorized under subsection (a) 
        shall include--
                    ``(A) an amount equal to the amount Amtrak is 
                required to pay under section 3221 of the Internal 
                Revenue Code of 1986 that is more than the amount 
                needed for anticipated benefits for individuals who 
                retire from Amtrak and for their beneficiaries; and
                    ``(B) amounts necessary to pay--
                            ``(i) obligations of Amtrak under section 
                        8(a) of the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act 
                        (45 U.S.C. 358(a)) due in those fiscal years 
                        that are more than obligations of Amtrak 
                        calculated on an experience-related basis; and
                            ``(ii) obligations of Amtrak due under 
                        section 3321 of the Code (26 U.S.C. 3321).
            ``(2) Request for transfer of funds.--The Secretary shall 
        make payments to the Treasury of amounts authorized under 
        paragraph (1) only after the Secretary has received from Amtrak 
        a request for the transfer of such funds, which shall include 
        materials supporting, to the satisfaction of the Secretary, the 
        amount of the request.
    ``(c) Contractual Obligations.--From amounts appropriated pursuant 
to this section, the Secretary and the Amtrak Board of Directors shall 
ensure that sufficient funds are reserved to satisfy Amtrak's 
contractual obligations for commuter and State-supported passenger rail 
    ``(d) Annual Business Plan and Supplemental Reports.--
            ``(1) Business plan.--Not later than September 15 of each 
        of 2003, 2004, and 2005, Amtrak shall transmit to the Secretary 
        and the Congress a comprehensive business plan for the 
        subsequent fiscal year, including, as applicable, targets for 
        ridership, revenues, and capital and operating expenses. The 
        plan shall include the following:
                    ``(A) A separate accounting of such targets for 
                each of the following:
                            ``(i) Northeast Corridor.
                            ``(ii) Commuter service.
                            ``(iii) Long-distance Amtrak service.
                            ``(iv) State-supported service.
                            ``(v) Commercial activities (including 
                        contract operations and mail and express).
                The plan shall also include targets for each intercity 
                train route, including Autotrain.
                    ``(B) With respect to capital projects, a 
                description of the work to be funded, a work timetable, 
                cost estimates, and a list of other funding sources if 
                the project is not entirely funded by the Federal 
            ``(2) Supplemental reports.--Not later than October 1, 
        2003, and once each alternate month thereafter, Amtrak shall 
        transmit to the Secretary and the Congress a supplemental 
        report regarding the business plan transmitted under paragraph 
        (1), which shall describe the work completed to date, any 
        changes to the business plan, and the reasons for such changes.
    ``(e) Availability of Amounts and Early Appropriations.--(1) 
Amounts appropriated under this section remain available until 
    ``(2) Amounts for capital acquisitions and improvements may be 
appropriated in a fiscal year before the fiscal year in which the 
amounts will be obligated.
    ``(f) Limitations on Use.--Amounts appropriated under this section 
may not be used to subsidize operating losses of commuter rail 
passenger or rail freight transportation.''.

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