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H.R. 3227 (ih) To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to adjust for inflation the amount of family-owned businesses excluded from the gross estate of a decedent. ...

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  2d Session
                                H. R. 3226



                             March 25, 1998



                                 AN ACT

 To authorize the Secretary of Agriculture to convey certain lands and 
     improvements in the State of Virginia, and for other purposes.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    The purpose of this Act is to authorize the Secretary of 
Agriculture (referred to in this Act as the ``Secretary'') to sell or 
exchange all or part of certain administrative sites and other lands in 
the George Washington National Forest and the Jefferson National 
Forest, and to use the value derived therefrom to acquire a replacement 
site and to construct on the site suitable improvements for national 
forest administrative purposes.


    (a) In General.--The Secretary may, under such terms and conditions 
as the Secretary may prescribe, sell or exchange any or all right, 
title, and interest of the United States in and to the approximately 
368 acres contained in the following tracts of land situated in the 
State of Virginia:
            (1) Tract J-1665 (approximately 101 acres), as shown on the 
        map titled ``Natural Bridge Juvenile Corrections Center, 
        February 4, 1998''.
            (2) Tract G-1312a (approximately 214 acres), Tract G-1312b 
        (approximately 2 acres), and Tract G1312a-I (approximately 10 
        acres), as shown on the plat titled ``George Washington 
        National Forest, Alleghany Construction Company, (1312a,-I,b), 
        Alleghany County, Virginia, June 1936''.
            (3) Tract G-1709 (approximately 23 acres), as shown on the 
        plat titled ``James C. Doyle, Alleghany County, Virginia, April 
        13, 1993''.
            (4) Tract G-1360 (consisting of Lots 31 and 32; 
        approximately .29 acres), Tract G-1361 (consisting of Lots 29 
        and 30; approximately .29 acres), Tract G-1362 (consisting of 
        Lots 22, 23, and 24; approximately .43 acres), and Tract G-1363 
        (consisting of Lot 21; approximately .14 acres), as shown on 
        the plat titled ``Dry River Road, George Washington National 
        Forest, Warehouse Site, Bridgewater, Rockingham County, 
        Virginia, July 1936''.
            (5) Tract G-1524 (consisting of Lot 13; approximately .13 
        acres), as shown on the plat titled ``Vertie E. Beery Tract, 
        Rockingham County, Virginia, February 3, 1966''.
            (6) Tract G-1525 (consisting of Lots 11 and 12; 
        approximately .26 acres), as shown on the plat titled ``Charles 
        F. Simmons Tract 1525, Rockingham County, Virginia, February 3, 
            (7) Tract G-1486 (consisting of Lots 14, 15, and 16; 
        approximately .39 acres), as shown on the plat shown at Deed 
        Book 133, Page 341 Rockingham Virginia Records of the D.S. 
        Thomas Inc. Addition, Town of Bridgewater.
            (8) Tract N-123a (consisting of Lots 7 and 8; approximately 
        .287 acres), as shown on the plat titled ``George Washington 
        Forest. A.M. Rucker, Tract N-123a, Buena Vista, Virginia''.
            (9) Tract N-123b (consisting of Lots 5 and 6; approximately 
        .287 acres), as shown on the plat titled ``George Washington 
        Unit, A.M. Rucker, N-123b, Rockbridge County, Virginia, city of 
        Buena Vista, dated 1942''.
            (10) Tract G-1417 (approximately 1.2 acres), as shown on 
        the plat titled ``George Washington Unit, R.A. Warren, Tracts 
        (1417-1417a), Bath County, Virginia, May 1940''.
            (11) Tract G-1520 (approximately 1 acre), as shown on the 
        plat titled ``Samuel J. Snead Tract, Bath County, Virginia, 
        February 3, 1966''.
            (12) Tract G-1522a (approximately .65 acres), as shown on 
        the plat titled ``Charles N. Loving Tract, Bath County, 
        Virginia, February 3, 1966''.
            (13) Tract G-1582 (approximately .86 acres), as shown on 
        the plat titled ``Willie I. Haynes Tract, Bath County, 
        Virginia, January 1974''.
            (14) Tract G-1582a (approximately .62 acres), as shown on 
        the plat titled ``Willie I. Haynes, Bath County, Virginia, 
        January 1979''.
            (15) Tract G-1673 (approximately 1.69 acres), as shown on 
        the plat titled ``Erwin S. Solomon Tract, Bath County, 
        Virginia, September 15, 1970''.
            (16) Tract J-1497 (approximately 2.66 acres), as shown on 
        the plat titled ``James A. Williams, Tract 1497, January 24, 
            (17) Tract J-1652 (approximately 1.64 acres), as shown on 
        the plat titled ``United States of America, Tract J-1652, 
        Buchanan Magisterial District, Botetourt County, Virginia, 
        September 4, 1996''.
            (18) Tract J-1653 (approximately 5.08 acres), as shown on 
        the plat titled ``United States of America, Tract J-1653, Peaks 
        Magisterial District, Bedford County, Virginia, November 4, 
The Secretary may acquire land, and existing or future administrative 
improvements, in consideration for the conveyance of the lands 
designated in this subsection.
    (b) Applicable Authorities.--Except as otherwise provided in this 
Act, any sale or exchange of all or a portion of the lands designated 
in subsection (a) shall be subject to existing laws, rules, and 
regulations applicable to the conveyance and acquisition of lands for 
National Forest System purposes.
    (c) Cash Equalization.--Notwithstanding any other provision of law, 
the Secretary may accept cash equalization payments in excess of 25 
percent of the total value of the lands designated in subsection (a) 
from any exchange authorized by subsection (a).
    (d) Solicitations of Offers.--In carrying out this Act, the 
Secretary may use public or private solicitations of offers for sale or 
exchange on such terms and conditions as the Secretary may prescribe. 
The Secretary may reject any offer if the Secretary determines that the 
offer is not adequate or not in the public interest.


    Any funds received by the Secretary through sale or by cash 
equalization from an exchange shall be deposited into the fund provided 
by the Act of December 4, 1967 (16 U.S.C. 484a), commonly known as the 
Sisk Act, and shall be available for expenditure, upon appropriation, 
            (1) the acquisition of lands, and interests in the lands, 
        in the State of Virginia; and
            (2) the acquisition or construction of administrative 
        improvements in connection with the George Washington and 
        Jefferson National Forests.

            Passed the House of Representatives March 24, 1998.


                                                ROBIN H. CARLE,


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