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H.R. 3623 (ih) To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to simplify the individual capital gains tax for all individuals and to provide modest reductions in the capital gains tax for most individuals. ...

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  1st Session
                                H. R. 3622

    To amend the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and the Water 
   Resources Development Act of 1992 to provide for the restoration, 
 protection, and enhancement of the environmental integrity and social 
   and economic benefits of the Anacostia Watershed in the State of 
                 Maryland and the District of Columbia.



                           November 21, 2003

 Ms. Norton (for herself, Mr. Hoyer, Mr. Wynn, Mr. Moran of Virginia, 
 and Mr. Van Hollen) introduced the following bill; which was referred 
         to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure


                                 A BILL

    To amend the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and the Water 
   Resources Development Act of 1992 to provide for the restoration, 
 protection, and enhancement of the environmental integrity and social 
   and economic benefits of the Anacostia Watershed in the State of 
                 Maryland and the District of Columbia.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the ``Anacostia Watershed Initiative Act 
of 2003''.


    Congress finds that--
            (1) the Anacostia Watershed encompasses 176 square miles in 
        the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia;
            (2) the Anacostia Watershed--
                    (A) features the Anacostia River and its 
                tributaries; and
                    (B) has the potential to provide great ecological, 
                biodiversity, recreational, social, and economic 
                benefits to--
                            (i) the District of Columbia;
                            (ii) the State of Maryland;
                            (iii) the State of Virginia; and
                            (iv) the United States as a whole;
            (3) the Anacostia Watershed provides habitat for the bald 
        eagle, a species that--
                    (A) is a symbol of the United States; and
                    (B) is listed as a threatened species under the 
                Endangered Species Act of 1973 (16 U.S.C. 1531 et 
            (4) the Anacostia Watershed is 1 of the most densely 
        populated watersheds within the Chesapeake Bay drainage basin;
            (5) because of its location in the Nation's Capital, the 
        Anacostia River--
                    (A) has special significance; and
                    (B) should be a national model of urban river 
                restoration and stewardship;
            (6) the Federal Government owns and manages approximately 
        70 percent of the Anacostia River waterfront land in the 
        District of Columbia;
            (7) the Anacostia Watershed is--
                    (A) a degraded urban ecosystem; and
                    (B) 1 of 3 toxic regions of concern in the 
                Chesapeake Bay region;
            (8) the natural ecology and nationally significant 
        biodiversity of the Anacostia Watershed are under stress 
                    (A) more than 300 years of farming, mining, 
                industrial development, and urban sprawl have damaged 
                the ecological health and hydrological function of the 
                Anacostia Watershed; and
                    (B) the Anacostia River and its tributaries have 
                been, and continue to be, adversely impacted by--
                            (i) discharges of combined sewer overflows;
                            (ii) channelization;
                            (iii) toxic pollution;
                            (iv) forest and wetland habitat loss;
                            (v) erosion;
                            (vi) sedimentation;
                            (vii) flooding; and
                            (viii) uncontrolled stormwater run-off that 
                        comprises 75 to 90 percent of total pollutant 
                    (C) water quality has been severely and chronically 
                degraded as a result of activities described in 
                subparagraph (B);
                    (D) populations of anadromous fish species have 
                been dramatically reduced by man-made barriers that 
                interfere with spawning activities;
                    (E) invasive species are adversely altering the 
                ecological balance in the Anacostia Watershed; and
                    (F) bacteria and other pathogens from combined 
                sewer systems and urban runoff (including the combined 
                sewer system of the District, which was constructed by 
                the Federal Government more than 100 years ago) and 
                toxics-laden stormwater discharges from the State of 
                Maryland and the District, have precluded safe 
                swimming, fish consumption, and numerous other types of 
                recreation in the Anacostia River for decades;
            (9) the deteriorated Anacostia River diminishes the quality 
        of life for all residents in the Anacostia Watershed, 
        especially those individuals who reside east of the river in 
        the economically distressed neighborhoods of the District;
            (10) Federal, State, District, and regional agencies, local 
        governments, nonprofit organizations, and dedicated private 
        citizens have been working for many years to restore and 
        protect the Anacostia Watershed;
            (11) in 2001, the Mayor of the District, the Governor of 
        the State, and the county executives of Prince George's County 
        and Montgomery County, Maryland, entered into the Anacostia 
        Watershed Restoration Agreement, which established goals and 
        timeframes for restoring the ecological integrity of the 
        Anacostia Watershed;
            (12) despite progress in restoration efforts and growing 
        interest in the environmental condition of the Anacostia 
        Watershed, research, restoration, and protection activities 
        relating to the Anacostia Watershed remain under funded and in 
        some cases uncoordinated;
            (13) restoration and protection of the Anacostia Watershed 
        are central to the ecological, recreational, social, and 
        economic sustainability of the Anacostia Region;
            (14) the environmental and recreational attributes of the 
        Anacostia Watershed could attract visitors to the Anacostia 
            (15) in recognition of local efforts and to secure the 
        Anacostia Watershed as an ecological, economic, and 
        recreational resource for the Washington metropolitan area and 
        the United States, a comprehensive environmental protection, 
        restoration, and resource management plan for the Anacostia 
        Watershed should be developed and implemented;
            (16) a comprehensive action plan should be developed and 
        implemented with the input, participation, and cooperation of 
        interested stakeholders, with special consideration given to 
        the input and undertakings of the Anacostia Watershed 
        Restoration Committee;
            (17) the comprehensive action plan referred to in paragraph 
        (16) should not be inconsistent with and promote implementation 
        of a federally-approved combined sewer long-term control plan; 
            (18) the Water and Sewer Authority of the District has 
        developed a long term control plan for combined sewer overflows 
        designed to significantly reduce discharges from the combined 
        sewer system into the Anacostia River through the construction 
        of an Anacostia storage tunnel and other sewer system 


    Title I of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (33 U.S.C. 1251 
et seq.) is amended--
            (1) by redesignating section 121 the second place it 
        appears, as section 122; and
            (2) by adding after section 122 (as redesignated by 
        paragraph (1)) the following:


    ``(a) Definitions.--In this section:
            ``(1) Anacostia watershed.--
                    ``(A) In general.--The term `Anacostia Watershed' 
                means the 176 square miles (456 square kilometers) of 
                land and water in the State of Maryland and the 
                District of Columbia that--
                            ``(i) approximately mirrors the boundary 
                        between Montgomery County and Prince George's 
                        County, Maryland; and
                            ``(ii) converges with the Potomac River 
                        near the southern tip of the District.
                    ``(B) Inclusions.--The term `Anacostia Watershed' 
                            ``(i) the tidal Anacostia River;
                            ``(ii) the northwest branch, northeast 
                        branch, contributing tributaries, and tidal 
                        drainage areas of the Anacostia River; and
                            ``(iii) the Anacostia Park managed by the 
                        National Park Service.
            ``(2) Anacostia watershed agreement.--The term `Anacostia 
        Watershed Agreement' means the agreement entered into by the 
        Mayor of the District, the Governor of the State, and the 
        county executives in 2001.
            ``(3) Anacostia watershed restoration committee.--The term 
        `Anacostia Watershed Restoration Committee' means the 
        organization that--
                    ``(A) was established in 1987 to oversee and 
                coordinate the regional restoration effort for, to 
                enhance awareness of, and to expand communication 
                regarding the Anacostia Watershed; and
                    ``(B) is comprised of representatives of--
                            ``(i) the District;
                            ``(ii) the State;
                            ``(iii) Montgomery County, Maryland;
                            ``(iv) Prince George's County, Maryland;
                            ``(v) the United States Army Corps of 
                            ``(vi) the Environmental Protection Agency; 
                            ``(vii) the National Park Service.
            ``(4) Combined sewer overflow.--The term `combined sewer 
        overflow' means the mixture of stormwater and sanitary waste 
        that is discharged directly into the Anacostia River during 
        periods of significant rainfall once the capacity of the 
        Combined Sewer System is exceeded.
            ``(5) Combined sewer system.--The term `combined sewer 
        system' means the wastewater collection system serving 
        approximately 12,955 acres of the Anacostia River, Rock Creek, 
        and Potomac River drainage areas within the District that 
        conveys sanitary sewage and stormwater into a single piping 
            ``(6) Comprehensive action plan.--The term `Comprehensive 
        Action Plan' means the Comprehensive Action Plan required to be 
        developed and implemented under subsection (d).
            ``(7) Council.--The term `Council' means the Anacostia 
        Watershed Council established by subsection (c)(1).
            ``(8) County executive.--The term `County Executive' means 
        the county executive of Prince George's County or Montgomery 
        County, Maryland, whichever is applicable.
            ``(9) District.--The term `District' means the District of 
            ``(10) Initiative.--The term `Initiative' means the 
        Anacostia Watershed Initiative established by subsection 
            ``(11) State.--The term `State' means the State of 
            ``(12) Washington metropolitan area.--
                    ``(A) In general.--The term `Washington 
                metropolitan area' means the area in the region of the 
                capital of the United States surrounding the Anacostia 
                    ``(B) Inclusions.--The term `Washington 
                metropolitan area' includes--
                            ``(i) the District of Columbia; and
                            ``(ii) portions of the States of Maryland 
                        and Virginia surrounding the Anacostia 
    ``(b) Anacostia Watershed Restoration Initiative.--
            ``(1) Establishment.--There is established a program within 
        the Environmental Protection Agency to be known as the 
        `Anacostia Watershed Restoration Initiative'.
            ``(2) Purposes.--The purposes of the Initiative are--
                    ``(A) to restore the environmental integrity of the 
                Anacostia Watershed;
                    ``(B) to plan and fund related restoration 
                improvements in the Anacostia Watershed; and
                    ``(C) to assist the Council in achieving its goals 
                through the development and implementation of the 
                Comprehensive Action Plan.
    ``(c) Anacostia Watershed Council.--
            ``(1) Establishment.--There is established a council, to be 
        known as the `Anacostia Watershed Council', to develop, carry 
        out, and provide assistance and recommendations with respect to 
        the Initiative.
            ``(2) Membership.--The Council shall be composed of--
                    ``(A) the Administrator;
                    ``(B) the Mayor of the District;
                    ``(C) the Governor of the State;
                    ``(D) the Secretary of the Interior;
                    ``(E) the Secretary of the Army; and
                    ``(F) the county executives.
            ``(3) Duties.--The duties of the Council shall be--
                    ``(A) to develop, in accordance with subsection 
                (d), a comprehensive action plan for the Anacostia 
                    ``(B) to provide financial and technical assistance 
                in accordance with subsection (f); and
                    ``(C) to carry out this subsection.
            ``(4) Initial meeting.--Not later than 90 days after the 
        date of enactment of this section, the Administrator shall 
        convene the initial meeting of the Council.
            ``(5) Meetings.--The Council shall convene--
                    ``(A) as frequently as the Council determines to be 
                necessary during the 1-year period after the date of 
                the initial meeting of the Council to develop the 
                comprehensive action plan; and
                    ``(B) biannually thereafter--
                            ``(i) to assess the status of the 
                        comprehensive action plan; and
                            ``(ii) to determine the courses of action 
                        for implementing the comprehensive action plan.
    ``(d) Comprehensive Action Plan.--
            ``(1) In general.--Not later than 1 year after the date of 

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