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H.R. 3646 (rh) For the relief of certain Persian Gulf evacuees. [Reported in House] ...

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  2d Session
                                H. R. 3646



                              May 17, 2000

  Received; read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary


                                 AN ACT

            For the relief of certain Persian Gulf evacuees.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    (a) In General.--The Attorney General shall adjust the status of 
each alien referred to in subsection (b) to that of an alien lawfully 
admitted for permanent residence if the alien--
            (1) applies for such adjustment;
            (2) has been physically present in the United States for at 
        least 1 year and is physically present in the United States on 
        the date the application for such adjustment is filed;
            (3) is admissible to the United States as an immigrant, 
        except as provided in subsection (c); and
            (4) pays a fee (determined by the Attorney General) for the 
        processing of such application.
    (b) Aliens Eligible for Adjustment of Status.--The benefits 
provided in subsection (a) shall apply to the following aliens:
            (1) Waddah Al-Zireeni, Enas Al-Zireeni, and Anwaar Al-
            (2) Salah Mohamed Abu Eljibat, Ghada Mohamed Abu Eljibat, 
        and Tareq Salah Abu Eljibat.
            (3) Jehad Mustafa, Amal Mustafa, and Raed Mustafa.
            (4) Shaher M. Abed and Laila Abed.
            (5) Zaid H. Khan and Nadira P. Khan.
            (6) Rawhi M. Abu Tabanja, Basima Fareed Abu Tabanja, and 
        Mohammed Rawhi Abu Tabanja.
            (7) Reuben P. D'Silva, Anne P. D'Silva, Natasha Andrew 
        Collette D'Silva, and Agnes D'Silva.
            (8) Abbas I. Bhikhapurawala, Nafisa Bhikhapurawala, and 
        Tasnim Bhikhapurawala.
            (9) Fayez Sharif Ezzir, Abeer Muharram Ezzir, Sharif Fayez 
        Ezzir, and Mohammed Fayez Ezzir.
            (10) Issam Musleh, Nadia Khader, and Duaa Musleh.
            (11) Ahmad Mohammad Khalil, Mona Khalil, and Sally Khalil.
            (12) Husam Al-Khadrah and Kathleen Al-Khadrah.
            (13) Nawal M. Hajjawi.
            (14) Isam S. Naser and Samar I. Naser.
            (15) Amalia Arsua.
            (16) Feras Taha, Bernardina Lopez-Taha, and Yousef Taha.
            (17) Mahmood M. Alessa and Nadia Helmi Abusoud.
            (18) Emad R. Jawwad.
            (19) Mohammed Ata Alawamleh, Zainab Abueljebain, and Nizar 
            (20) Yacoub Ibrahim and Wisam Ibrahim.
            (21) Tareq S. Shehadah and Inas S. Shehadah.
            (22) Basim A. Al-Ali and Nawal B. Al-Ali.
            (23) Hael Basheer Atari and Hanaa Al Moghrabi.
            (24) Fahim N. Mahmoud, Firnal Mahmoud, Alla Mahmoud, and 
        Ahmad Mahmoud.
            (25) Tareq A. Attari.
            (26) Azmi A. Mukahal, Wafa Mukahal, Yasmin A. Mukahal, and 
        Ahmad A. Mukahal.
            (27) Nabil Ishaq El-Hawwash, Amal Nabil El Hawwash, and 
        Ishaq Nabil El-Hawwash.
            (28) Samir Ghalayini, Ismat F. Abujaber, and Wasef 
            (29) Iman Mallah, Rana Mallah, and Mohanned Mallah.
            (30) Mohsen Mahmoud and Alia Mahmoud.
            (31) Nijad Abdelrahman, Najwa Yousef Abdelrahman, and 
        Faisal Abdelrahman.
            (32) Nezam Mahdawi, Sohad Mahdawi, and Bassam Mahdawi.
            (33) Khalid S. Mahmoud and Fawziah Mahmoud.
            (34) Wael I. Saymeh, Zatelhimma N. Al Sahafie, Duaa W. 
        Saymeh, and Ahmad W. Saymeh.
            (35) Ahmed Mohammed Jawdat Anis Naji.
            (36) Sesinando P. Suaverdez, Cynthia Paguio Suaverdez, 
        Maria Cristina Sylvia P. Suaverdez, and Sesinando Paguio 
        Suaverdez II.
            (37) Thabet Said, Hanan Said, and Yasmin Said.
            (38) Hani Salem, Manal Salem, Tasnim Salem, and Suleiman 
            (39) Ihsan Mohammed Adwan, Hanan Mohammed Adwan, Maha 
        Adwan, Nada M. Adwan, Reem Adwan, and Lina A. Adwan.
            (40) Ziyad Al Ajjouri and Dima Al Ajjouri.
            (41) Essam K. Taha.
            (42) Salwa S. Beshay, Alexan L. Basta, Rehan Basta, and 
        Sherif Basta.
            (43) Latifa Hussin, Sameer Hussin, Anas Hussin, Ahmed 
        Hussin, Ayman Hussin, and Assma Hussin.
            (44) Fadia H. Shaath, Bader Abdul Azium Shaath, Dalia B. 
        Shaath, Abdul Azim Bader Shaath, Farah Bader Shaath, and Rawan 
        Bader Shaath.
            (45) Bassam Barqawi and Amal Barqawi.
            (46) Nabil Abdel Raoof Maswadeh.
            (47) Nizam I. Wattar and Mohamed Ihssan Wattar.
            (48) Wail F. Shbib and Ektimal Shbib.
            (49) Reem Rushdi Salman and Rasha Talat Salman.
            (50) Khalil A. Awadalla and Eman K. Awadalla.
            (51) Nabil A. Alyadak, Majeda Sheta, Iman Alyadak, and Wafa 
            (52) Mohammed A. Ariqat, Hitaf M. Ariqat, Ruba Ariqat, 
        Renia Ariqat, and Reham Ariqat.
            (53) Hazem A. Al-Masri and Maha A. Al-Masri.
            (54) Tawfiq M. Al-Taher and Rola T. Al-Taher.
            (55) Nadeem Mirza.
    (c) Waiver of Certain Grounds for Inadmissibility.--The provisions 
of paragraphs (4), (5), and (7)(A) of section 212(a) of the Immigration 
and Nationality Act shall not apply to adjustment of status under this 
    (d) Offset in Number of Visas Available.--Upon each granting to an 
alien of the status of having been lawfully admitted for permanent 
residence under this section, the Secretary of State shall instruct the 
proper officer to reduce by one, during the current or next following 
fiscal year, the total number of immigrant visas that are made 
available to natives of the country of the alien's birth under section 
203(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act or, if applicable, the 
total number of immigrant visas that are made available to natives of 
the country of the alien's birth under section 202(e) of such Act.
    (e) Denial of Preferential Immigration Treatment for Certain 
Relatives.--The natural parents, brothers, and sisters of an individual 
referred to in subsection (b) shall not, by virtue of such 
relationship, be accorded any right, privilege, or status under the 
Immigration and Nationality Act.

            Passed the House of Representatives May 16, 2000.


                                                 JEFF TRANDAHL,


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