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  1st Session
H. RES. 107

 Expressing the condolences of the House on the death of the Honorable 
  Norman Sisisky, a Representative from the Commonwealth of Virginia.



                             March 29, 2001

 Mr. Wolf submitted the following resolution; which was considered and 
                               agreed to



 Expressing the condolences of the House on the death of the Honorable 
  Norman Sisisky, a Representative from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    Resolved, That the House has heard with profound sorrow of the 
death of the Honorable Norman Sisisky, a Representative from the 
Commonwealth of Virginia.
    Resolved, That a committee of such Members of the House as the 
Speaker may designate, together with such Members of the Senate as may 
be joined, be appointed to attend the funeral.
    Resolved, That the Sergeant at Arms of the House be authorized and 
directed to take such steps as may be necessary for carrying out the 
provisions of these resolutions and that the necessary expenses in 
connection therewith be paid out of applicable accounts of the House.
    Resolved, That the Clerk communicate these resolutions to the 
Senate and transmit a copy thereof to the family of the deceased.
    Resolved, That when the House adjourns today, it adjourn as a 
further mark of respect to the memory of the deceased.

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