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  1st Session
H. RES. 156

Recognizing the goals and objectives of the Intelligent Transportation 
                            Systems Caucus.



                             March 20, 2003

 Mr. Rogers of Michigan (for himself and Mrs. Tauscher) submitted the 
     following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on 
                   Transportation and Infrastructure



Recognizing the goals and objectives of the Intelligent Transportation 
                            Systems Caucus.

Whereas intelligent transportation system (ITS) technologies benefit the people 
        of the United States;
Whereas ITS technologies are being deployed in the United States to reduce 
        traffic congestion, improve driver safety, reduce the number and 
        severity of vehicular accidents, improve the safety and dependability of 
        transportation systems, enhance the competitiveness of the automotive 
        industry, provide multimodal traveler information, facilitate the 
        movement of freight, increase border and port security, improve 
        operating efficiencies for commercial vehicles and transit, promote 
        international trade, safeguard the environment, facilitate emergency 
        response and evacuation, and ensure the security of critical 
        infrastructure in the United States;
Whereas in testifying before the Senate, Secretary of Transportation Norman Y. 
        Mineta stated that one of the core principles and values for the 
        Department of Transportation in the surface transportation 
        reauthorization process is to ``foster `intelligent everything' in the 
        development and deployment of technology, such as pavement monitoring, 
        message systems, remote sensing, and toll collection'';
Whereas the development and production of ITS technologies supports thousands of 
        jobs across the Nation; and
Whereas Members of Congress formed a congressional member organization known as 
        the Intelligent Transportation Systems Caucus: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That the House of Representatives recognizes that the 
goals and objectives of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Caucus 
are as follows:
            (1) To educate Members of Congress and their staffs on 
        intelligent transportation system (ITS) technologies and the 
        role ITS technologies can play in their daily lives.
            (2) To seek strong commitment to ITS projects in the 
        reauthorization of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st 
        Century (TEA-21).
            (3) To enhance homeland security, including facilitating 
        the adoption of ITS technologies by the Department of Homeland 
        Security and its State and local partners.
            (4) To forge alliances with other congressional member 
        organizations that have an interest in ITS technologies, 
        including the Wireless Caucus, the Auto Caucus, the Livable 
        Communities Task Force, and the Internet Caucus.
            (5) To promote investment by United States companies in 
        research and development to commercialize ITS applications.
            (6) To monitor and support the expansion and growth of ITS 
        projects and architecture.
            (7) To advance the proposition of inclusion of emergency 
        response and evacuation as part of future ITS architecture 

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