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H.Res. 167 (rh) Providing special investigative authorities for the Committee on Government Reform and Oversight. ...

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  1st Session
H. RES. 167

 Recognizing and honoring the achievements and contributions of Native 
    Americans to the United States and urging the establishment and 
     observation of a paid legal public holiday in honor of Native 



                             March 31, 2003

     Mr. Baca (for himself and Mr. Kildee) submitted the following 
      resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Resources



 Recognizing and honoring the achievements and contributions of Native 
    Americans to the United States and urging the establishment and 
     observation of a paid legal public holiday in honor of Native 

Whereas Native Americans were the original inhabitants of the land that now 
        constitutes the United States;
Whereas Native American tribal governments developed the fundamental principles 
        of freedom of speech and separation of powers that form the foundation 
        of the United States Government;
Whereas Native Americans have traditionally exhibited respect for our finite 
        natural resources through a deep reverence for the Earth;
Whereas Native Americans have served with valor in all of the Nation's wars from 
        the Revolutionary War through Operation Iraqi Freedom;
Whereas the percentage of Native Americans who have served, relative to other 
        population groups, has often significantly exceeded the percentage of 
        their representation in the population of the United States as a whole, 
        thus demonstrating the disproportionate commitment of Native Americans 
        to the Nation;
Whereas Native Americans have made distinct and important contributions to the 
        United States and the rest of the world in many fields, including 
        agriculture, medicine, music, language, and art, and they have 
        distinguished themselves as inventors, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, 
        and scholars;
Whereas Native Americans deserve to be recognized for their individual 
        contributions to the United States as local and national leaders, 
        artists, athletes, and scholars;
Whereas nationwide recognition of the contributions of Native Americans to the 
        United States will encourage self-esteem, pride, and self-awareness in 
        Native Americans about the significant role their ancestors and heritage 
        have played in the formation of the freest country in the world, the 
        United States;
Whereas such nationwide recognition will allow Americans of all backgrounds to 
        demonstrate their respect of and admiration for Native Americans for the 
        richness of their contributions to the political, cultural, and economic 
        life of the United States; and
Whereas the establishment of a paid legal public holiday in honor of Native 
        Americans will further demonstrate a strong united government-to-
        government relationship between each of the Native American Nations and 
        the Federal Government: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That the House of Representatives--
            (1) recognizes and honors the achievements and 
        contributions of Native Americans to the United States;
            (2) urges Congress to amend section 6103 of title 5, United 
        States Code, or the President to issue an Executive order, to 
        establish a paid legal public holiday in honor of Native 
            (3) urges the several States, the District of Columbia, the 
        Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and territories and possessions of 
        the United States to observe the date established as Native 
        American Day as a paid legal public holiday;
            (4) encourages public elementary and secondary schools in 
        the United States to enhance understanding of Native Americans 
        by providing classroom instruction focusing on their 
        achievements and contributions to the United States; and
            (5) encourages Americans of all backgrounds to observe the 
        date established as Native American Day through appropriate 
        ceremonies and activities.

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