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H.Res. 29 (ih) Relating to the treatment of veterans with Alzheimer's disease. [Introduced in House] ...

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H. Res. 28

                 In the House of Representatives, U.S.,

                                                      February 6, 2001.
Whereas America's Catholic schools are internationally acclaimed for their 
        academic excellence, but provide students more than a superior 
        scholastic education;
Whereas Catholic schools ensure a broad, values-added education emphasizing the 
        lifelong development of moral, intellectual, physical, and social values 
        in America's young people;
Whereas the total Catholic school student enrollment for the 1999-2000 academic 
        year was 2,653,038, the total number of Catholic schools is 8,144, and 
        the student-teacher ratio is 17 to 1;
Whereas Catholic schools provide more than $17,200,000,000 a year in savings to 
        the Nation based on the average public school per pupil cost;
Whereas Catholic schools teach a diverse group of students and over 24 percent 
        of school children enrolled in Catholic schools are minorities;
Whereas the graduation rate of Catholic school students is 95 percent, only 3 
        percent of Catholic high school students drop out of school, and 83 
        percent of Catholic high school graduates go on to college;
Whereas Catholic schools produce students strongly dedicated to their faith, 
        values, families, and communities by providing an intellectually 
        stimulating environment rich in spiritual, character, and moral 
        development; and
Whereas in the 1972 pastoral message concerning Catholic education, the National 
        Conference of Catholic Bishops stated, ``Education is one of the most 
        important ways by which the Church fulfills its commitment to the 
        dignity of the person and building of community. Community is central to 
        education ministry, both as a necessary condition and an ardently 
        desired goal. The educational efforts of the Church, therefore, must be 
        directed to forming persons-in-community; for the education of the 
        individual Christian is important not only to his solitary destiny, but 
        also the destinies of the many communities in which he lives'': Now, 
        therefore, be it
    Resolved, That the House of Representatives--
            (1) supports the goals of Catholic Schools Week, an event sponsored 
        by the National Catholic Educational Association and the United States 
        Catholic Conference and established to recognize the vital contributions 
        of America's thousands of Catholic elementary and secondary schools; and
            (2) congratulates Catholic schools, students, parents, and teachers 
        across the Nation for their ongoing contributions to education, and for 
        the key role they play in promoting and ensuring a brighter, stronger 
        future for this Nation.


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