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  1st Session
H. RES. 319

      Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that a 
   commemorative postage stamp should be issued in honor of Thurgood 



                            October 1, 1999

   Mr. Cummings (for himself, Mr. Spratt, Mr. Watts of Oklahoma, Ms. 
    Pelosi, Mr. Brady of Pennsylvania, Mr. Sandlin, Mr. Frost, Ms. 
  Stabenow, Mr. Sawyer, Mr. Traficant, Mr. Kleczka, Mr. English, Mr. 
 Sabo, Mr. Romero-Barcelo, Mr. Kennedy of Rhode Island, Mr. Barrett of 
Wisconsin, Mr. Cardin, Mr. Gejdenson, Mrs. Mink of Hawaii, Ms. Berkley, 
  Ms. Schakowsky, Ms. Roybal-Allard, Mr. McNulty, Mrs. Maloney of New 
York, Mr. Etheridge, Mr. McDermott, Mr. Hinchey, Mr. Udall of Colorado, 
 Mr. Foley, Mr. Berman, Mrs. Thurman, Mr. Gephardt, Mrs. Morella, Mr. 
 Brown of Ohio, Ms. DeLauro, Mr. Lipinski, Mr. Nadler, Mr. Hoyer, Mr. 
Shows, Ms. Baldwin, Mr. Rush, Mr. Meeks of New York, Mr. Hilliard, Mr. 
  Clay, Mr. Dixon, Mrs. Jones of Ohio, Mr. Scott, Mr. Jefferson, Mr. 
   Towns, Mr. Hastings of Florida, Mr. Thompson of Mississippi, Mr. 
Fattah, Mrs. Meek of Florida, Ms. Norton, Mr. Conyers, Ms. Carson, Mr. 
 Lewis of Georgia, Mr. Jackson of Illinois, Ms. Kilpatrick, Mr. Owens, 
 Ms. Waters, Ms. Brown of Florida, Mrs. Christensen, Mr. Watt of North 
Carolina, Mr. Wynn, Mr. Payne, Mr. Bishop, Mr. Ford, Mr. Gonzalez, Mr. 
  Clyburn, Ms. Lee, Mr. Rangel, Ms. Millender-McDonald, Mr. Davis of 
  Illinois, Mrs. Clayton, Ms. Jackson-Lee of Texas, Ms. Eddie Bernice 
 Johnson of Texas, Mr. Frank of Massachusetts, Mr. Costello, and Mrs. 
Tauscher) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the 
                     Committee on Government Reform



      Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that a 
   commemorative postage stamp should be issued in honor of Thurgood 

Whereas Thurgood Marshall, through his knowledge, advocacy, and devotion to the 
        cause of civil rights, made a significant contribution to the battle in 
        the United States courts to eradicate the legacy of slavery;
Whereas Thurgood Marshall graduated from Lincoln University (cum laude) in 
        Chester, Pennsylvania, and, although he sought admission to the 
        University of Maryland Law School, received his law degree from Howard 
        University (magna cum laude);
Whereas Thurgood Marshall's first major court case came when he successfully 
        sued the University of Maryland Law School to admit a young African-
        American student in 1933;
Whereas Thurgood Marshall's Supreme Court victories broke the color line in 
        housing, transportation, and voting, all of which overturned the 
        ``separate but equal'' apartheid of American life in the first half of 
        the century;
Whereas Thurgood Marshall won the most important legal case of the century, 
        Brown v. Board of Education, ending the legal separation of African-
        American and white children in public schools;
Whereas Thurgood Marshall was appointed to the United States Court of Appeals 
        for the Second Circuit in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy, and, 4 
        years later, was appointed Solicitor General of the United States by 
        President Lyndon B. Johnson;
Whereas Thurgood Marshall was appointed to the Supreme Court of the United 
        States on June 13, 1967, by President Johnson, making Marshall the first 
        African-American Justice to sit on the Court;
Whereas Thurgood Marshall served 23 years on the Supreme Court, retiring on June 
        27, 1991, at the age of 82;
Whereas Thurgood Marshall, as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, wrote 
        over 150 decisions, including decisions supporting the rights of 
        minorities and immigrants; limiting government intrusion in cases 
        involving illegal search and seizure, double jeopardy, and the right to 
        privacy; and creating new protections under the law for women, children, 
        prisoners, and the homeless;
Whereas Thurgood Marshall was not only instrumental in assisting in the United 
        States legal and justice systems, but was asked by the United Nations 
        and the United Kingdom to assist in drafting the constitutions of the 
        African nations of Ghana and what is now Tanzania;
Whereas the legacy of Thurgood Marshall has inspired Americans to name 
        educational institutions, Federal buildings, legal societies, libraries, 
        and numerous academic achievement awards in his honor; and
Whereas Thurgood Marshall worked on behalf of African-Americans, but built a 
        structure of individual rights that became the cornerstone of 
        protections for all Americans: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That it is the sense of the House of Representatives 
            (1) a commemorative postage stamp should be issued by the 
        United States Postal Service in honor of Thurgood Marshall; and
            (2) the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee should recommend 
        to the Postmaster General that such a stamp be issued.

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