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  1st Session
H. RES. 361

  Expressing the condolences of the House of Representatives upon the 
   death on September 3, 2003, of the late General Raymond G. Davis 
 (United States Marine Corps, retired) and expressing the appreciation 
and admiration of the House for the unwavering commitment demonstrated 
   by General Davis to his family, the Marine Corps, and the Nation.



                           September 9, 2003

Mr. Deal of Georgia (for himself, Mr. Burns, Mr. Collins, Mr. Gingrey, 
 Mr. Isakson, Mr. Kingston, Mr. Linder, and Mr. Norwood) submitted the 
  following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Armed 



  Expressing the condolences of the House of Representatives upon the 
   death on September 3, 2003, of the late General Raymond G. Davis 
 (United States Marine Corps, retired) and expressing the appreciation 
and admiration of the House for the unwavering commitment demonstrated 
   by General Davis to his family, the Marine Corps, and the Nation.

Whereas General Raymond Gilbert Davis (United States Marine Corps, retired) of 
        Stockbridge, Georgia, an American hero who represented the supreme 
        ideals of an American and a Marine, died on Wednesday, September 3, 
        2003, at the age of 88;
Whereas Raymond Gilbert Davis, born on January 13, 1915, in Fitzgerald, Georgia, 
        was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Marine 
        Corps in 1938 following graduation from the Georgia School of 
Whereas during World War II, he participated in the Guadalcanal Tulagi landings, 
        the capture and defense of Guadalcanal, the Eastern New Guinea and Cape 
        Gloucester campaigns, and the Peleliu operation;
Whereas during the fighting on Peleliu, although wounded during the first hour 
        of the landing, he refused evacuation to remain with his men and, on one 
        occasion, when heavy Marine casualties and the enemy's point-blank 
        cannon fire had enabled the Japanese to break through, he personally 
        rallied and led his men in fighting to reestablish defense positions;
Whereas his actions while commanding the 1st Battalion of the 1st Marines at 
        Peleliu in September 1944 earned him the Navy Cross and the Purple Heart 
        and a promotion to lieutenant colonel;
Whereas returning to the United States in November 1944, Lieutenant Colonel 
        Davis was assigned to the Quantico Marine Barracks, Quantico, Virginia, 
        as Tactical Inspector, Marine Corps Schools, and was named chief of the 
        Infantry Section, Marine Air-Infantry School, Quantico, in May 1945, and 
        served in that post for two years before returning to the Pacific area 
        in July 1947 to serve with the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade on Guam;
Whereas following other peace-time duties, in August 1950 he embarked for Korea 
        to command the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division, in the 
        Korean conflict and, in that capacity, heroically enabled the historic 
        breakout of the 1st Marine Division from an entrapment by overwhelming 
        numbers of Chinese soldiers at the Chosin Reservoir in North Korea;
Whereas on the night before the breakout then Lieutenant Colonel Davis led his 
        battalion in an epic across-country fight against vastly superior 
        numbers of entrenched enemy soldiers, across ice- and snow-covered 
        terrain, in subzero temperatures to save a beleaguered rifle company and 
        seize a critical mountain pass that enabled the escape of two Marine 
        regiments, arriving three days later at the port of Hagaru-ri with every 
        one of his wounded Marines;
Whereas as a result of his actions in Korea, Lieutenant Colonel Davis was 
        awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Chosin Reservoir, 
        twice earned the Silver Star Medal by exposing himself to heavy enemy 
        fire while leading and encouraging his men in the face of strong enemy 
        opposition, received the Legion of Merit with Combat ``V'' for 
        exceptionally meritorious conduct and professional skill in welding the 
        1st Battalion into a highly effective combat team, and earned the Bronze 
        Star Medal with Combat ``V'' for his part in rebuilding the regiment 
        after the Chosin Reservoir campaign;
Whereas following service in the Korean conflict, Lieutenant Colonel Davis 
        served in a series of increasingly responsible staff and training 
        positions, while being promoted to colonel in October 1953 and brigadier 
        general in July 1963;
Whereas his first assignment as a general officer was in the Far East where he 
        served as Assistant Division Commander, 3d Marine Division, on Okinawa, 
        from October 1963 to November 1964;
Whereas he was assigned to Headquarters, Marine Corps, from December 1964 until 
        March 1968 and during that service was awarded a second Legion of Merit 
        and was promoted to major general;
Whereas when ordered to the Republic of Vietnam in March 1968, Major General 
        Davis served briefly as Deputy Commanding General, Provisional Corps, 
        and then became Commanding General, 3d Marine Division where he was 
        awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and three personal decorations 
        by the Vietnamese Government for service in the latter capacity from May 
        2, 1968 until April 14, 1969;
Whereas upon his return to the United States in May 1969, he was assigned duty 
        as Deputy for Education with additional duty as Director, Education 
        Center, Marine Corps Development and Education Command, Quantico, 
        Virginia, and upon his promotion to lieutenant general on July 1, 1970, 
        he was assigned as Commanding General, Marine Corps Development and 
        Education Command;
Whereas on February 23, 1971, President Nixon nominated General Davis for 
        appointment to the grade of general and assignment to the position of 
        Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps and, after confirmation by the 
        Senate for service in that position, he received his fourth star upon 
        assuming those duties on March 12, 1971;
Whereas upon his retirement on March 31, 1972, after more than 33 years of 
        active commissioned service, he ended his military career as Assistant 
        Commandant of the Marine Corps, the second highest ranking Marine;
Whereas General Davis' decorations include the Medal of Honor, the Navy Cross, 
        the Distinguished Service Medal with Gold Star in lieu of a second 
        award, the Silver Star Medal with Gold Star in lieu of a second award, 
        the Legion of Merit with Combat ``V'' and Gold Star in lieu of a second 
        award, the Bronze Star Medal with Combat ``V'', the Purple Heart, the 
        Presidential Unit Citation with four bronze stars indicative of second 
        through fifth awards, the Navy Unit Commendation, numerous campaign and 
        service medals, and numerous foreign decorations;
Whereas following retirement from his beloved Corps, General Davis directed the 
        Georgia Chamber of Commerce for several years and later took on the 
        challenge of design, funding, and dedication of the Korean War Veterans 
        Memorial in Washington, DC;
Whereas General Davis continued to work in support of issues concerning the 
        national interest, including a visit to North Korea in an effort to 
        persuade that government to allow more travel and to become more active 
        in identifying missing American soldiers; and
Whereas General Raymond G. Davis is survived by his wife of 61 years, Knox 
        Heafner Davis, two sons Raymond Gil Davis Jr. of Covington, Georgia, and 
        Gordon Miles Davis of Seminole, Alabama, a daughter Willa Kerr of 
        Stockbridge, Georgia, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren: 
        Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That the House of Representatives--
            (1) has learned with profound sorrow of the death of 
        General Raymond G. Davis (United States Marine Corps, retired) 
        on September 3, 2003, and extends its condolences to his 
        family; and
            (2) recognizes and expresses its appreciation and 
        admiration for the unwavering commitment demonstrated by 
        General Davis to his family, the Marine Corps, and the Nation.
    Sec. 2. The Clerk of the House of Representatives shall transmit an 
enrolled copy of this resolution to the family of General Raymond G. 

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