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  2d Session
H. RES. 532

Expressing the sense of the United States House of Representatives that 
  the United States should adhere to moral and ethical principles of 
economic justice and fairness in developing and advancing United States 
   international trade treaties, agreements, and investment policies.



                           February 24, 2004

 Ms. Kaptur submitted the following resolution; which was referred to 
 the Committee on Ways and Means, and in addition to the Committee on 
International Relations, for a period to be subsequently determined by 
the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall 
           within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned



Expressing the sense of the United States House of Representatives that 
  the United States should adhere to moral and ethical principles of 
economic justice and fairness in developing and advancing United States 
   international trade treaties, agreements, and investment policies.

Whereas all human beings, regardless of any distinction, share the same 
        intrinsic and inalienable rights and dignity;
Whereas international trade operates according to economic logic but without an 
Whereas international trade and investment should respect the rights of people 
        above markets and involve the meaningful participation of those affected 
        by trade;
Whereas international trade and investment should uphold international labor 
        rights and promote the advancement of women in social and economic 
Whereas hundreds of millions of workers worldwide labor under inhumane 
        conditions in sweatshops, often linked to multinational corporations, 
        without a sustainable wage, basic benefits, or collective bargaining 
Whereas international trade and investment should advance democratic principles, 
        broad-based equality, sustainable human development, and poverty 
        alleviation and secure the Earth's natural environment;
Whereas international trade and investment should respect the right and 
        responsibility of people to maintain the global commons through the 
        sustainable use of their local and traditional resources;
Whereas government exists to serve the needs of society and has an essential 
        role in setting priorities and making decisions about trade and 
        investment in order to advance the common good; and
Whereas exclusive reliance on market liberalization and free trade often 
        exacerbates economic and social inequalities within and between 
        countries: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved, That henceforth the House of Representatives will adhere 
to the following principles in evaluating, approving, and advancing all 
United States trade and investment treaties, agreements, and policies:
            (1) International trade and investment systems should 
        respect and support the dignity of the human person, the 
        integrity of creation, and our common humanity.
            (2) International trade and investment activities should 
        advance the common good and be evaluated in the light of their 
        impact on those who are most vulnerable.
            (3) International trade and investment policies and 
        decisions should be transparent and should involve the 
        meaningful participation of the most vulnerable stakeholders.
            (4) International trade and investment systems should 
        respect the legitimate role of government, in collaboration 
        with civil society, to set policies regarding the development 
        and welfare of its people.
            (5) International trade and investment systems should 
        safeguard the global commons and respect the right of local 
        communities to protect and sustainably develop their natural 

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