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H.Res. 55 (ih) Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that there should be established a day of celebration in honor of Dr. Dorothy Irene Height. [Introduced in House] ...

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H. Res. 55

                 In the House of Representatives, U.S.,

                                                     February 27, 2001.
Whereas, for nearly half a century, Dr. Dorothy Irene Height has been a leader 
        in the struggle for equality and human rights;
Whereas Dr. Height founded the Center for Racial Justice, served as President of 
        the National Council of Negro Women and the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, 
        Incorporated, and held several leadership positions with the Young 
        Women's Christian Association of America;
Whereas, under the leadership of Dr. Height, the National Council of Negro Women 
        achieved tax-exempt status, developed model programs on topics ranging 
        from teenage parenting to eradicating hunger, and established the 
        Bethune Museum and Archives for Black Women, the first institution 
        devoted to the history of black women;
Whereas Dr. Height conceived of and organized the Black Family Reunion 
        Celebration, which is now in its eleventh year and has had 14,000,000 
Whereas Dr. Height has worked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Roy Wilkins, 
        Whitney Young, A. Phillip Randolph, and others to prevent lynching, 
        desegregate the Armed Forces, reform the criminal justice system, and 
        provide equal access to public accommodations;
Whereas Dr. Height has served as a participant at conferences hosted by the 
        United Nations and the President of the United States;
Whereas the distinguished service and contributions of Dr. Height to making the 
        world more just and humane have earned her more than 50 awards and 
        honors from local, State, and national organizations, and from the 
        Federal Government, including the Spingarn Medal from the National 
        Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Presidential 
        Medal of Freedom from President Clinton, and induction into the National 
        Women's Hall of Fame;
Whereas Dr. Height has received more than 24 honorary degrees from educational 
        institutions worldwide; and
Whereas the life of Dr. Height exemplifies a passionate commitment to the 
        realization of a just society and a vision of a better world: Now, 
        therefore, be it
    Resolved, That the House of Representatives--
            (1) recognizes Dr. Dorothy Irene Height as a valiant advocate and 
        crusader for human rights; and
            (2) acknowledges the more than 6 decades of distinguished leadership 
        and service of Dr. Dorothy Irene Height.


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