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  2d Session
H. RES. 562

  Providing for the concurrence by the House, with amendments, in the 
                     Senate amendment to H.R. 1167.



                             July 24, 2000

 Mr. George Miller of California (for himself and Mr. Young of Alaska) 
 submitted the following resolution; which was considered and agreed to



  Providing for the concurrence by the House, with amendments, in the 
                     Senate amendment to H.R. 1167.

    Resolved, That upon the adoption of this resolution the House shall 
be considered to have taken from the Speaker's table the bill (H.R. 
1167) to amend the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance 
Act to provide for further self-governance by Indian tribes, and for 
other purposes, and the Senate amendment thereto, and to have concurred 
in the Senate amendment with the following amendments:
            (1) Page 14, line 12, strike ``(or of such other agency)''.
            (2) Page 15, line 1, insert ``so'' after ``functions''.
            (3) Page 19, line 4, insert ``other provisions of law,'' 
        after ``section 106''.
            (4) Page 20, line 6, strike ``305'' and insert ``505''.
            (5) Page 31, line 23, strike ``may'' and insert ``is 
        authorized to''.
            (6) Page 39, strike lines 7 through 14, and insert the 
    ``(g) Wages.--All laborers and mechanics employed by contractors 
and subcontractors (excluding tribes and tribal organizations) in the 
construction, alteration, or repair, including painting or decorating 
of a building or other facilities in connection with construction 
projects funded by the United States under this Act shall be paid wages 
at not less than those prevailing wages on similar construction in the 
locality as determined by the Secretary of Labor in accordance with the 
Davis-Bacon Act of March 3, 1931 (46 Stat. 1494). With respect to 
construction alteration, or repair work to which the Act of March 3, 
1931, is applicable under this section, the Secretary of Labor shall 
have the authority and functions set forth in the Reorganization Plan 
numbered 14, of 1950, and section 2 of the Act of June 13, 1934 (48 
Stat. 948).
            (7) Page 39, strike line 24 and all that follows through 
        page 40, line 6, and insert the following:
    ``Regarding construction programs or projects, the Secretary and 
Indian tribes may negotiate for the inclusion of specific provisions of 
the Office of Federal Procurement and Policy Act (41 U.S.C. 401 et 
seq.) and Federal acquisition regulations in any funding agreement 
entered into under this part. Absent a negotiated agreement, such 
provisions and regulatory requirements shall not apply.
            (8) Page 41, line 1, insert a comma after ``Executive 
            (9) Page 49, strike lines 4 through 10.
            (10) Page 56, beginning on line 21, strike ``for fiscal 
        years 2000 and 2001''.
            (11) Page 60, line 6, strike ``(a) In 
            (12) Page 60, strike lines 9 and 10.
            (13) Page 60, strike line 16 and all that follows through 
        page 65, line 16.
            (14) Page 65, line 17, strike ``sec. 13.'' and insert 
        ``sec. 12.''.
            (15) Page 66, after line 7, insert the following:


    Except as otherwise provided, the provisions of this Act shall take 
effect on the date of the enactment of this Act.

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