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H. Res. 614

                 In the House of Representatives, U.S.,

                                                     December 19, 1998.
    Resolved, That Mr. Hyde of Illinois, Mr. Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, Mr. 
McCollum of Florida, Mr. Gekas of Pennsylvania, Mr. Canady of Florida, Mr. Buyer 
of Indiana, Mr. Bryant of Tennessee, Mr. Chabot of Ohio, Mr. Barr of Georgia, 
Mr. Hutchinson of Arkansas, Mr. Cannon of Utah, Mr. Rogan of California, and Mr. 
Graham of South Carolina are appointed managers to conduct the impeachment trial 
against William Jefferson Clinton, President of the United States, that a 
message be sent to the Senate to inform the Senate of these appointments, and 
that the managers so appointed may, in connection with the preparation and the 
conduct of the trial, exhibit the articles of impeachment to the Senate and take 
all other actions necessary, which may include the following:
            (1) Employing legal, clerical, and other necessary assistants and 
        incurring such other expenses as may be necessary, to be paid from 
        amounts available to the Committee on the Judiciary under applicable 
        expense resolutions or from the applicable accounts of the House of 
            (2) Sending for persons and papers, and filing with the Secretary of 
        the Senate, on the part of the House of Representatives, any pleadings, 
        in conjunction with or subsequent to, the exhibition of the articles of 
        impeachment that the managers consider necessary.

                                        Speaker of the House of Representatives.



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