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H.Res. 631 (ih) Honoring the members of the crew of the guided missile destroyer U.S.S. [Introduced in House] ...

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H. Res. 631

                 In the House of Representatives, U.S.,

                                                      October 18, 2000.
Whereas the guided missile destroyer U.S.S. COLE (DDG-67) was severely damaged 
        on October 12, 2000, when a boat bomb exploded alongside that ship while 
        on a refueling stop in Aden, Yemen;
Whereas the explosion resulted in a 40-by-45 foot hole in the port side of the 
        ship at the waterline and left seven of the ship's crew dead, ten who, 
        as of October 17, 2000, are missing and presumed dead, and over three 
        dozen wounded;
Whereas the U.S.S. COLE had stopped in Aden for routine refueling while in 
        transit from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf to conduct forward maritime 
        presence operations in the Persian Gulf region as part of the U.S.S. 
        George Washington battle group;
Whereas the members of the United States Navy killed and wounded in the bombing 
        were performing their duty in furtherance of the national security 
        interests of the United States;
Whereas United States national security interests continue to require the 
        forward deployment of elements of the Armed Forces;
Whereas the members of the Armed Forces are routinely called upon to perform 
        duties that place their lives at risk;
Whereas the crew members of the U.S.S. COLE who lost their lives as a result of 
        the bombing of their ship on October 12, 2000, died in the honorable 
        service to the Nation and exemplified all that is best in the American 
        people; and
Whereas the heroic efforts of the surviving crew members of the U.S.S. COLE 
        after the attack to save their ship and rescue their wounded shipmates 
        are in the highest tradition of the United States Navy: Now, therefore, 
        be it
    Resolved, That the House of Representatives, in response to the terrorist 
bombing attack on the U.S.S. COLE (DDG-67) on October 12, 2000, while on a 
refueling stop in Aden, Yemen, hereby--
            (1) honors the members of the crew of the U.S.S. COLE who died as a 
        result of that attack and sends heartfelt condolences to their families, 
        friends, and loved ones;
            (2) honors the members of the crew of the U.S.S. COLE who were 
        wounded in the attack for their service and sacrifice, expresses its 
        hopes for their rapid and complete recovery, and extends its sympathies 
        to their families;
            (3) commends the crew of the U.S.S. COLE for their heroic damage 
        control efforts; and
            (4) condemns the attack against the U.S.S. COLE as an unprovoked and 
        cowardly act of terrorism.


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