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  2d Session
H. RES. 644

 Providing for the concurrence by the House, with an amendment, in the 
                 amendment of the Senate to H.R. 4868.



                            October 24, 2000

Mr. Crane submitted the following resolution; which was considered and 
                               agreed to



 Providing for the concurrence by the House, with an amendment, in the 
                 amendment of the Senate to H.R. 4868.

    Resolved, That upon the adoption of this resolution the House shall 
be considered to have taken from the Speaker's table the bill H.R. 
4868, with the amendment of the Senate thereto, and to have concurred 
in the amendment of the Senate with an amendment as follows:
    In lieu of the matter proposed to be inserted by the amendment of 
the Senate, insert the following:


    This Act may be cited as the ``Tariff Suspension and Trade Act of 


    The table of contents of this Act is as follows:

Sec. 1. Short title.
Sec. 2. Table of contents.
                       TITLE I--TARIFF PROVISIONS

Sec. 1001. Reference; expired provisions.
         Subtitle A--Temporary Duty Suspensions and Reductions

             Chapter 1--New Duty Suspensions and Reductions

Sec. 1101. HIV/AIDS drug.
Sec. 1102. HIV/AIDS drug.
Sec. 1103. Triacetoneamine.
Sec. 1104. Instant print film in rolls.
Sec. 1105. Color instant print film.
Sec. 1106. Mixtures of sennosides and mixtures of sennosides and their 
Sec. 1107. Cibacron red LS-B HC.
Sec. 1108. Cibacron brilliant blue FN-G.
Sec. 1109. Cibacron scarlet LS-2G HC.
Sec. 1110. MUB 738 INT.
Sec. 1111. Fenbuconazole.
Sec. 1112. 2,6-Dichlorotoluene.
Sec. 1113. 3-Amino-3-methyl-1-pentyne.
Sec. 1114. Triazamate.
Sec. 1115. Methoxyfenozide.
Sec. 1116. 1-Fluoro-2-nitrobenzene.
Sec. 1117. PHBA.
Sec. 1118. THQ (toluhydroquinone).
Sec. 1119. 2,4-Dicumylphenol.
Sec. 1120. Certain cathode-ray tubes.
Sec. 1121. Other cathode-ray tubes.
Sec. 1122. Certain raw cotton.
Sec. 1123. Rhinovirus drug.
Sec. 1124. Butralin.
Sec. 1125. Branched dodecylbenzene.
Sec. 1126. Certain fluorinated compound.
Sec. 1127. Certain light absorbing photo dye.
Sec. 1128. Filter Blue Green photo dye.
Sec. 1129. Certain light absorbing photo dyes.
Sec. 1130. 4,4,-Difluorobenzophenone.
Sec. 1131. A fluorinated compound.
Sec. 1132. DiTMP.
Sec. 1133. HPA.
Sec. 1134. APE.
Sec. 1135. TMPDE.
Sec. 1136. TMPME.
Sec. 1137. Tungsten concentrates.
Sec. 1138. 2 Chloro Amino Toluene.
Sec. 1139. Certain ion-exchange resins.
Sec. 1140. 11-Aminoundecanoic acid.
Sec. 1141. Dimethoxy butanone (DMB).
Sec. 1142. Dichloro aniline (DCA).
Sec. 1143. Diphenyl sulfide.
Sec. 1144. Trifluralin.
Sec. 1145. Diethyl imidazolidinone (DMI).
Sec. 1146. Ethalfluralin.
Sec. 1147. Benfluralin.
Sec. 1148. 3-Amino-5-mercapto-1,2,4-triazole (AMT).
Sec. 1149. Diethyl phosphorochlorodothioate (DEPCT).
Sec. 1150. Refined quinoline.
Sec. 1151. DMDS.
Sec. 1152. Vision inspection systems.
Sec. 1153. Anode presses.
Sec. 1154. Trim and form machines.
Sec. 1155. Certain assembly machines.
Sec. 1156. Thionyl chloride.
Sec. 1157. Phenylmethyl hydrazinecarboxylate.
Sec. 1158. Tralkoxydim formulated.
Sec. 1159. KN002.
Sec. 1160. KL084.
Sec. 1161. IN-N5297.
Sec. 1162. Azoxystrobin formulated.
Sec. 1163. Fungaflor 500 EC.
Sec. 1164. Norbloc 7966.
Sec. 1165. Imazalil.
Sec. 1166. 1,5-Dichloroanthraquinone.
Sec. 1167. Ultraviolet dye.
Sec. 1168. Vinclozolin.
Sec. 1169. Tepraloxydim.
Sec. 1170. Pyridaben.
Sec. 1171. 2-Acetylnicotinic acid.
Sec. 1172. SAMe.
Sec. 1173. Procion crimson H-EXL.
Sec. 1174. Dispersol crimson SF grains.
Sec. 1175. Procion navy H-EXL.
Sec. 1176. Procion yellow H-EXL.
Sec. 1177. 2-Phenylphenol.
Sec. 1178. 2-Methoxy-1-propene.
Sec. 1179. 3,5-Difluoroaniline.
Sec. 1180. Quinclorac.
Sec. 1181. Dispersol black XF grains.
Sec. 1182. Fluroxypyr, 1-methylheptyl ester (FME).
Sec. 1183. Solsperse 17260.
Sec. 1184. Solsperse 17000.
Sec. 1185. Solsperse 5000.
Sec. 1186. Certain TAED chemicals.
Sec. 1187. Isobornyl acetate.
Sec. 1188. Solvent blue 124.
Sec. 1189. Solvent blue 104.
Sec. 1190. Pro-jet magenta 364 stage.
Sec. 1191. 4-Amino-2,5-dimethoxy-N-phenylbenzene sulfonamide.
Sec. 1192. Undecylenic acid.
Sec. 1193.  2-Methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid.
Sec. 1194. Iminodisuccinate.
Sec. 1195. Iminodisuccinate salts and aqueous solutions.
Sec. 1196. Poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) self-adhesive sheets.
Sec. 1197. 2-Butyl-2-ethylpropanediol.
Sec. 1198. Cyclohexadec-8-en-1-one.
Sec. 1199. Paint additive chemical.
Sec. 1200. o-Cumyl-octylphenol.
Sec. 1201. Certain polyamides.
Sec. 1202. Mesamoll.
Sec. 1203. Vulkalent E/C.
Sec. 1204. Baytron M.
Sec. 1205. Baytron C-R.
Sec. 1206. Baytron P.
Sec. 1207. Molds for use in certain DVDs.
Sec. 1208. KN001 (a hydrochloride).
Sec. 1209. Certain compound optical microscopes.
Sec. 1210. DPC 083.
Sec. 1211. DPC 961.
Sec. 1212. Petroleum sulfonic acids, sodium salts.
Sec. 1213. Pro-jet cyan 1 press paste.
Sec. 1214. Pro-jet black ALC powder.
Sec. 1215. Pro-jet fast yellow 2 RO feed.
Sec. 1216. Solvent yellow 145.
Sec. 1217. Pro-jet fast magenta 2 RO feed.
Sec. 1218. Pro-jet fast cyan 2 stage.
Sec. 1219. Pro-jet cyan 485 stage. 
Sec. 1220. Triflusulfuron methyl formulated product.
Sec. 1221. Pro-jet fast cyan 3 stage. 
Sec. 1222. Pro-jet cyan 1 RO feed.
Sec. 1223. Pro-jet fast black 287 NA paste/liquid feed. 
Sec. 1224. 4-(cyclopropyl-<greek-a>-hydroxymethylene)-3,5-dioxo-
                            cyclohexanecarboxylic acid ethyl ester.
Sec. 1225. 4''-epimethylamino-4''-deoxyavermectin B<INF>1a</INF> and 
                            B<INF>1b</INF> benzoates.
Sec. 1226. Formulations containing 2-[4-[(5-chloro-3-fluoro-2-
                            pyridinyl)oxy]-phenoxy]-2-propynyl ester.
Sec. 1227. Mixtures of 2-(2-chloroethoxy)-N-[[4-methoxy-6-methyl-1,3,5-
                            amino]carbonylbenzenesulfonamide] and 3,6-
                            dichloro-2-methoxybenzoic acid.
Sec. 1228. (E,E)-<greek-a>-(methoxyimino)-2-[[[[1-[3-
                            acid, methyl ester.
Sec. 1229. Formulations containing sulfur.
Sec. 1230. Mixtures of 3-(6-methoxy-4-methyl-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl)-1-[2-
Sec. 1231. Mixtures of 4-cyclopropyl-6-methyl-N-phenyl-2-
Sec. 1232. (R)-2-[2,6-Dimethylphenyl)-methoxyacetylamino]propionic 
                            acid, methyl ester and (S)-2-[2,6-
                            methoxyacetylamino]propionic acid, methyl 
Sec. 1233. Mixtures of benzothiadiazole-7-carbothioic acid, S-methyl 
Sec. 1234. Benzothialdiazole-7-carbothioic acid, S-methyl ester.
Sec. 1235. O-(4-bromo-2-chlorophenyl)-O-ethyl-S-propyl 
Sec. 1236. 1-[[2-(2,4-Dichlorophenyl)-4-propyl-1,3-dioxolan-2-yl]-
Sec. 1237. Tetrahydro-3-methyl-N-nitro-5-[[2-phenylthio)-5-thiazolyl]-
Sec. 1238. 1-(4-Methoxy-6-methyltriazin-2-yl)-3-[2-(3,3,3-
Sec. 1239. 4,5-Dihydro-6-methyl-4-[(3-pyridinylmethylene)amino]-1,2,4-
Sec. 1240. 4-(2,2-Difluoro-1,3-benzodioxol-4-yl)-1H-pyrrole-3-
Sec. 1241. Mixtures of 2-(((((4,6-dimethoxypyrimidin-2-
                            dimethyl-3-pyridinecarboxamide and 
                            application adjuvants.
Sec. 1242. Monochrome glass envelopes.
Sec. 1243. Ceramic coater.
Sec. 1244. Pro-jet black 263 stage.
Sec. 1245. Pro-jet fast black 286 paste.
Sec. 1246. Bromine-containing compounds.
Sec. 1247. Pyridinedicarboxylic acid.
Sec. 1248. Certain semiconductor mold compounds.
Sec. 1249. Solvent blue 67.
Sec. 1250. Pigment blue 60.
Sec. 1251. Menthyl anthranilate.
Sec. 1252. 4-Bromo-2-fluoroacetanilide.
Sec. 1253. Propiophenone.
Sec. 1254. m-chlorobenzaldehyde.
Sec. 1255. Ceramic knives.
Sec. 1256. Stainless steel railcar body shells.
Sec. 1257. Stainless steel railcar body shells of 148-passenger 
Sec. 1258. Pendimethalin.
Sec. 1259. 3,5-Dibromo-4-hydoxybenzonitril ester and inerts.
Sec. 1260. 3,5-Dibromo-4-hydoxybenzonitril.
Sec. 1261. Isoxaflutole.
Sec. 1262. Cyclanilide technical.
Sec. 1263. R115777.
Sec. 1264. Bonding machines.
Sec. 1265. Glyoxylic acid.
Sec. 1266. Fluoride compounds.
Sec. 1267. Cobalt boron.
Sec. 1268. Certain steam or other vapor generating boilers used in 
                            nuclear facilities.
Sec. 1269. Fipronil technical.
Sec. 1270. KL540.
          Chapter 2--Existing Duty Suspensions and Reductions

Sec. 1301. Extension of certain existing duty suspensions and 
Sec. 1302. Technical correction.
Sec. 1303. Effective date.
                  Subtitle B--Other Tariff Provisions

       Chapter 1--Liquidation or Reliquidation of Certain Entries

Sec. 1401. Certain telephone systems.
Sec. 1402. Color television receiver entries.
Sec. 1403. Copper and brass sheet and strip.
Sec. 1404. Antifriction bearings.
Sec. 1405. Other antifriction bearings.
Sec. 1406. Printing cartridges.
Sec. 1407. Liquidation or reliquidation of certain entries of N,N-
Sec. 1408. Certain entries of tomato sauce preparation.
Sec. 1409. Certain tomato sauce preparation entered in 1990 through 
Sec. 1410. Certain tomato sauce preparation entered in 1989 through 
Sec. 1411. Certain tomato sauce preparation entered in 1989 and 1990.
Sec. 1412. Neoprene synchronous timing belts.
Sec. 1413. Reliquidation of drawback claim number R74-10343996.
Sec. 1414. Reliquidation of certain drawback claims filed in 1996.
Sec. 1415. Reliquidation of certain drawback claims relating to exports 
                            of merchandise from May 1993 to July 1993.
Sec. 1416. Reliquidation of certain drawback claims relating to exports 
                            claims filed between April 1994 and July 
Sec. 1417. Reliquidation of certain drawback claims relating to juices.
Sec. 1418. Reliquidation of certain drawback claims filed in 1997.
Sec. 1419. Reliquidation of drawback claim number WJU1111031-7.
Sec. 1420. Liquidation or reliquidation of certain entries of athletic 
Sec. 1421. Reliquidation of certain drawback claims relating to juices.
Sec. 1422. Drawback of finished petroleum derivatives.
Sec. 1423. Reliquidation of certain entries of self-tapping screws.
Sec. 1424. Reliquidation of certain entries of vacuum cleaners.

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