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  1st Session
H. RES. 92

 Providing amounts for the expenses of the Committee on Transportation 
         and Infrastructure in the One Hundred Eighth Congress.



                           February 25, 2003

   Mr. Young of Alaska submitted the following resolution; which was 
           referred to the Committee on House Administration



 Providing amounts for the expenses of the Committee on Transportation 
         and Infrastructure in the One Hundred Eighth Congress.



    For the expenses of the Committee on Transportation and 
Infrastructure (hereafter in this resolution referred to as the 
``Committee''), including the expenses of all staff salaries, there 
shall be paid, out of the applicable accounts of the House of 
Representatives for committee salaries and expenses, not more than 
$17,682,505 for the One Hundred Eighth Congress.


    Of the amount specified in section 1--
            (1) not more than $8,722,428 shall be available for 
        expenses incurred during the period beginning at noon on 
        January 3, 2003, and ending immediately before noon on January 
        3, 2004; and
            (2) not more than $8,960,077 shall be available for 
        expenses incurred during the period beginning at noon on 
        January 3, 2004, and ending immediately before noon on January 
        3, 2005.


    Payments under this resolution shall be made on vouchers authorized 
by the Committee, signed by the Chairman of the Committee, and approved 
in the manner directed by the Committee on House Administration.


    Amounts made available under this resolution shall be expended in 
accordance with regulations prescribed by the Committee on House 

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