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     Republicans in roman; Democrats in italic; Independent in bold.

  [Room numbers beginning with H are in the Capitol, with CHOB in the 
 Cannon House Office Building, with LHOB in the Longworth House Office 
  Building, with RHOB in the Rayburn House Office Building, with H1 in 
  O'Neill House Office Building, and with H2 in the Ford House Office 


   1301 Longworth House Office Building, phone 225-2171, fax 225-0917
                     meets first Tuesday of each month

               Robert F. (Bob) Smith, of Oregon, Chairman.

                 Larry Combest, of Texas, Vice Chairman.

Bill Barrett, of Nebraska.           Charles W. Stenholm, of Texas.
John A. Boehner, of Ohio.            George E. Brown, Jr., of 
Thomas W. Ewing, of Illinois.            California.
John T. Doolittle, of California.    Gary A. Condit, of California.
Bob Goodlatte, of Virginia.          Collin C. Peterson, of Minnesota.
Richard W. Pombo, of California.     Calvin M. Dooley, of California.
Charles T. Canady, of Florida.       Eva M. Clayton, of North Carolina.
Nick Smith, of Michigan.             David Minge, of Minnesota.
Terry Everett, of Alabama.           Earl F. Hilliard, of Alabama.
Frank D. Lucas, of Oklahoma.         Earl Pomeroy, of North Dakota.
Ron Lewis, of Kentucky.              Tim Holden, of Pennsylvania.
Helen Chenoweth, of Idaho.           Scotty Baesler, of Kentucky.
John N. Hostettler, of Indiana.      Sanford D. Bishop, Jr., of Georgia.
Ed Bryant, of Tennessee.             Bennie G. Thompson, of Mississippi.
Mark Foley, of Florida.              Sam Farr, of California.
Saxby Chambliss, of Georgia.         John Elias Baldacci, of Maine.
Ray LaHood, of Illinois.             Marion Berry, of Arkansas.
Jo Ann Emerson, of Missouri.         Virgil H. Goode, Jr., of Virginia.
Jerry Moran, of Kansas.              Mike McIntyre, of North Carolina.
Roy Blunt, of Missouri.              Debbie Stabenow, of Michigan.
Charles W. (Chip) Pickering, of      Bob Etheridge, of North Carolina.
        Mississippi.                 Christopher John, of Louisiana.
Bob Schaffer, of Colorado.           Jay W. Johnson, of Wisconsin.
John R. Thune, of South Dakota.      Leonard L. Boswell, of Iowa.
William L. Jenkins, of Tennessee.
John Cooksey, of Louisiana.

[[Page 406]]

    [The chairman and ranking minority member are ex officio members

                         of all subcommittees.]

        Department Operations, Nutrition and Foreign Agriculture

                         Mr. Goodlatte, Chairman

                        Mr. Ewing, Vice Chairman

Mr. Canady                             Ms. Clayton
Mr. Smith                              Mr. Thompson
Mr. Foley                              Mr. Berry
Mr. LaHood                             Mr. Brown
Mr. Thune                              Mr. Bishop

              Forestry, Resource Conservation and Research

                          Mr. Combest, Chairman

                       Mr. Barrett, Vice Chairman

Mr. Doolittle                          Mr. Dooley
Mr. Pombo                              Mr. Brown
Mr. Smith                              Mr. Farr
Mr. Everett                            Ms. Stabenow
Mr. Lucas                              Mr. John
Mr. Lewis                              Mr. Peterson
Ms. Chenoweth                          Ms. Clayton
Mr. Hostettler                         Mr. Minge
Mr. Chambliss                          Mr. Hilliard
Mr. LaHood                             Mr. Pomeroy
Ms. Emerson                            Mr. Holden
Mr. Moran                              Mr. Baesler
Mr. Pickering                          Mr. Baldacci
Mr. Schaffer                           Mr. Berry
Mr. Jenkins                            Mr. Goode
Mr. Cooksey

                        General Farm Commodities

                          Mr. Barrett, Chairman

                       Mr. Combest, Vice Chairman

Mr. Boehner                            Mr. Minge
Mr. Lucas                              Mr. Thompson
Mr. Chambliss                          Mr. McIntyre
Ms. Emerson                            Ms. Stabenow
Mr. Moran                              Mr. Etheridge
Mr. Thune                              Mr. John
Mr. Cooksey                            Mr. Johnson

                      Livestock, Dairy and Poultry

                           Mr. Pombo, Chairman

                       Mr. Boehner, Vice Chairman

Mr. Goodlatte                          Mr. Peterson
Mr. Smith                              Mr. Hilliard
Mr. Lucas                              Mr. Holden
Mr. Lewis                              Mr. Johnson
Mr. Hostettler                         Mr. Condit
Mr. Blunt                              Mr. Dooley
Mr. Pickering                          Mr. Farr
Mr. Jenkins                            Mr. Boswell

[[Page 407]]
                   Risk Management and Specialty Crops

                           Mr. Ewing, Chairman

                       Mr. Combest, Vice Chairman

Mr. Doolittle                          Mr. Condit
Mr. Pombo                              Mr. Baesler
Mr. Smith                              Mr. Bishop
Mr. Everett                            Mr. Pomeroy
Mr. Lewis                              Mr. Baldacci
Mr. Bryant                             Mr. Goode
Mr. Foley                              Mr. McIntyre
Mr. Chambliss                          Mr. Etheridge
Mr. Moran                              Mr. Boswell


Committee on Agriculture (1301 LHOB), 225-2171, fax 225-0917.
        Majority Staff Director.--Paul Unger (1301 LHOB), 5-2171.
        Chief Counsel.--John E. Hogan (1304 LHOB), 5-5944.
        Associate Counsels: Gerald Jackson, 5-5944; Lance Kotschwar 
            (1304 LHOB), 5-5944.
        Policy Director.--William E. O'Conner (1301 LHOB), 5-2171.
        Legislative Director.--Pete Thomson (1301 LHOB), 5-2171.
        Committee Administrator.--Diane Keyser (1301 LHOB), 5-2171.
        Office Manager.--Sharon Rusnak (1305 LHOB), 5-0317.
        Communications Director.--David Redmond (1303 LHOB), 5-4050.
        Deputy Communications Director.--David Spooner (1303 LHOB), 5-
        Printing Editor.--James Cahill (1301 LHOB), 5-2183.
        Hearing Clerk.--Wanda Worsham (1336 LHOB), 5-2342.
        Assistant to Majority Staff Director.--Jason Vaillancourt (1301 
            LHOB), 5-0020.
        Assistant Hearing Clerk/Scheduler.--Callista Bisek (1301 LHOB), 
        Information Systems.--J. Merrick Munday (1126 LHOB), 6-8472.
        Senior Professional Staff Members: Dave Ebersole (1336 LHOB), 5-
          Lynn Gallagher (1301 LHOB), 5-0029.
        Professional Staff Members: Bryce R. Quick, 5-0029; John 
            Goldberg (1432-P LHOB), 5-4980; Sharla Moffett (1336 LHOB), 
            5-4946; David Tenny (1336 LHOB), 5-0316.
        Legislative Staff Assistant.--Debbie Smith (1304 LHOB), 5-5944.
        Legislative Assistants: Brian Hard (1430 LHOB), 5-4916; 
            Christopher Matthews.
        Staff Assistants: Ryan Weston (1741-P), 5-4593; Mason Wiggins 
            (1301-A LHOB), 5-4927; Monique Brown, (1336 LHOB), 5-2342; 
            Lara Zinda (1301-A), 5-2171; James Burns.
        Director, Subcommittee on:
        Forestry, Resource and Conservation.--Russell Laird (1336 LHOB), 
        Risk Management and Specialty Crops.--Stacy Carey (1741-P LHOB), 
        Department Operations, Nutrition and Foreign Agriculture.--Kevin 
            Kramp (1430 LHOB), 5-0171.
        General Farm Commodities.--Mike Neruda (1430 LHOB), 5-0184.
        Livestock, Dairy and Poultry.--Christopher D'Arcy (1432-P LHOB), 
        Congressional Fellow.--Joy Mulinex (1304 LHOB), 5-4544.
        Minority Staff Director.--Stephen Haterius (1305 LHOB), 5-0014.
        Minority Counsel.--Vernie Hubert (1305 LHOB), 5-0420.
        Deputy Minority Counsel.--Julie Paradis (1305 LHOB), 5-9381.
        Minority Associate Counsel.--Andy Baker (1002 LHOB), 5-3069.
        Minority Economist.--Chip Conley (1041 LHOB), 5-2349.
        Minority Press Coordinator.--John Haugen (1305 LHOB), 5-6872.
        Minority Consultants: Curt Mann (1002 LHOB), 5-1867; John Riley 
            (1305 LHOB), 5-7987; Beau Greenwood (1002-A LHOB), 5-8903; 
            Danelle Farmer (1002-A LHOB), 5-4453; Russell Middleton 
            (1002-B), 5-1496.
        Staff Assistant.--Sharon Rusnak (1305 LHOB), 5-6878.
        Congressional Fellow.--Mac Warren (1002-B LHOB), 5-0720.

[[Page 408]]

                    H-218 The Capitol, phone 225-2771
      meets first Wednesday of each month and on call of the Chairman

                 Bob Livingston, of Louisiana, Chairman.

Joseph M. McDade, of Pennsylvania.   David R. Obey, of Wisconsin.
C.W. Bill Young, of Florida.         Sidney R. Yates, of Illinois.
Ralph Regula, of Ohio.               Louis Stokes, of Ohio.
Jerry Lewis, of California.          John P. Murtha, of Pennsylvania.
John Edward Porter, of Illinois.     Norman D. Dicks, of Washington.
Harold Rogers, of Kentucky.          Martin Olav Sabo, of Minnesota.
Joe Skeen, of New Mexico.            Julian C. Dixon, of California.
Frank R. Wolf, of Virginia.          Vic Fazio, of California.
Tom DeLay, of Texas.                 W.G. (Bill) Hefner, of North 
Jim Kolbe, of Arizona.                   Carolina.
Ron Packard, of California.          Steny H. Hoyer, of Maryland.
Sonny Callahan, of Alabama.          Alan B. Mollohan, of West Virginia.
James T. Walsh, of New York.         Marcy Kaptur, of Ohio.
Charles H. Taylor, of North          David E. Skaggs, of Colorado.
    Carolina.                        Nancy Pelosi, of California.
David L. Hobson, of Ohio.            Peter J. Visclosky, of Indiana.
Ernest J. Istook, Jr., of Oklahoma.  Thomas M. Foglietta, of 
Henry Bonilla, of Texas.                 Pennsylvania.
Joe Knollenberg, of Michigan.        Esteban Edward Torres, of 
Dan Miller, of Florida.                  California.
Jay Dickey, of Arkansas.             Nita M. Lowey, of New York.
Jack Kingston, of Georgia.           Jose E. Serrano, of New York.
Mike Parker, of Mississippi.         Rosa L. DeLauro, of Connecticut.
Rodney P. Frelinghuysen, of New      James P. Moran, of Virginia.
    Jersey.                          John W. Olver, of Massachusetts.
Roger F. Wicker, of Mississippi.     Ed Pastor, of Arizona.
Michael P. Forbes, of New York.      Carrie P. Meek, of Florida.
George R. Nethercutt, Jr., of        David E. Price, of North Carolina.
    Washington.                      Chet Edwards, of Texas.
Mark W. Neumann, of Wisconsin.
Randy (Duke) Cunningham, of 
Todd Tiahrt, of Kansas.
Zach Wamp, of Tennessee.
Tom Latham, of Iowa.
Anne M. Northup, of Kentucky.
Robert B. Aderholt, of Alabama.


     [Under committee rules, Mr. Livingston as chairman of the full 
  committee, and Mr. Obey, as the ranking minority member of the full 
   committee, are authorized to sit as members of all subcommittees.]

   Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and 
                            Related Agencies

                           Mr. Skeen, Chairman

Mr. Walsh                              Ms. Kaptur
Mr. Dickey                             Mr. Fazio
Mr. Kingston                           Mr. Serrano
Mr. Nethercutt                         Ms. DeLauro
Mr. Bonilla
Mr. Latham

                 Commerce, Justice, State and Judiciary

                          Mr. Rogers, Chairman

Mr. Kolbe                              Mr. Mollohan
Mr. Taylor                             Mr. Skaggs
Mr. Regula                             Mr. Dixon
. Forbes

[[Page 409]]
                          District of Columbia

                          Mr. Taylor, Chairman

Mr. Neumann                            Mr. Moran
Mr. Cunningham                         Mr. Sabo
Mr. Tiahrt                             Mr. Dixon
Ms. Northup
Mr. Aderholt

                      Energy and Water Development

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