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  (Created by Public Law 89-665, amended by Public Laws 94-422, 96-515)

              3100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 809, 20004

                   phone 606-8503, http://www.ach.gov

Chairman.--Cathryn Buford Slater, Little Rock, AR.
    Vice Chairman.--Stephen B. Hand, New Orleans, LA.
        Margaret Zuehlke Robson, San Francisco, CA.
        Arthur Q. Davis, FAIA, New Orleans, LA.
        James K. Huhta, Murfreesboro, TN.
        Arva Moore Parks McCabe, Miami, FL.
        Parker Westbrook, Little Rock, AR.
        Bruce D. Judd, FAIA, San Francisco, CA.
        Raynard C. Soon, Honolulu, HI.
        Governor [Vacant].
        Mayor Emmanuel Cleaver II, Kansas City, MO.
        Secretary, Department of Agriculture.
        Secretary, Department of Housing and Urban Development.
        Secretary, Department of Transportation.
        Architect of the Capitol.
        Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency.
        Administrator, General Services Administration.
        Nancy Campbell, Chairman, National Trust for Historic 
            Preservation, New York, NY.
        Judith Bittner, President, National Conference of State Historic 
            Preservation Officers, Anchorage, AK.
    Executive Secretary.--Robert D. Bush, (202) 208-0710.
    Acting Executive Director and General Counsel.--John M. Fowler, 
        (202) 606-8503.


                     (Created by Public Law 96-533)

1400 Eye Street NW, Suite 1000, 20005-2248, phone 673-3916, fax 673-3810

                           BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Chairman.--Ernest G. Green.
    Vice Chairman.--Willie Grace Campbell.
    Private Members: Cecil J. Banks, Marion Dawson-Carr, Henry E. McKoy.
    Public Members: Ambassador George E. Moose, Ambassador John F. 


President.--William R. Ford.
    Vice President.--Nathaniel Fields.
    Administrative Services Officer.--Genevieve Peterson.
    Advisory Committee Management.--Teixeira Nash.
    Congressional Liaison Officer.--[Vacant].
    General Counsel.--Paul S. Magid.
    Budget and Finance Director.--Thomas F. Wilson.
    Personnel Director.--Constance Smith-Field.
    Acting Director, Program Field Operations.--Rama Bah.
    Director, Learning and Dissemination.--Christine Fowles.
    Public Affairs Officer.--Teixeira Nash.

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                     (Created by Public Law 67-534)

   Pulaski Building, 20 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Room 5127, 20314-0001

                          phone (202) 272-0533

Chairman.--Gen. Fred F. Woerner, Jr., U.S. Army (ret).
Hugh L. Carey
Brig. Gen. Evelyn P. Foote, U.S. Army (ret.)
Rolland E. Kidder
Brig. Gen. Douglas Kinnard, U.S. Army (ret.)
Alfred S. Los Banos
Thomas G. Lyons
Brenda L. Moore
Brig. Gen. Gail M. Reals, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.)
F. Haydn Williams

    Secretary.--Maj. Gen. John P. Herrling, U.S. Army (ret.).
        Executive Director.--Kenneth S. Pond.
        Director for--
            Engineering and Maintenance.--Col. Dale F. Means, U.S. Army.
            Operations and Finance.--Col. Anthony N. Corea, USAF.
            Personnel and Administration.--LtCdr. Theodore Gloukoff, 
                U.S. Army.

                       AMERICAN NATIONAL RED CROSS

  National Headquarters, 430 17th Street NW 20006, phone (202) 737-8300

                            HONORARY OFFICERS

Honorary Chairman.--William J. Clinton, President of the United States.
    General Counsel.--Richard Dashefsky.
    Honorary Treasurer.--Robert E. Rubin, Secretary of the Treasury.


Chairman of the Board of Governors.--Norman R. Augustine.
    Vice Chairmen of the Board of Governors:
George McDavid
William R. Usher
Valerie Gwyn

                           BOARD OF GOVERNORS

                    C=Elected by the Chartered Units

                  L=Elected by Board as Member-at-Large

            P=Appointed by the President of the United States

D. Inez Andreas (L).
Norman R. Augustine (P).
Hugh J. Baker III (C).
Kenneth D. Brody (P).
Carlton K. Brownell (C).
Deborah D. Carman (L).
Pete E. Chavez (C).
John L. Clendenin (L).
William M. Darr (C).
Mary H. DeKuyper (C).
Frank S. Dickerson III (C).
Robert L. Dilenschneider (C).
F. Joe Falk, Jr. (C).
Russell R. Gifford (C).
Robert N. Grant (C).
Valerie Gwyn (C).
Gray W. Harrison, Jr. (C).
Gwen T. Jackson (C).
Erik E. Joh, (C).
Patricia A. Kennedy (C).
Deborah Karr King (C).
Helen Shores Lee (C).
Michael A. Leven (L).
Jonathan S. Linen (L).
George E. McDavid (C).
D. Richard McFerson (L).
Catherine B. Miller (L).
George A. Nicholson III (C).
Emilio R. Nicolas, Jr. (L).
Miguel A. Nieves (C).
James J. Norton (L).
Donald C. Otto, Jr. (C).
Eddy M. Quijano (C).
Richard W. Riley (P).
Jay Rodriguez (C).
Philip J. Sadler (C).
Donna E. Shalala (P).
John Shalikashvili (P).

[[Page 750]]
Gerald A. Sumida (C).
Lynn R. Swon (C).
Joe A. Taller (C).
William R. Usher (C).
Abigail S. Wexner (C).
James Lee Witt (P).
Thomas G. Yamada (C).

                           CORPORATE OFFICERS

Chairman.--Norman R. Augustine.
    President.--Elizabeth H. Dole.
    General Counsel.--Richard L. Dashefsky.
    Secretary.--Lois L. Fu.

                         ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS

National Chairman of Volunteers.--Karen K. Goodman.
Chief Operating Officer.--E. Mathew Branam.
    Vice President, Finance/Comptroller.--John D. Campbell.
    Vice President, Human Resources.--Robert Cherundolo.
    Vice President, Information Services.--Thomas H. Woteki.
    General Manager, Corporate Planning & Evaluation.--Frederick A. 
Senior Vice President, Biomedical Services.--Jimmy D. Ross.
    Chief Operating Officer/Responsible Head.--Brian P. McDonough.
    Vice President for--
        Business Development.--Geoffrey J. Deutsch.
        Finance.--Merle Freitag.
        Plasma Operations.--Chris Lamb.
        Quality Assurance/Regulatory Policy.--Stephen J. Stachelski, Jr.
        Research and Development.--Leon W. Hoyer, M.D.
Senior Vice President, Chapter Services.--Susan Morissey Livingstone 
    Vice President, Disaster Services.--Donald W. Jones.
    Vice President, Armed Forces Emergency Services.--Sue A. Richter.
    General Manager, Chapter Organization Administration.--Richard N. 
Senior Vice President, Public Support.--Jennifer L. Dorn.
    Vice President, Communications.--Julie Bingham (acting).
    Vice President, Development.--Jennifer Dunlap.
    Vice President, Marketing.--Suzanne Cox Iglesias.
    Vice President, International Services.--Jose Aponte.


  1666 Connecticut Avenue NW 20235, phone (202) 884-7660, fax 884-7691

Federal Co-Chairman.--Jesse L. White, Jr.
    Alternate Federal Co-Chairman.--[Vacant].
    States' Washington Representative.--Michael R. Wenger.
    Executive Director.--Thomas M. Hunter.
    Congressional Affairs Officer.--Guy Land.


 PO Box 46362, Washington DC, 20050-6362, phone (703) 892-6815, fax 697-

Chair.--Dennis W. Jahnigen, M.D., Gerontologist, Director, Center on 
    Aging, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.
    Vice Chair.--David F. Lacy, Retirement Home Expert, Executive 
            Director, Trinity Terrace.
        Robert B. Armstrong, Retirement Home Expert, Pleasant Hill 
            Health Facility.
        Terrie T. Wetle, Ph.D., Gerontologist, Deputy Director, National 
            Institute on Aging.
        Laurence G. Branch, PhD, Gerontology, Duke University.
        Carolyn H. Becraft, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense 
            (Personnel Support, Families and Education).
        William E. Coonce, Director, Revolving Fund, Office of the 
            Comptroller, Department of Defense.

[[Page 751]]
        Dr. J. F. Mazzuchi, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense 
            (Clinical Services).
        Cdr. W. D. Newman, U.S. Navy, Office of Associate Deputy General 
            Counsel (Personnel and Health Policy).
        LtG. Frederick E. Vollrath, U.S. Army, Deputy Chief of Staff, 
        VADM Daniel T. Oliver, U.S. Navy, Chief of Naval Personnel.
        Eric W. Benken, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force.
        Lewis G. Lee, Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps.
        David Morrison, Representative, Office of Management and Budget.
        Marsha Goodwin-Beck, Representative, Department of Veterans 
        Rear Adm. Audrey F. Manley, MD, USPHS, Acting Surgeon General.
        Gene C. McKinney, Sergeant Major of the Army.
        John Hagan, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy.
        Chief Sergeant Major Robert R. Mix, USA, Military Retiree 
            Counsel Representative.
        MG Donald C. Hilbert, U.S. Army (ret.) Director, U.S. Soldiers' 
            and Airmen's Home.
        LtG Michael D. McGinty, U.S. Air Force, Chair, U.S. Soldiers' 
            and Airmen's Home Board of Trustees.
        F. Michael Fox, Jr., Director, U.S. Naval Home.
        Robert J. Walker, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, (ret.) 
            Chair, U.S. Naval Home Board of Trustees.
        Martha J. Williams, Chair, Resident Advisory Committee, U.S. 
            Soldiers' and Airmen's Home.
        Peter E. Loque, Chair, Resident Advisory Committee, U.S. Naval 

                    U.S. SOLDIERS' AND AIRMEN'S HOME

   3700 North Capitol Street 20317, phone (202) 722-3227, fax 722-9087

                            BOARD OF TRUSTEES

Chair.--LtG. Michael D. McGinty, U.S. Air Force, Deputy Chief of Staff, 
Vice Chair.--Dr. Richard E. Reichard, Director, National Lutheran Home, 
    Retirement Home Expert.
    LtG. Joe N. Ballard, U.S. Army, CE, Chief of Engineers.
    Dr. L. Gregory Pawlson, Chairman, HSC, George Washington University 
        Medical Center, Gerontologist.
    MG George T. Stringer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force 
    Mr. Sanford M. Garfunkel, Representative, Department of Veterans 
    Martha J. Williams, Chair, Resident Advisory Committee.
    William A. Connelly, Sergeant Major of the Army (ret), Retiree 

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