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Monday, July 1, 2002

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Addresses and Remarks

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Meetings With Foreign Leaders

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Statements by the President

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Pages 1073-1109
Week Ending Friday, June 28, 2002
Remarks at the Republican Party of Florida Majority Dinner in
Orlando, Florida

June 21, 2002

    Gosh, thanks for that warm welcome. It's an honor to be back here in 
the great State of Florida. I want to--I appreciate all of you who have 
come tonight. I'm here to help support the Republican Party of this 
State and make sure your unbelievably great Governor gets reelected.
    It was a real treat for me to be able to see mi cunada, my sister-
in-law, Columba. Jeb and I both married above ourselves. [Laughter] I 
know you're proud of the job that Columba's doing as the first lady of 
Florida. And I'm really proud of the job Laura's doing as the First Lady 
of America.
    I'm pleased to report that our mother is still telling both of us 
what to do. [Laughter] And we're both listening--most of the time. But 
it's great to be here with my family. As you know, we love our--we've 
got a great family; we love each other a lot. And anything I can do to 
help Jeb stay in the Governor's office I'll do, even if that means 
keeping Brogan as the Lieutenant Governor. [Laughter] I appreciate you, 
Frank. Frank Brogan is a very good man, and you're doing a great job, 
Frank. I appreciate you.
    I want to thank an Orlando product who traveled with me today for 
his service to the country. Mel Martinez is doing a great job in my 
Cabinet. I want to thank former Senator Connie Mack for staying involved 
with the Republican Party and for helping a lot.
    I appreciate so very much Congressman Ric Keller, who's doing a fine 
job in the United States Congress. Ric, thank you very much. Mike 
Bilirakis is here, and Mike is a great Congressman from up the coast. I 
appreciate you being here, Mike. They tell me Congressmen Miller and 
Foley and Weldon may be here. If you're not here, I can understand--I'm 
going to give a long speech. [Laughter] If you are here, thank you for 
your service to the State of Florida and to the country. And finally, 
they've been a little lax on the immigration laws here in Florida; you 
let a man from Georgia come in. He's a great Congressman from south 
Georgia, Charlie Norwood--Congressman Norwood.
    I appreciate members of the elected--who have been elected statewide 
here in Florida: Charlie Bronson, Charlie Crist, and Tom Gallagher. I'm 
honored you all are here. I want to thank the chairman of the Republican 
Party of Florida, Al Cardenas, for his hard work and noble efforts for 
this party. And I want to thank Al Hoffman and Al Austin for their loyal 
friendship and longtime support for both Jeb and me. I want to thank you 
for your hard work. I want to thank the mayor of this fine city, and the 
mayor of Sarasota as well for coming--both Carolyn Mason and Glenda 
Hood. Thank you all for being here.
    I appreciate so very much members of the Florida legislature, 
starting with the speaker, Tom Feeney, and Senate Leader John McKay. 
Thank you both for being here, and all of you for coming.
    But most of all, I want to thank you all for supporting a great 
cause and a great slate of candidates. I want to thank those of you who 
have contributed your money, and I want to thank those of you who 
contribute your time. We understand--at least Jeb and I understand--how 
important it is to have a viable, vibrant grassroots organization. And 
for those of you who spent hours dialing phones and putting up signs and 
passing out pamphlets, thanks for your hard work. Get a little rest over 
the next couple of weeks--[laughter]--and get ready. We need you this 
    My attitude is, when you find a man who brings integrity to office, 
you've got to send him back into that office. And that's Jeb Bush. He's 
a man with strong principles. He fights for what he believes in. He sets 

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standards. The thing I'm most proud about Jeb, he is the Governor of 
everybody in the State of Florida. His vision--he doesn't think about 
keeping people out or doesn't think about keeping special people in. 
When Jeb thinks and acts, he thinks about how best to improve the lives 
of everybody.
    And I want the citizens of Florida to stay focused on his education 
agenda and his education vision. Jeb Bush understands and believes that 
every child in the State of Florida can learn. He knows that if you set 
low standards, certain children aren't going to learn. He believes that 
he's got to set high standards to make sure that every child in this 
great State learns how to read and write and add and subtract.
    He's a man of enormous principle who believes in holding people 
accountable. He understands that in order to make sure every child 
learns, you must measure. You see, there used to be a system in Florida 
that said--it must have said certain kids can't learn, so the easy way 
out is just to move them through. And guess who got moved through--
inner-city African American kids. Let's just quit on them and move them 
through and hope nobody notices.
    How about children whose parents don't speak English as a first 
language? They're easy to quit on. But under the leadership of Governor 
Jeb Bush, because he set high standards and holds people accountable for 
results, his program and his vision will do more to make sure that every 
child--I mean every single child in this great State--is going to get a 
good education, and no child will be left behind. I'm proud of you, 
    It hasn't been easy times for Governors around the country when it 
comes to managing the budget. But fortunately, you've got a Governor who 
didn't run up the baselines of your budget when it seemed like times 
were plenty. You've got a fiscally sound Governor, somebody who 
understands that the people's money is their money, not the Government's 
money, somebody who's done a fabulous job on behalf of the taxpayers of 
the people of Florida.
    I've enjoyed very much working with Jeb on a lot of key issues, and 
I know for the State of Florida there is no more key issue than making 
sure that the coastline of Florida didn't have a lot of oil and gas 
drilling. As a matter of fact, under our vision, it's not going to have 
any. And so we worked together on Destin Dome--we worked together on 
Destin Dome and the Collier property in the Everglades. And thanks to 
the leadership of this Governor, thanks to the leadership of Jeb Bush--
he has been a strong environmental steward for the people of the State 
of Florida.
    This guy is doing a great job for the people. And I'm confident with 
your help, you're going to send him back up to Tallahassee.
    We've got work to do in Florida, and we've got work to do in 
Washington. And I want to share some thoughts about how I think things 
are going. First, I know there's a lot of talk about statistics in 
Washington, DC. They're always quoting this person's statistic or this 
smart person's statistic. Here's my attitude: If somebody wants to work 
and can't find a job, we've got a problem. If somebody's looking for 
work and can't find that job, all of us involved in public policy must 
do everything we can to expand the job base. The role of Government is 
not to create wealth. The role of Government is to create an environment 
in which the entrepreneur can flourish, in which the small-business 
owner has a chance to realize his or her dreams.
    And that's why I insisted last year that the United States Congress 
join me in cutting the taxes on the working people all around America. I 
readily concede some people in Washington read a different economic 
textbook than I have. They believe that when the economy slows down, 
you've got to keep more of the money in Washington. I believe that if 
you let people have their own money, they'll spend it. And they'll 
demand a good and service, and when they demand a good or a service, 
somebody is going to produce that good and service. And when somebody 
produces that good and service, somebody is more likely to have a job. 
It is essential in Washington and in Tallahassee that you have leaders 
understand the entrepreneurial potential of our country and of the State 
of Florida.
    So whether it be on tax policy or terrorism insurance--and by the 
way, I want to thank the Senate and the House for passing me

[[Page 1075]]

a terror insurance bill, so that we can make sure large-scale 
construction projects can go forward in the State of Florida. But 
they've got to make sure they send me a bill that doesn't enrich 
plaintiffs' attorneys but instead encourages workers to be able to find 
    And you're going to see, there's going to be some budget struggles 
in Washington, DC. The temptation is to spend, and I understand that. 
But they've given the President the veto for a reason. And one of the 
reasons is to make sure that there is fiscal discipline in Washington, 
DC. And I intend to use the veto to make sure we do not overspend in our 
nation's capital. We're making progress on the economic security front. 
But I'm telling you, we've got a lot more to do, and we will. We will.
    And we're making progress on the defense of our homeland as well. As 
you probably have heard, I have asked Congress to help me in 
streamlining and making more effective the ability for all of us 

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