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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, July 1, 1996
Volume 32--Number 26
Pages 1105-1149

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Weekly Compilation of



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Addresses and Remarks

    France, Group of Seven summit in Lyons
        Citizens of Perouges, France--1140
        G-7 agenda--1144
    New York City, Democratic National Committee reception--1129
    Ohio, U.S. Conference of Mayors in Cleveland--1112
    Radio address--1111
    Tennessee, Family Re-Union V Conference in Nashville--1121
    Terrorist attack in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia--1136, 1138, 1142, 1145
    Texas, Democratic National Committee dinner in Houston--1105
    Victims rights, constitutional amendment--1134

Communications to Congress

    Aeronautics and space, message transmitting report--1139
    Bosnia, letter--1119
    Budget deferrals, message transmitting--1128
    China, message on trade--1121

Communications to Federal Agencies

    Combined Federal Campaign, memorandum--1137
    Crime victims' rights, memorandum--1144
    Family friendly work arrangements, memorandum--1119
    National sexual offender registration system, memorandum--1137

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters
        Lyons, France--1142, 1143, 1144
        South Lawn--1138

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    France, President Chirac--1142, 1144
    Japan, Prime Minister Hashimoto--1143
    United Kingdom, Prime Minister Major--1142


    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Day--1128
    Victims of the Bombing in Saudi Arabia--1139

Statements by the President

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu, retirement--1127
    Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty--1146
    Death of U.S Fish and Wildlife Service Director Mollie Beattie--1146
    Gulf war illnesses--1110
    House of Representatives action to renew most-favored-nation status 
        for China--1146

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--1149
    Checklist of White House press releases--1148
    Digest of other White House announcements--1147
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--1148

Editor's Note: The President was in Lyons, France, on June 28, the 
closing date of this issue. Releases and announcements issued by the 
Office of the Press Secretary but not received in time for inclusion in 
this issue will be printed next week.


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, July 1, 1996
Volume 32--Number 26
Pages 1105-1149
Week Ending Friday, June 28, 1996
Remarks at a Democratic National Committee Dinner in Houston, Texas

June 21, 1996

    Thank you. You know, after all these speeches, if I had any sense I 
would just quit while I'm ahead--[laughter]--say, ``Thank you very much. 
Everything they said is true; please show up in November.'' [Laughter]
    I am delighted to be back in Texas. I am very grateful for what 
Secretary--Senator Bentsen said. I told Lloyd when he was leaving the 
State, I said, ``You know, I really miss you.'' It was always a delight 
for me to see Lloyd and B.A. They were a part of our family, and he did 
a magnificent job as Treasury Secretary.
    I want to thank Chairman Fowler for the vigor and energy that he has 
brought to this job, the passion. And he is absolutely tireless, and he 
has done a fine job and I am grateful to him. And I want to thank Bill 
White for leaving our administration--not for leaving our 
administration--[laughter]--but for coming home to Texas to be the chair 
of the Democratic Party. I wish he hadn't left, but he's doing the right 
thing now that he's here.
    I want to thank Bob and Elyse Lanier who have been such good friends 
to me and came to the airport to meet me today. And I think, since I 
have said it in other States, in other places, I might as well say it in 
Houston: I doubt very seriously that there is a mayor anywhere in 
America who has made as much difference in as little time and been more 
effective than Bob Lanier has. And it's a real credit to him.
    I thank the Members of Congress who are here, Ken Bentsen and Jim 
Chapman and my good friend Martin Frost, who is going to give us a 
Democratic House again if we can just keep everybody rocking and 
rolling--Gene Green and Eddie Bernice Johnson and Sheila Jackson-Lee. 
And I'll just say one thing: You know, Supreme Court decisions are the 
law of the land and all that, but it would be a real shame if we lost 
Sheila Jackson-Lee or Eddie Bernice Johnson or Martin Frost or anybody 
else who could be affected by that redistricting decision. And I hope 
they'll have a chance to run and win in November.
    I want to thank all the former Governors who are here. I want to 
thank Dolph and Janie Briscoe for being so wonderful to Hillary when she 
came down to Uvalde to meet them. And I want you to know, Governor, I'm 
still wearing those socks you sent me that are made from your wool down 
there in Uvalde. And I'm--every time I go to the golf course I've got 
them on, and I show them to the other golfers. And I'm a one-man 
marketing agent for you. [Laughter] I expect income to double for all 
those folks down there in no time at all. I want to thank my good 
friend, Mark White. Mark was making fun of me for wearing boots tonight. 
He gave me a pair of boots in 1984 at the Governors' conference here. 
I've still got them, too.
    I thank Lieutenant Governor Ben Barnes. I want to say a special word 
of thanks to Ann Richards, who has been a constant source of inspiration 
to me and to Hillary throughout these last 3\1/2\ years, who's always 
out there on the stump speaking up for our values and our causes, and 
who is still incredibly admired all around this great country and for 
very good reason.
    I was glad to see Victor Morales here tonight and glad to see the 
hand you gave him and his family. And I want you to send him to the 
United States Senate. We need him there. I thank the other State 
officials who are here, Dan Morales and Martha Whitehead. And I want to 
say a special thanks to my longtime friend Gary Mauro for that very 
personal statement he made. It may have bored the rest of you, but I 
relived the last 25 years with every word he said. I don't think it 
could have--it was an eloquent statement not of my life, but of his 

[[Page 1106]]

and his commitment to public service and to the people of Texas. And the 
thing I liked about listening to the speech is I've heard him say the 
same thing in private 100 times. He is a great resource for you, and I 
hope the people of Texas understand what they have in Gary Mauro.
    I want to thank Speaker Jim Wright for coming tonight. I was 
delighted to see him, and I thank him for being here. I know I'm leaving 
some people out. I'm sure Liz Carpenter is here. If she's not, I'm mad 
at her. [Laughter] And I know my good friend Billie Carr is here. She 
says she got up out of bed to come, and I thought that was the right 
thing for her to do. [Laughter]
    I'm sure there may be some other candidates for Congress here, but I 
can't help mentioning one, Nick Lampson, who's running to recapture Jack 
Brooks' seat. Boy, do we need a change there, and I want you to help him 
get elected.
    And there's just one other thing--one other person I'd like to 
acknowledge who was and is about to become again a member of our 
administration: former Congressman and Commissioner Bob Krueger, who is 
about to go to Botswana but was in Burundi. And I want everybody here to 
know he put himself at not inconsiderable personal risk to save lots of 
people from the slaughter that went on in Burundi. And the people of 
Texas can be very proud of what he tried to do. And we thank you, sir. 
Thank you. [Applause]
    Now, let me say most of what needs to be said, I guess, has been 
said. But this is a profoundly important election, and I want to just 
make three or four brief points. Four years ago when I came to Texas and 
I asked a lot of my friends to help me get elected--and Texas gave me a 
huge vote in the Democratic primary and propelled me on to the 
nomination, and we nearly won the general with a shoestring campaign--
and let me just say, I've got to say this for the political writers. 
Normally, I never talk about the polls, but if anybody here thinks that 
I'm about to write off Texas, they need to think again, because I intend 
to fight for the electoral votes and the support of the people of Texas.
    And I think we've got a pretty good case to make to the people of 
Texas. I've stood up for the things that mattered to the people of 
Texas. I fought for NAFTA; I fought for the space program; I fought for 
a fair resolution of the supercollider after I lost my fight to keep it 
alive. And the people of Texas are better off today than they were 4 
years ago, and they're a lot better off than they would have been if the 
other folks' policies had prevailed. That's a pretty simple case, and I 
think it's right.
    I would say, too, of Governor Briscoe, we've had a good farm policy. 
Unfortunately, even a good farm policy can't make it rain. So I had to 
come down here to do that. [Laughter] But I'm glad we've rounded it out 
tonight, and we're going in the right direction.
    I was reliving all this today coming in because I knew I'd see a lot 
of my friends. In the middle of 1991 I was home in Arkansas, having a 
wonderful time being Governor. My State was finally getting in pretty 
good shape economically and Hillary and I were having a great time. Our 
daughter was doing wonderfully well in her school and with her friends. 
And I really didn't know whether I wanted to make this race. And I 
finally decided to do it because I thought the country was drifting 
toward the future.
    I had had a good relationship with President Bush and the White 
House; it hadn't been a particularly partisan thing. I had had the honor 
of representing the Democratic Governors in the Education Summit. I'd 
done a lot of work with them. But it just seemed to me that we could not 
drift into the 21st century, that we couldn't just assume that things 
would happen that would be good for the country. And we were having the 
slowest job growth since the Great Depression. We had quadrupled the 
debt of the country in 12 years and we were getting more divided 
racially and ethnically at a time when we plainly needed to come 
together. There was even some question of the support in our country for 
America's continued leadership in the world.
    And I had three simple ideas that I thought we ought to take with us 
into the 21st century. First, and most important, I thought that we had 
to keep the American dream alive for everybody who was willing to work 
for it. Secondly, I believed that we had to make a virtue of our 
diversity, we had

[[Page 1107]]

to celebrate it, we had to come together in a stronger sense of 
community instead of being divided. Because it's plain that if we work 
together we'll do better than if we drift apart. And thirdly, I wanted 
to see our country continue to be the strongest force in the world for 
peace and freedom and prosperity.
    And I thought if we had a strategy that said America's basic bargain 
is this: We'll work together to give everybody the opportunity to make 
the most of their own lives, and they have to assume the responsibility 
of being good citizens; and then we'll work together to bring this 
country together instead of being divided. And if we did it, I thought 
it would work.
    In the economy, as Secretary Bentsen said, we had a simple strategy: 
To organize ourselves for the future; we said we're going to cut the 
deficit in half; we're going to expand trade dramatically; we're going 
to invest in the people of this country. And if we did it, we'd reduce 
the deficit in half in 4 years and create 8 million jobs. And as all of 
you remember, it was a very brutal fight to pass that economic program. 
It passed with the barest of margins. The Vice President had to vote for 
it in the Senate. Al Gore always says, ``You know, whenever I vote, we 
win.'' [Laughter] So, sure enough, we did.
    Well, now we've had 3\1/2\ years of that program. After we passed 

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