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Monday, November 1, 2004


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closing date of this issue. Releases and announcements issued by the 
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Week Ending Friday, October 29, 2004
Remarks in a Discussion in
Canton, Ohio

October 22, 2004

    The President. Thank you all for coming. Go ahead and be seated, 
please. We've got some work to do. Thank you all for coming today.
    First of all, George, thank you for that strong endorsement. I am 
proud to have George in my corner, just like I'm proud to have thousands 
of Democrats all across the State of Ohio who understand if they want a 
safer America, a stronger America, and a better America to put me and 
Dick Cheney back in office. Thank you, sir.
    I'm keeping mighty good company today. So I don't know if you know 
this or not, but Laura and I were in the seventh grade together at San 
Jacinto Junior High in Midland, Texas. And then we became reacquainted 
when she was a public school librarian in Texas. I asked her to marry 
me. She said, ``Fine, I will marry you, but make me one promise.'' I 
said, ``What is it?'' She said, ``Never make me give a speech.'' 
[Laughter] I said, ``Okay, you've got a deal.'' Fortunately, she didn't 
hold me to that promise. Laura is a great speaker, and when she does, 
the American people see a compassionate, warm, wonderful First Lady.
    So I have been telling the girls, one of these days, we'll take the 
family camping trip. [Laughter] They envisioned the Grand Canyon, the 
wilds of Alaska. Girls, this is it, the 2004 campaign. [Laughter] We 
love them dearly. I'm proud of Barbara and Jenna. Thank you all for 
campaigning so hard.
    Thanks for coming today. I'm back in the great city of Canton 
because I'm here asking for the vote. I'm here to describe to you what I 
intend to do over the next 4 years to make this country a better place. 
I believe you have to get out amongst the people and ask for the vote. 
We've got a very unusual way of making some points today. As you can 
see, I've been joined by some citizens from Ohio here on the stage. We 
will listen to their stories. I think it'll help the people of Ohio 
understand why I have made some of the decisions I have made.
    Before I begin, though, I want to thank your Governor, Bob Taft, for 
joining us today. Governor, great to see you. I want to thank Jennette 
Bradley, the Lieutenant Governor. Thanks for coming, Governor. You look 
    Congressman Ralph Regula--appreciate you being here, Congressman. 
Laura and I were looking forward to seeing the wife, but, no, of course, 
she's probably out mowing the lawn like you should be doing. [Laughter]
    Listen, you've got a great United States Senator in George 
Voinovich. He doesn't need a poll or a focus group to tell him what to 
think. He stands on principle. You know where he's coming from. He 
doesn't shift in the wind like some other United States Senators I know. 
[Laughter] Put him back in office. And I'm proud of Mike DeWine, a fine 
United States Senator as well. We're--Laura and I are proud to call both 
George and Mike friends.
    Today, when I landed at the airport, I met Dan Yeric, who's sitting 
right there. Dan, why don't you wave your hand. Thanks for coming. Dan 
has been a volunteer at the Akron Children's Hospital for 12 years. The 
reason I bring him up is the strength of this country lies in the hearts 
and souls of our fellow citizens. The true strength of America is not 
our military might; it's not the size of our pocketbook. The true 
strength of America is in the hearts and souls of citizens who are 
working to change this country one person at a time, those who've heard 
the call to love a neighbor just like they'd like to be loved 
themselves. Dan is a soldier in the army of compassion. Thank you for 
your example. Thank you for your care.
    We're getting close to voting time. Who's counting the days? 
[Laughter] And I'm here

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to ask for your help. I believe with your help, we will carry Ohio again 
and win a great victory in November.
    So Laura and I and the girls are here to thank you for what you are 
going to do over the next less than 2 weeks: call the phone--get on the 
phone and call the voters; put up the signs; find those discerning 
Democrats like the mayor, independents, Republicans; get people to do 
their duty and vote.
    And when you do, as you get them out to vote, remind them what this 
economy has been through. I know there's tough times here in Ohio. 
Remind everybody what we have been through. You might remind them, 
starting with this point: The stock market was in a serious decline 6 
months prior to my arrival in Washington, DC. And then we had a 
recession. In other words, that stock market decline was an indicator 
that the economy was heading south, and it did. And then we had some 
corporate scandals. We passed tough law to make it abundantly clear 
we're not going to tolerate dishonesty in the boardrooms of America. And 
then we got attacked. And those attacks cost us nearly a million jobs in 
the 3 months after September the 11th, 2001.
    Our economy has been through a lot. But we acted. We cut the taxes 
to spur consumption and investment, and our economy is growing. We 
raised the child credit to help people with kids. We lowered the 
marriage penalty. Listen, we don't want a Tax Code that penalizes 
marriage. We want a Tax Code that encourages marriage. We reduced rates 
on everybody who pays taxes. I don't think you ought to be trying to 
pick and choose winners when it comes to tax relief. If you pay taxes, 
you ought to get relief. We helped our small businesses. We encouraged 
    Our economy has been growing at rates as fast as any in nearly 20 
years. We've added 1.9 million new jobs since August of 2003. This month 
of September--in the last month, that being September, the State of Ohio 
added 5,500 new jobs. Your unemployment rate will drop from 6.3 to 6 
percent. We're moving forward.
    I signed a bill that's going to help our manufacturers. It will save 
$77 billion over the next 10 years for the manufacturing sector of 
America. That will help keep jobs here. It's a bill that extended the 
$100,000 expensing deduction, expensing allowance for small businesses. 
That will help keep jobs here in Ohio. It closes corporate loopholes. It 
repeals the 4.3 percent tax on railroad diesel and barge fuel. That will 
help keep jobs here in Ohio.
    To keep jobs here, we've got to have less regulations on our job 
creators. To keep jobs growing in Ohio, we need to do something about 
the junk lawsuits that plague the job creators in the State of Ohio.
    It's important for us to open up markets for U.S. products, for 
markets, for crops grown right here in the State of Ohio. Listen, we've 
opened up our market, and it's good for consumers. Here's the way the 
market works. If you have more products to choose from, you're like to 
get that which you want at a better price and higher quality. So rather 
than hurting our consumers, what I'm saying to places like China, ``You 
treat us the way we treat you; you open up your markets,'' because we 
can compete with anybody, anytime, anywhere, so long as the rules are 
    To keep jobs here, we need an energy plan. I proposed one to the 
United States Congress over 2 years ago. It's a plan that encourages 
conservation. It's a plan that encourages the use of renewables. It's a 
plan that recognizes we can use technology to protect our environment 
and, at the same time, burn coal and find natural gas. It is a plan that 
recognizes in order to keep jobs in Ohio, in order to expand the job 
base here in this State and other States, we must be less dependent on 
foreign sources of energy.
    In order to make sure jobs are here, we've got to do a good job of 
educating our people. I told the people when I ran I was going to 
challenge the soft bigotry of low expectations, you know, the system 
that just shuffled kids through the schools, grade after grade, year 
after year, without teaching the basics. I kept my word. We passed the 
No Child Left Behind Act. It raises standards. It spends more money. But 
in return for more money, we're now measuring. You cannot solve a 
problem unless you've diagnosed the problem. We're diagnosing problems 
early now, and more and more of our children are

[[Page 2535]]

learning to read and write and add and subtract, and we're not going to 
go back to the days of mediocrity in our classrooms.
    Education is more than just elementary school. We'll extend high 
standards to our high schools. We'll emphasize math and science. We'll 

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