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Monday, April 2, 2001
Volume 37--Number 13
Pages 509-558

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, April 2, 2001
Volume 37--Number 13
Pages 509-558
Week Ending Friday, March 30, 2001
Remarks Prepared for Delivery to a Friends of Ireland Luncheon

March 15, 2001

    Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Taoiseach, Secretary of State for Northern 
Ireland John Reid, First Minister David Trimble, Deputy First Minister 
Seamus Mallon, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams, Secretary Powell, 
Majority Leader Lott, other Members of Congress, thank you.
    I thank the Speaker for the invitation to come here to celebrate the 
shared history and heritage that unite Ireland and America. It is a 
great honor. And I promise that my remarks today will be briefer than 
the last time I spoke on Capitol Hill.
    Some of you may be aware that I don't attend a lot of formal lunches 
like this. But I had a change of heart when I saw that the Speaker's 
menu included Tex-Mex food. I just couldn't pass up the chance to try a 
green burrito.
    On Saint Patrick's Day, we all get to be Irish for a day. There has 
been a lot of speculation about whether I'm part Irish. I must be. 
People say I talk like James Joyce writes.
    Today I will speak plainly about an extremely important topic, peace 
in Northern Ireland. The United States will remain unwavering in our 
support of peace. We will remain unwavering in our support for all 
parties who show courage and leadership on behalf of peace. And we will 
remain unalterably opposed to anyone who would destroy peace by 
preaching or practicing violence.
    Much of the progress toward peace in the past several years has been 
aided by the engagement of the United States. As I told Prime Minister 
Blair--and as I will tell Prime Minister Ahern tomorrow--the United 
States stands ready to continue that engagement. The reason is simple: 
Peace in Northern Ireland is in America's strong national interest.
    The peace that holds today has many authors, from President Clinton 
to leaders from Britain, Ireland, and Northern Ireland to American 
political leaders, such as Senator Mitchell. The Good Friday agreement 
remains the best hope for lasting peace for the people of Northern 
Ireland. The goal of the United States is to see that agreement fully 
    There are two reasons for this. First, this is what the people of 
Ireland and Northern Ireland voted for back on May 22, 1998. And they 
did so by a very large margin. Second, the Good Friday agreement 
embodies principles of fundamental fairness without which peace will 
never breathe.
    What are those principles? First, as stated in the agreement itself, 
``it is for the people of the island of Ireland alone, by agreement 
between the two parts . . . to exercise their right to self-
determination on the basis of consent.'' The second principle is that of 
territorial integrity, that borders should never be changed through 
violence. Third, that terrorism is always and every where wrong. And 
fourth, there is the principle of equality of representation and equal 
treatment regardless of religion, race, or ethnicity.
    The progress the parties have made in putting these principles into 
practice has made a difference--a big difference. And no one knows this 
better than the people of Northern Ireland themselves. Trade, 
investment, and jobs are up. Violence is down from previous levels. More 
people are moving into Northern Ireland than are moving out. In most 
places on most days for most families, life is normal. They don't have 
to worry when they get on a bus, go to a store or church, or send a 
child to school. And no one can put a price on that peace of mind.
    But no one can or should take this progress for granted, no one on 
either side of the border, either side of the Irish Sea, or either side 
of the Atlantic. It may be tempting for

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the parties to think they face a choice between further progress and the 
status quo. But in fact, the actual choice is probably between progress 
and a return to violence, because extremists on both sides still seek to 
destroy the agreement. Delay and impasse create a vacuum that they will 
try to fill. We must not let them.
    The talks that Prime Ministers Blair and Ahern convened in Belfast 
last week created an opportunity to restore momentum toward resolving 
these issues and fully implementing the Good Friday agreement. Keeping 
the process moving forward will mean compromise, hard work, and trust. 
Trust is critical to resolving tough issues facing the parties: building 
a police force that has the respect of all the people; putting arms 
finally and forever beyond use; achieving a normal security presence 
throughout the society; making sure the new political institutions are 
here to stay. Now is the time to act--as Yeats said, ``Do not wait to 
strike till the iron is hot, but make it hot by striking.''
    The parties in Northern Ireland, many of whose leaders are 
represented here today, have shown themselves capable of rising to the 
occasion and moving forward with wisdom and confidence. And as you do 
so, know that the United States will be ready to help in any way the 
governments and the parties find useful.
    It's been said that Ireland is a place where ``the inevitable never 
happens and the unexpected constantly occurs.'' Three years ago, the 
parties unexpectedly gave us the Good Friday agreement. Weeks later, 
citizens in all parts of the island defied all expectations by voting to 
approve the agreement in overwhelming numbers. This year on Saint 
Patrick's Day, let us all resolve to push for peace, a lasting, real, 
and needed peace.
    Thank you very much.

Note: The President delivered the remarks at approximately noon in the 
Rayburn Room at the U.S. Capitol. In the prepared text, the President 
referred to First Minister David Trimble and Deputy First Minister 
Seamus Mallon, Northern Ireland Executive; Prime Minister Tony Blair of 
the United Kingdom; Prime Minister Bertie Ahern of Ireland; and former 
Senator George J. Mitchell, who chaired the multiparty talks in Northern 
Ireland. This text was released by the Office of the Press Secretary on 
March 23. The remarks as delivered were not released. This item was not 
received in time for publication in the appropriate issue.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 510-511]
Monday, April 2, 2001
Volume 37--Number 13
Pages 509-558
Week Ending Friday, March 30, 2001
Remarks Honoring Greek Independence Day

March 23, 2001

    Your Eminence, thank you very much, sir. It's always an honor to be 
in your presence. I think the last time we were together was at the 
church service right after I had the honor of being sworn in as the 
President. And I appreciate so very much you being there.
    Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Niotis, Ambassador Philon, 
Ambassador Marcoullis, Director Tenet, distinguished guests from Greece, 
as well as from America, welcome. This is a beautiful room to hold an 
important ceremony.
    I want to thank you all for coming. I particularly want to thank 
Congressman Mike Bilirakis, as well as Senator Olympia Snowe, who is not 
with us today. I know where she is since I flew her up to Maine earlier. 
[Laughter] I want to thank you both for organizing the events. And it's 
interesting to note that I have been in your State and her State within 
the last week. All is well. [Laughter]
    When I became President, I inherited the responsibility to safeguard 
one of America's oldest and most sacred friendships--that of the 
Government and people of the United States with the Government and 
people of Greece. We must keep that relationship vibrant, as it has been 
for 180 years.
    It was 180 years ago that Greece proclaimed its independence--yet 
another example of Greece's contribution to the cause of human liberty. 
Few nations in the history of the world have done more to contribute to 
democratic self-government.
    A Chinese scholar, hoping to foster an appreciation of Western 
thought in his country, recently translated the works of Homer into 
Chinese. He mastered ancient Greek in order to produce the most accurate 
translation possible and explained it this way: ``If one wants to 
understand Western civilization, one has to search back to its roots, 

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