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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, July 3, 1995
Volume 31--Number 26
Pages 1113-1179

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Weekly Compilation of



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Addresses and Remarks

        America's Hope, Arkansas' Pride luncheon in Little Rock--1113
        Mahlon Martin Apartments in Little Rock--1128
    California, 50th anniversary of the United Nations Charter in San 
    Community policing grants--1157
    Cuban-American community--1137
    Democratic National Committee fundraiser--1150
        Abraham Lincoln Courage Award in Chicago--1171
        Fundraiser in Chicago--1163
    Japan-U.S. trade agreement--1147
        Pacific Rim Economic Conference in Portland--1139, 1143
        Portland State University in Portland--1144
    Radio address--1122

Appointments and Nominations

    Defense Department, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, statement--1176

Communications to Congress

    Budget plan, letter--1149
    Corporation for Public Broadcasting, message transmitting report--
    Cyprus, letter transmitting report--1136
    District of Columbia budget legislation, message transmitting--1163

Communications to Congress--Continued

    Emergency salvage timber sale legislation, letter--1170
    Mongolia, message transmitting investment treaty--1137
    Russia, message transmitting report on MFN trade status--1176
    ``Saving Law Enforcement Officers' Lives Act of 1995,'' message 
    Ukraine, message transmitting taxation convention documents--1150

Communications to Federal Agencies

    Combined Federal Campaign, memorandum--1148
    Haiti, memorandum on assistance--1131
    Jordan, memorandum--1121
    Upgrading security at Federal facilities, memorandum--1148

Executive Orders

    Further Amendment to Executive Order No. 12852 (President's Council 
        on Sustainable Development)--1146

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchange with reporters in San Francisco, CA--1135
        Gary Matthews of ESPN in Pine Bluff, AR--1127
        Susan Yoachum of the San Francisco Chronicle in Pine Bluff, AR--

(Continued on the inside of the back cover.)

Editor's Note: The President was in Miami, FL, on June 30, the closing 
date of this issue. Releases and announcements issued by the Office of 
the Press Secretary but not received in time for inclusion in this issue 
will be printed next week.


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Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    United Nations, Secretary-General Boutros-Ghali--1131, 1135

Statements by the President

    See also Appointments and Nominations
    Budget rescissions legislation, agreement with Congress--1162
        Jonas Salk--1121
        Warren Burger--1130
    Egypt, attempted assassination of President Mubarak--1136

Statements by the President--Continued

    Independence Day--1161
    Supreme Court decisions
        Georgia congressional redistricting case--1162
        Student athlete drug testing case--1136

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--1179
    Checklist of White House press releases--1179
    Digest of other White House announcements--1176
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--1177

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 1113-1121]
Monday, July 3, 1995
Volume 31--Number 26
Pages 1113-1179
Week Ending Friday, June 30, 1995
Remarks at the America's Hope, Arkansas' Pride Luncheon in Little Rock, 

June 23, 1995

    Thank you so much. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being in 
such a good frame of mind. And thank you for making Hillary and Al and 
Tipper and me feel so wonderful today.
    You know, I've always kind of resented Al Gore for being a little 
smarter than I am and knowing a little more about various things. And 
now he's gotten funnier than I am. I really--[laughter].
    I thank you, Maurice Mitchell and Skip Rutherford and Jay Dunn and 
Doug Hatterman and all the others who worked. I have to mention one 
person I know is not here and another person I have not yet seen. I know 
a lot of people worked hard on this, but I know that my longtime friend 
Merle Peterson, who's away, and Jimmy Red Jones sat in a room and called 
a lot of you and harassed you until you bought tickets to this. 
[Laughter] And I want to thank them and all the rest of the committee 
for the work that they did.
    I would like to thank Mack McLarty and all those from Arkansas who 
work in the administration, as well as those who work here in the 
Arkansas office who've tried to give you a lifeline through the fog that 
Washington can become. I thank them for representing me. I want to say a 
special word of thanks to Mack for all the many things he's done over 
the last 2\1/2\ years. I got a vivid picture of one of them yesterday 
when we were in New Jersey at a Ford plant, which, doubtless, had made 
various vehicles that the McLarty dealerships had sold over the years. 
But I couldn't help thinking, you know, Mack has basically become the 
country's point person in all of our developing economic and political 
relationships with Latin America, which have expanded by more in the 
last 2\1/2\ years than in any previous point in history. And this Ford 
plant in New Jersey was making trucks being sold in Latin America. And I 
never realized it before, but there was McLarty always thinking about 
what it's going to be like 20 years from now when he's running all those 
Ford dealerships again. [Laughter] You can be very proud of the 
leadership he has given to our country, and I thank him for his long 
friendship. And Bruce Lindsey, Marsha Scott, all the other people from 
Arkansas, and the people who run this office, they have enabled me to 
try and stay in touch with you in times when it has not always been 
easy. And Carol Rasco is not here; she's getting ready for our economic 
conference in the Pacific Northwest. But I see some people here 
particularly involved in health care and social services I know call 
her. I thank them for the work they've done to make it possible for us 
to try to stay in touch with one another.
    I also want to say a special word of thanks to Congresswoman Blanche 
Lambert Lincoln and Congressman Ray Thornton. And congratulations, 
Congressmen, to you and to our Senators and to our Governor on Red 
River. Nice work. Truman Arnold is very happy he can keep working for 
the--[applause]--Truman Arnold woke up this morning thinking he could 
keep working for our reelection and for our party now.
    We wish you well, Congressman Thornton. I wish you weren't retiring, 
but whatever you decide to do, I imagine you will make a good show of 
it. You always have. And you've really served our State well, and you've 
served our Nation well, and we thank you for that.
    I want to say, as Hillary did, a special word of thanks to Senator 
Bumpers and Senator Pryor. They have fulfilled a lot of roles that maybe 
on some occasions they would rather not have done in the last 2\1/2\ 
years. And we've had some rough spots in the road. We've had some ups 
and downs, but they have always, always, always been there. And

[[Page 1114]]

in very personal ways that will probably never become fully known or 
appreciated, I can tell you that I am profoundly grateful to both of 
    I saw Dale on television the other night speaking to the Small 
Business Conference, talking about the importance of balancing the 
budget and doing it in a humane way and the right way. And a lot of 
those Republicans were really listening to him in ways that only he can 
communicate. I think of all the times when David has taken the floor of 
the Senate to try to restore just a little bit of humanity and sanity to 
a national political debate that has gotten way too out of hand too 
often in the last 2 years, and I thank him for that.
    And let me also say I am especially glad to see Governor and Mrs. 
Tucker here today and especially grateful for the reception you gave 
them. As an Arkansan, I felt exactly the same way. And thank you, 
Governor, for being here. We're proud of you. Thank you.
    I might also note that the last time I checked, the unemployment 
rate in Arkansas is down to 4.1 percent, which is--after what we 
suffered all those years, that's another reason to rejoice.
    You know, I was listening to the Vice President go through that 
whole litany, and I have to say I'm also especially indebted to the 
people who have spoken here before me, to Tipper for all the work she's 
done in mental health and for the courageous and sometimes lonely 
battles she always wages within the administration to remind all of us 
that that's a very important part of health care, and to Tipper and to 
Hillary for the work they've done to try to make sure we increase our 
emphasis on women's health concerns.
    And I was very proud of Hillary yesterday in particular. She took me 
along, and I spoke to a remarkable event in front of the Arlington 
Cemetery yesterday where we broke ground, long overdue, on America's 
first memorial for the 1.8 million women who have worn the uniform of 
our country in military service. One of the things that I am quite proud 
of that almost nobody knows--there are a lot of achievements of this 
administration that fall into that category--one of the things that I'm 
very proud of that almost nobody knows, that I think is part of the 
enduring influence of my wife and my wonderful departed mother, is that 
in the last 2\1/2\ years we have opened up to women in the services 
260,000 positions previously denied them in the service of their 
country. And I'm very proud of it, and the military is very proud of it.
    I said that last comment, and the Vice President was up here giving 
our record and it reminded me about a week ago, maybe 2 weeks ago now, 
we had an event at the Treasury Department. And we were announcing one 
of our continuing Al Gore genius moves to reinvent the Government and 
make it easier to deal with. And this one had to do with the fact that 
next year, in 32 States, people can file their taxes, State and Federal 
together, electronically, no paper, no hassle, file them both together. 
We'll distribute it, we'll do all the work. And we always try to have a 
real person like one of you at one of these announcements to explain how 
this will actually change people's lives.
    So, it was just before the Small Business Conference started, and we 
got this John Deere dealer from west Texas come who happened to be a 
supporter of mine, probably the only person in the whole county--
[laughter]--there he was. But anyway, he ran a good-sized John Deere 
dealership, and he got up there and he said--I got so tickled--he said--
he brought all the paper that he'd been using on his taxes and he said, 
``I can throw all this away, and it's great.'' And he explained how much 
money he was going to save, but he said, ``You know,'' he said, ``you 
fellows have been doing a great job of reinventing Government. What you 
need to do is reinvent communication because it ain't getting out to the 
rednecks that I sell John Deeres to.'' [Laughter]
    You know, some nights I watch the news and I feel like that old 

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