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Monday, May 3, 2004


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Week Ending Friday, April 30, 2004
Remarks at a Victory 2004 Reception in Coral Gables, Florida

April 23, 2004

    The President. Thank you all. Thank you.
    Audience members. Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!
    The President. Thank you. Vamos a ganar. Thank you all for coming. 
For those who don't speak Spanish, that says: We're going to win. And 
one reason why is because we've got such great support here in south 
    I'm honored you all came out today. I can't tell you how grateful I 
am to see the grassroots so excited. [Laughter]
    I picked a pretty good man to be the chairman of the State of 
Florida for my campaign. I consulted with my mother. [Laughter] I said, 
``Who do you think would be the best man to carry the Bush banner here 
in Florida?'' She said, ``Why don't you turn to the Governor?'' 
[Laughter] I said, ``Okay.'' You've got a great Governor in the State of 
Florida. He's a good man. He really makes us proud.
    We had a great day today on the west coast of Florida. I was talking 
about how to increase the wetlands so that our environment is stronger. 
I reminded Jeb that when I make a promise, I meant it. When I said, 
``There's not going to be any drilling offshore of Florida,'' I meant 
what I said.
    I want to thank my friend Armando Codina for his leadership. He's 
been a long-time friend, and I thank him for convincing you all to 
support this candidacy and this campaign. I want to thank my friend Al 
Hoffman and Al Cardenas.
    Today I've been spending some quality time with a Member of the 
United States Congress, Mario Diaz-Balart. Adonde esta, Mario? Adonde 
esta? Thank you, Mario. I'm glad you brought your brother, Lincoln, here 
today too. Thank you, Lincoln. There's Lincoln back there. And Ileana is 
with us today. Adonde esta, Ileana? Ahi. Stand up, Ileana. [Laughter]
    These three Members of the Congress are strong and steadfast. 
They're great Members of the United States House of Representatives. 
They care deeply for our country. They care deeply for a free Cuba. 
They've been strong supporters, and I'm proud to call them friends.
    I'm sorry that the First Lady isn't traveling with me today.
    Audience members. Aw-w-w!
    The President. No, I know it--I know it. She's campaigning in 
Tennessee. Tennessee got the better deal. [Laughter]
    But I'm really proud of Laura. She is a fabulous wife, a wonderful 
mother, and a great First Lady for our country.
    I'm looking forward to the campaign. I really am. I look forward to 
bringing our message to the American people. It's a positive message. 
It's a hopeful message. It is an optimistic message of what I believe is 
possible. I will campaign and present a vision to the American people as 
to how to win the war on terror and how to continue to spread freedom 
and peace throughout the world.
    I will continue to campaign on a positive vision to make sure that 
we expand prosperity to all corners of our country so every single 
citizen has the chance to realize the great American Dream. I'm looking 
forward to the campaign. There's no doubt in my mind we will carry 
Florida, and we will win on November the 2d.
    I put together a great administration to serve the American people, 
people from all walks of life, men and women who care deeply about the 
future of our Nation. And thankfully, I have put together a good 
administration, because we have been tested. We've shown the American 
people that we know how to lead.
    Once you remember the history of the last 3 years--when we came to 
office, this country was headed into a recession; the stock

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market had begun to decline. But we acted. We passed historic tax 
relief. We let people keep more of their own money, and as a result, the 
economy is strong, and it is growing stronger.
    When we came into office, we had to confront corporate citizens who 
did not tell the truth to their shareholders and their employees. It was 
a problem for our Nation, but we acted. We passed tough laws. And now it 
is abundantly clear that we will not tolerate dishonesty in the 
boardrooms of America.
    When we came to office, when Dick Cheney and I came to office--Dick 
Cheney is the greatest Vice President our country has ever had. Mother 
heard me say that one time and she said, ``Wait a minute, buster.'' 
[Laughter] But when we came to office, our military was growing 
dispirited. It wasn't receiving the resources it needed. So we 
strengthened our defense budget, and today, no one can question the 
skill and the strength and the spirit of the United States military.
    And we were attacked on that September day in 2001. The enemy hit 
us. They hit us because of what we love. See, we love freedom. They hate 
freedom. The enemy came to our shore. They declared war on the United 
States of America that day, and war is what they got. We've been on the 
offensive against this enemy. We're chasing them down one at a time to 
bring them to justice. We will use every resource at our disposal to 
protect America. And once again, this Nation is proud to lead the armies 
of liberation. Fifty million people are now free, thanks to the United 
States of America and our coalition.
    I have made it clear where I stand. I have spoken clearly to the 
American people and to the world. And when I say something, I mean it. 
And that's important for a leader. It's also important for a leader to 
understand the responsibilities of leadership. My job is to confront 
problems, not to pass them on to future Presidents and future 
    I'm looking forward to the campaign. I'm looking forward to it. I'm 
running against a fellow who has been in Congress a long, long time, so 
long that he's taken just about both positions possible on every issue. 
[Laughter] He was for the PATRIOT Act. He was for the No Child Left 
Behind Act. He was for NAFTA. He was for the use of force in Iraq. Now 
he's against the PATRIOT Act. He's against NAFTA. He's against the No 
Child Left Behind Act. He was against my decision in Iraq. He's been on 
both sides of just about every issue. If there was a third side 
possible, he'd take it. [Laughter]
    Not only have we confronted problems; we have delivered. We've 
delivered results for the American people. This economy of ours is 
growing stronger every day--every single day. Think about what we've 
overcome. We've overcome attacks. We've overcome war. We've overcome 
scandal. We've overcome recession. Yet I can tell you, the economy is 
strengthening. GDP growth is strong. Manufacturing activity is up. 
Homeownership is at the highest rate ever in American history. More 
minorities own a home today than ever before, and that is positive news 
for America.
    Our economy is adding new jobs now. Remember, we had 308,000 job 
increase in March; 750,000 jobs since last August. People are finding 
work. Things are getting better. We acted, and as a result, this economy 
is improving. That's good news. That's real good news.
    But there's more to do. One of the things that's important for a 
person running for office is to constantly talk about what we intend to 
do. See, I've got a vision to make sure our prosperity is lasting 
prosperity. We've got to make sure we're a nation that doesn't wall us 
off from the rest of the world. We must reject economic isolationism. We 
must open up markets for U.S. products. Listen, if you're good at 
something, you want to be selling things in the world. For the sake of 
job creation and lasting priority and prosperity, I will work to open up 
markets for U.S. goods so people can find work right here at home.
    In order to make sure we have lasting prosperity, we've got to have 
a legal system that is fair. There's too many junk and frivolous 
lawsuits that penalize small-business owners here in America. We need 
tort reform. In order to make sure that we have lasting prosperity, 
we've got to do something about health care, the cost of health care. 
What I will not do is allow the Federal Government to run the health 
care system of America.

[[Page 681]]

    I'm for--I strongly support health savings accounts to empower 
consumers in America. I'm for association health care plans to allow 
small businesses to pool risk, so they can better afford insurance for 
their employees. And we need medical liability reform at the Federal 
    We need an energy plan. We need more energy in this country, and we 
can do so without drilling off the coast of Florida. We're too dependent 
on foreign sources of energy. We need to encourage conservation. We need 
new technologies to make us less dependent. But one thing is for 
certain, we need to use the resources that are at our disposal so that 
we're not dependent on foreign sources of energy. For us to have lasting 
prosperity, the Congress needs to get me an energy bill to my desk this 
    In order to make sure we have lasting prosperity, we better make 
sure our folks are educated. There's all kinds of new jobs being 

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