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Monday, April 4, 1994
Volume 30--Number 13
Pages 645-661

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Addresses and Remarks

    See also Bill Signings
    Middle East peace process--650
    Radio address--646
    Teleconference prior to signing the Goals 2000: Educate America Act 
        in San Diego, CA--654

Appointments and Nominations

    Energy Department, Chief Financial Officer--652
    State Department, Ambassador to Algeria--652

Bill Signings

    Federal Workforce Restructuring Act of 1994, statement--651
    Goals 2000: Educate America Act, remarks--656

Communications to Congress

    U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, letter transmitting 

Communications to Federal Agencies

    Assistance in the establishment of the Palestinian Police Force, 
    Assistance to Israel, memorandum--653

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters
        Dallas, TX--645
        San Diego, CA--650, 658
    Interview with Jim Nantz of CBS Sports in Dallas, TX--647

Letters and Messages

    Easter, message--652


    Small Family Farm Week--645

Statements by the President

    See also Appointments and Nominations; Bill Signings
    Death of Representative William H. Natcher--653
    Tornado destruction in the South--648
    Violence in South Africa--648

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--661
    Checklist of White House press releases--660
    Digest of other White House announcements--659
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--660


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, April 4, 1994
Volume 30--Number 13
Pages 645-661
Week Ending Friday, April 1, 1994
Proclamation 6660--Small Family Farm Week, 1994

March 25, 1994

By the President of the United States

of America

A Proclamation

    Small-scale family farms are a vital part of U.S. agricultural and 
rural life, and their activities add significantly to the economic and 
social strength of communities everywhere.
    The majority of America's farms are small--out of more than two 
million farms, seven out of ten gross less than $50,000 annually. Small-
scale farms, with their varied range of needs and interests, provide an 
array of agricultural products to the consumers of our Nation and our 
    Since the time of Thomas Jefferson, Americans have realized that 
family farmers are essential to making our rich land one of the most 
agriculturally productive in the world. Today, these diverse 
entrepreneurs represent the historical foundation of America's 
    Small-scale family farms have survived the winds of change that have 
blown across our country's landscape in recent years. Farmers are ever 
more entrepreneurial, responding to unique niches and specialty-market 
opportunities. Many small-scale family farms are responsible for the 
innovations that are advancing new and enhanced technologies in 
agriculture and farming systems.
    Family farmers are also stewards of the land and have a vested 
interest in energy conservation and protection of the environment. Many 
occupy land that their families have farmed for generations, and they 
seek to pass on the proud legacy of farming to their children.
    More and more farmers are providing their products directly to 
consumers. Through such direct sales, the family farmer is creating 
market opportunities that benefit and strengthen rural economies and 
communities throughout America.
    With each season, America's farmers demonstrate anew our ability to 
persevere and thrive. The great traditions of hard work and 
determination that have consistently characterized American agriculture 
will help our Nation envision a rich harvest of plenty for the twenty-
first century.
    The Congress, by Senate Joint Resolution 171, has designated the 
week of March 20 through 26, 1994, as ``Small Family Farm Week'' and has 
authorized and requested the President to issue a proclamation in 
observance of that week.
    Now, Therefore, I, William J. Clinton, President of the United 
States of America, do hereby proclaim the week beginning March 20, 1994, 
as Small Family Farm Week.
    In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-fifth 
day of March, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and ninety-four, 
and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred 
and eighteenth.
                                            William J. Clinton

[Filed with the Office of the Federal Register, 10:51 a.m., March 28, 

Note: This proclamation was published in the Federal Register on March 
29. This item was not received in time for publication in the 
appropriate issue.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, April 4, 1994
Volume 30--Number 13
Pages 645-661
Week Ending Friday, April 1, 1994
Exchange With Reporters in Dallas, Texas

March 26, 1994

Health Care Reform

    Q. Mr. President, what's the message from this part of the visit?
    The President. Did you see the people we saw outside?
    Q. Yes.

[[Page 646]]

    The President. The people we saw outside either don't have coverage, 
or they're afraid of losing it. These children got this care because 
this hospital is open to all children and gives all children great care, 
without regard to their income. But not all children have access to 
hospitals like this. So the message is that all families with children 
should have some insurance coverage so they can get health care and so 
they can be well like this. It was great.

Roger Clinton's Wedding

    Q. How are the wedding preparations going?
    The President. Fine. We're excited.

Note: The exchange began at 8:22 a.m. at the Scottish Rite Hospital for 
Children. A tape was not available for verification of the content of 
this exchange.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 646-647]
Monday, April 4, 1994
Volume 30--Number 13
Pages 645-661
Week Ending Friday, April 1, 1994
The President's Radio Address

March 26, 1994

    Good morning. This morning I'm speaking to you from Dallas, Texas, 
courtesy of station KRLD in Dallas, and from the Scottish Rite Hospital 
for Children, one of the finest pediatric medical centers in America. 
Today in the audience we have parents and children who have been 
patients here. I want to thank the president of the hospital, J.C. 
Montgomery, and Dr. Tony Herring and all the others who gave Hillary and 
me such a wonderful tour today.
    Places like Scottish Rite don't ask children with severe 
disabilities or serious illnesses, ``Can you pay?'' They just ask, ``How 
can I help?'' The wonderful team of doctors, nurses, and other hospital 
workers here take all children in need. That's what we want for all of 
    Last Wednesday at the White House, Sister Bernice Coreil, a member 
of the Sisters of Charity, the religious order which runs the largest 
nonprofit hospital system in America, spoke about health care in a way 
seldom heard in the Nation's Capital. She pushed all the politics and 
complex arguments aside and said health care is about basic human 
values, about honoring the intrinsic value of every person.
    She knows, as so many health professionals do, that if we don't do 
something now, the future of health care is in trouble in America, 
because more Americans are losing their health coverage or can't get it 
because someone in their family has been sick, because more people with 
coverage are losing the right to choose their doctors or their health 
plans, because more of our hospitals are in trouble.
    Without change, the future of health care will include less choice 
and bigger bills and maybe lower quality, too. Instead of health care 
being available to all Americans, more Americans are losing their health 
coverage every month.
    How can we change? How can we keep what's best about our system, our 
wonderful caregivers, our wonderful medical research system, and fix 
what's wrong, the fact that there aren't enough places like this 
Scottish Rite Hospital, that too many people are losing their coverage, 
that the financing system is a bureaucratic nightmare full of 
unfairness? I think we can do better simply by building on what works in 
the current system, using the workplace to guarantee private insurance 
for every American. It is the foundation of our plan.
    Just a few days ago, the first of many committees considering health 
care reform in Congress approved a plan like ours, covering every 
American. In spite of all the special interest and TV ads, the committee 
made an important statement. After 60 years of gridlock, the American 
people are being heard. They want us to take care of their important 
business, like health care reform, and now we're beginning to do that.
    The administration's approach to health care reform is 
straightforward: guaranteed private insurance for every American that 
can never be taken away. And we want to be careful to base our approach 

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