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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, July 5, 1999
Volume 35--Number 26
Pages 1189-1273

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Weekly Compilation of



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Addresses and Remarks

    See also Meetings With Foreign Leaders
    American bald eagle, steps to remove from endangered species list--
    Charters of Freedom project--1245
        Democratic National Committee luncheon in Westport--1210
        Departure for--1206
    Federal budget, midsession review--1206
    ``Foster Care Independence Act of 1999,'' radio remarks on House 
        Democratic National Committee dinner in Chicago--1230
        Medicare, remarks in Chicago--1222
    Independence Day, radio remarks on observance--1269
    Medicare, modernization plan announcement--1217
    New York City
        Democratic National Committee Majority 2000 dinner--1217
        Production of ``The Iceman Cometh''--1215

Addresses and Remarks--Continued

    Northern Ireland peace process--1208, 1268
    Radio address--1205

Communications to Congress

    Corporation for Public Broadcasting, message transmitting report--
    Generalized System of Preferences, message on amendment--1229
    Venezuela-U.S. tax agreement, message transmitting--1221
    Yugoslavia, message transmitting report on national emergency--1221

Communications to Federal Agencies

    Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, memorandum--
    Tunisia, memorandum on military drawdown--1265

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters
        Illinois, Wrigley Field in Chicago--1227
        Oval Office--1268
        South Lawn--1206
(Continued on the inside of the back cover.)

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Interviews With the News Media--Continued

        Mark Devenport of the British Broadcasting Corporation--1208
        Rick Dunham of BusinessWeek--1250
        Susan Page of USA Today--1257
    News conferences
        June 25 (No. 176)--1189
        July 1 (No. 177) with President Mubarak of Egypt--1235

Letters and Messages

    Independence Day, message--1249

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    Egypt, President Mubarak--1235
    South Korea, President Kim--1268


    To Extend Nondiscriminatory Treatment (Normal Trade Relations 
        Treatment) to


      Products of Mongolia and To Implement an Agreement To Eliminate 
        Tariffs on Certain Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Intermediates--
    To Modify Duty-Free Treatment Under the Generalized System of 
        Preferences and for Other Purposes--1227

Statements by the President

    Death of Michael Hooker--1221
    Export controls on high-performance computers and semiconductors--

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--1273
    Checklist of White House press releases--1272
    Digest of other White House announcements--1269
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--1270

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, July 5, 1999
Volume 35--Number 26
Pages 1189-1273
Week Ending Friday, July 2, 1999
The President's News Conference

June 25, 1999

    The President. Earlier today, in a speech at Georgetown University, 
I discussed the opportunities now before our Nation. Before I take your 
questions, let me just take a moment to recap what I believe is 
America's agenda in the coming months.
    Our trip to Europe advanced America's ideals and interests. Working 
with our partners, we won an agreement to ban abusive child labor 
everywhere in the world, took new steps to strengthen the global 
economy, agreed to triple the debt relief provided for many of the 
poorest nations, and to strengthen democracy and reform in Russia.
    We also worked to put together, to put in place the building blocks 
of peace in Kosovo and to put the Balkans on a shared path to a 
prosperous, united future. I will meet with the region's leaders later 
this summer to give the process further momentum.
    I met with Kosovar refugees in Macedonia who are planning to return 
home. They thanked America and our Allies for giving them a chance to 
reclaim their lives on their native lands. I also met with and thanked 
some of the American air men and women who achieved the success and with 
some of our and other NATO troops who are going into Kosovo now to make 
sure we win the peace. They know that they're doing the right thing, and 
I am very proud of all of them.
    While America is enjoying success abroad, it is important that we 
keep pushing forward on our challenges here at home. This is a time of 
great hope for our Nation. Just today we learned that the American 
economy grew at a 4.3 percent in the first 3 months of this year. 
America plainly is on the right track.
    But we will be judged by what we do with this opportunity, whether 
we seize it or squander it in petty bickering and partisan animosity. 
There will be plenty of time for politics in the months to come. This 
summer should be a season of progress.
    We should start by acting quickly on issues where most lawmakers, 
Democratic and Republican, agree: legislation to let disabled Americans 
keep their Medicaid health insurance when they go to work; an increase 
in the minimum wage; campaign finance reform; a strong and enforceable 
Patients' Bill of Rights.
    I was heartened that earlier today the House overwhelmingly passed 
legislation making sure that foster children are not cast out in the 
cold when their time in foster care ends. This is a vital issue, one 
that Hillary has championed for many years. And I am very pleased by the 
House action.
    Then we must turn to broader ways and, in some ways, more difficult 
challenges facing our Nation. First, we have a duty to maintain the 
fiscal discipline that has produced our prosperity and use it to 
strengthen Social Security and Medicare for the 21st century and to pay 
down our national debt.
    On Tuesday I will propose the detailed plan to modernize Medicare--
cutting costs, improving service, and helping senior citizens with their 
greatest growing need, affordable prescription drugs.
    Second, we must widen the circle of opportunity by investing in 
education while demanding accountability and insisting that the Congress 
keep our commitment of last year to finish hiring 100,000 more teachers 
to lower class size in the early grades.
    Third, in 2 weeks I will be joined by corporate, civic, and 
political leaders of both parties on a 4-day tour of America's new 
markets--the places in our country which have not yet felt the surge of 
our prosperity--to mobilize the private sector to bring jobs and growth 
to our poorest neighborhoods, and to build support for our new markets 
initiative to give tax credits and loan guarantees to those who invest 
in America on the same

[[Page 1190]]

terms we give to those who invest in developing economies overseas.
    And fourth, in the wake of the tragedy at Littleton, we must 
continue to meet the challenge of youth violence. Hillary and I are 
developing a national campaign on youth violence, working with parents, 
educators, the entertainment industry, and others. But we also must take 
sensible steps to take guns out of the hands of criminals and away from 
children. We can't expect young people to stand up to violence if 
Congress won't stand up to the gun lobby.
    I proposed--and with a tie-breaking vote by Vice President Gore, the 
Senate passed--the measure to close the gun show loophole. The Senate 
also passed legislation to require child safety locks, to ban large 
ammunition clips for assault weapons, to ban violent juveniles from 
owning handguns as adults.
    Two weeks ago the Republicans in the House blocked that measure. 
They would even weaken the current law by letting criminals store their 
guns at pawnshops. Now, there is still time for Congress to act. 
Republican leaders could appoint legislators as negotiators to craft a 
bill that includes the tough Senate provisions. I hope they will do that 
and send me a strong bill. Plainly, the country wants that.
    Again I say, this is sort of like the Patients' Bill of Rights; it's 
really not a partisan issue anywhere but Washington, DC. I hope they 
will send me a strong bill. If they send me one that weakens current 
law, I will send it back to them and keep working until we get the job 
done right.
    Now, this is, admittedly, an ambitious agenda, but it can all be 
done in the coming months. I will use all the powers available to me as 
President, working with Congress and with my executive authority. I will 
summon the citizens of our country to help us to solve these problems.
    This is a good time for America, but we will be judged by whether we 
make the most of it. I look forward to making the effort.
    Thank you very much.
    Terry [Terence Hunt, Associated Press].


    Q. Thank you, Mr. President. Mr. President, despite the end of the 
war, there is still a new wave of violence and terror in Kosovo; only 
this time it's Serb homes that are being burned, Serb stores that are 
being looted, and Serb civilians who are being killed. Are you alarmed 
by what's going on there? And why is NATO letting this happen? Can't 
NATO do more to stop it?
    The President. Well, first of all, NATO is not letting it happen. 
We're doing what we can to stop it. And I am concerned about it. I'm not 
particularly surprised after what they've been through. But we signed an 
agreement with the KLA in which they agreed to demilitarize. The leader 
even asked the Serbs to come home. And we are deploying our people as 
quickly as we can. Obviously, if we can get all of our people in 
completely and then get them properly dispersed around the country, 
we'll be able to provide a far higher level of protection. And I think 
it's very important. And for those people who lose their homes, they're 
entitled to have them rebuilt, along with everybody else, and I intend 
to do that.

President's Initiative on Race

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