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Monday, January 6, 2003

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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 Addresses and Remarks

    Radio address--1


         Troops at Fort Hood in Killeen--22

         Walking tour of the Bush Ranch--6

 Executive Orders

    Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay--5

Interviews With the News Media

     Exchanges with reporters in Crawford, TX--2, 6, 19

Letters and Messages

    New Year's Day, message--6

Statements by the President

    Federal judiciary, calling for congressional action on a pay 
    Kenyan democratic elections--4

Supplementary Materials

     Acts approved by the President--26
     Checklist of White House press releases--26
     Digest of other White House announcements--25
     Nominations submitted to the Senate--26

  Editor's Note: The President was at the Bush Ranch in Crawford, TX, on 
January 3, the closing date of this issue. Releases and announcements 
issued by the Office of the Press Secretary but not received in time for 
inclusion in this issue will be printed next week.


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Week Ending Friday, January 3, 2003
The President's Radio Address

December 28, 2002

    Good morning. Two thousand two brought great challenges to America, 
and we had many successes at home and abroad. In 2002, our economy was 
still recovering from the attacks of September the 11th, 2001, and it 
was pulling out of a recession that began before I took office.
    Our Government came together to pass an economic growth bill to 
jump-start the economy. We extended unemployment benefits for workers 
who lost their jobs after the terrorist attacks. Congress passed trade 
promotion authority, which gave me a stronger hand to help America's 
farmers and businesses sell their products abroad. And we worked 
together to enact terrorism insurance legislation, so our construction 
workers could get back on the job. As a result of these actions, the 
United States economy is growing again.
    Our Nation learned of scandalous abuses by some corporate leaders, 
and so I signed the most sweeping corporate reforms in more than a half 
a century. We are strictly enforcing the laws against fraud and 
deception in corporate America because workers and investors must have 
confidence in America's businesses and business leaders.
    America in 2002 continued our efforts to confront the danger of 
terrorism. We increased the security of our ports and coasts and 
airlines and created a new Department of Homeland Security. This 
Department will unite dozens of Federal agencies behind a single 
mission, protecting the American people. I hope the Senate will act 
quickly in the new session to confirm Governor Tom Ridge to serve as 
America's first Secretary of Homeland Security.
    In 2002, the war on terror that began with the liberation of 
Afghanistan continued on many fronts. Working with our allies around the 
world, we captured top Al Qaida leaders, destroyed terror training 
camps, and froze millions of dollars in terrorist assets.
    In the new year, we will prosecute the war on terror with patience 
and focus and determination. With the help of a broad coalition, we will 
make certain that terrorists and their supporters are not safe in any 
cave or corner of the world.
    The war on terror also requires us to confront the danger of 
catastrophic violence posed by Iraq and its weapons of mass destruction. 
The United Nations Security Council has unanimously affirmed that Saddam 
Hussein is a danger to his neighbors and to the peace of the world. The 
burden now is on Iraq's dictator to disclose and destroy his arsenal of 
weapons. If he refuses, then for the sake of peace, the United States 
will lead a coalition to disarm the Iraqi regime and free the Iraqi 
    Also in the new year, we will press on in the effort to turn our 
economic recovery into sustained economic growth. This economy is 
strong, and it can be stronger. I will work with Congress on a jobs and 
growth package to add momentum to the recovery and to put people back to 
    And one of my first priorities for the new Congress will be an 
extension of unemployment benefits for Americans who need them. We will 
also work to ensure that all Americans have access to high quality, 
affordable health care. We will keep our commitment to America's seniors 
by working to reform and modernize Medicare and include a prescription 
drug benefit to help seniors who are squeezed by rising drug prices.
    We will tackle the crisis of frivolous lawsuits that drive up the 
cost of health care. We will continue to carry out the comprehensive 
education reforms signed into law last January, so no child in America 
is left behind. My administration will work to continue to remove 
barriers that hinder the good work of faith-based and community groups. 
And we will work to reauthorize the historic

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welfare reform law that has improved so many lives.
    Our successes in the past year have prepared the way for great 
progress in 2003. Working together, we can make America more prosperous 
and keep the peace in the world.
    Thank you for listening, and Happy New Year.

Note: The address was recorded at 10:05 a.m. on December 27 at the Bush 
Ranch in Crawford, TX, for broadcast at 10:06 a.m. on December 28. The 
transcript was made available by the Office of the Press Secretary on 
December 27 but was embargoed for release until the broadcast. The 
Office of the Press Secretary also released a Spanish language 
transcript of this address.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Week Ending Friday, January 3, 2003
Exchange With Reporters in Crawford, Texas

December 31, 2002

    The President. Hi, guys. Happy New Year to everybody. Laura and I 
wish all our fellow Americans a prosperous and peaceful and a happy new 
year. We are really happy to be spending New Year here in Crawford, 
Texas. We'll be having our New Year's hamburger here in a minute. 
    I'll be glad to answer a few questions--Ron [Ron Fournier, 
Associated Press] and Patsy [Patricia Wilson, Reuters] and Mike [Mike 
Allen, Washington Post].

Situation in North Korea

    Q. Sir, I'd like to ask you if I could, why are you not considering 
military action against a defiant, unstable, unpredictable, nuclear-
armed North Korea?
    The President. I view the North Korean situation as one that can be 
resolved peacefully, through diplomacy. The international community, 
particularly those countries close to North Korea, understand the stakes 
involved. I had a very good visit with President-elect Roh of South 
Korea. I've obviously talked to Jiang Zemin right here in Crawford about 
a nuclear-weapons-free Peninsula.
    There is strong consensus, not only amongst the nations in the 
neighborhood and our friends but also with international organizations 
such as the IAEA, that North Korea ought to comply with international 
regulations. I believe this can be done peacefully, through diplomacy, 
and we will continue to work that way. I take--all options, of course, 
are always on the table for any President, but by working with these 
countries we can resolve this.
    Q. So you're not currently contemplating military action?
    The President. Well, Ron, I believe this is not a military showdown; 
this is a diplomatic showdown. And we can resolve this peacefully.
    Q. Sir, you----
    The President. Hold on a second, please.
    Q. Sorry, excuse me.
    The President. And intend to work to resolve it peacefully. We've 
got good progress in talking to our friends. And I look forward to the 
fact that President-elect Roh is sending some people over here, and then 
he, himself, will come after he's been inaugurated.
    Patsy, then John [John Roberts, CBS News].

North Korea/Iraq

    Q. Sir, why should we be more worried about Saddam Hussein, who has 
no nuclear weapons, than Kim Chong-il, who is unstable and does have 
nuclear weapons?
    The President. Well, first of all, I think it's important to 
remember that Saddam Hussein was close to having a nuclear weapon. We 
don't know whether or not he has a nuclear weapon. We do expect him to 
disarm his weapons of mass destruction; that's what we expect.
    Secondly, the international community has been trying to resolve the 
situation in Iraq through diplomacy for 11 years. And for 11 years, 
Saddam Hussein has defied the international community. And now we've 
brought the world together to send a clear signal: We expect him to 
disarm, to get rid of his weapons of mass destruction. The first step in 
determining whether or not he will do that was discouraging. His 
declaration was short, and the international community recognized that, 
that he wasn't forthcoming.
    Again, I hope this Iraq situation will be resolved peacefully. One 
of my New Year's

[[Page 3]]

resolutions is to work to deal with these situations in a way so that 
they're resolved peacefully. But thus far, it appears that, first look, 
that Saddam Hussein hasn't heard the message.
    Q. Sir, can I ask a followup?
    The President. Yes.

National Economy and War With Iraq

    Q. Your budget directors put the possible cost of a war with Iraq at 
in line with the first Gulf war. Why shouldn't Americans view this 
possible war as possibly crippling our economy, that's already very 
    The President. Well, an attack from Saddam Hussein or a surrogate of 
Saddam Hussein would cripple our economy. My biggest job and most 
important job is to protect the security of the American people, and I 
am going to do that. And I had made the case and will continue to make 

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