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Monday, July 7, 2003


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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 Addresses and Remarks

    See also Appointments and Nominations
    California, Bush-Cheney reception in Los Angeles--833
         Bush-Cheney luncheon in Miami--841
         Bush-Cheney reception in Tampa--845
         Senior citizens in Miami--837
    KIPP DC: KEY Academy--852
    Radio address--836
    Reenlistment ceremony on the 30th anniversary of the All-Volunteer 

 Appointments and Nominations

    State Department, Global AIDS Coordinator, remarks--861

 Bill Signings

    Strengthen AmeriCorps Program Act, statement--876

 Communications to Congress

    Bosnia and Herzegovina, letter transmitting report on benchmarks for 
        a sustainable peace process--877
    Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Act, letter reporting on sanctions--860
    Libya, letter transmitting report on the national emergency--852
    Peacekeeping operations, letter transmitting report--860
    United States-Chile Free Trade Agreement, letter transmitting 
        proposed legislative changes to implement--878
    United States-Singapore Free Trade Agreement, letter transmitting 
        proposed legislative changes to implement--878
    Weapons of mass destruction, letter transmitting report on the 
        national emergency with respect to proliferation--877



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Communications to Federal Agencies

    Waiving Prohibition on United States Military Assistance to Parties 
        to the Rome Statute Establishing the International Criminal 
        Court, memorandum--851

Interviews With the News Media

     Exchange with reporters in the Roosevelt Room--861
         African print journalists--865
         CNN International--874
         South African Broadcasting Corp.--871
         Voice of America--873

Letters and Messages

    Independence Day, message--876


    Death of James Strom Thurmond--845
    30th Anniversary of the All-Volunteer Force--859
    To Modify Duty-Free Treatment Under the Generalized System of 

Statements by the President

    See also Bill Signings
    Death of Katharine Hepburn--837

Supplementary Materials

     Acts approved by the President--880
     Checklist of White House press releases--879
     Digest of other White House announcements--878
     Nominations submitted to the Senate--879

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Pages 833-880
Week Ending Friday, July 4, 2003
Remarks at a Bush-Cheney Reception in Los Angeles, California

June 27, 2003

    Thanks for such a warm welcome, and it's great to be here in 
southern California. I'm honored that so many showed up. I appreciate 
their record-setting event. I'm grateful that you're laying the 
groundwork for what will be a great national victory in 2004.
    I'm getting ready. [Laughter] I'm loosening up. [Laughter] But I 
want to remind you, in order for us to win I'm going to need your help 
to energize the grassroots, to talk to your neighbors, to put signs in 
the yard, and to remind people that my vision is for a vision that's 
hopeful for all Americans.
    The political season is going to come in its own time; there will be 
plenty of time for politics. Right now I'm focused on the people's 
business in our Nation's Capital. We have a lot on the agenda. And I'm 
going to continue to work hard to earn the confidence of our fellow 
Americans by making sure that this country is secure and strong and 
prosperous and free.
    I'd like to stay for dinner, but I'm off to Crawford. [Laughter] I 
just talked to Laura on the phone, and she sends her very best. She is a 
fabulous First Lady for America. I want to thank my friend Brad Freeman 
for his friendship, his not-so-short introduction--[laughter]--and his 
hard work. I want to thank all the cochair for this event. I appreciate 
so very much your hard work to make this such a success.
    I'm honored that Governor Linda Lingle from Hawaii is with us today. 
She is a--she's a breath of fresh air for the State of Hawaii. I know 
we've got at least one Members of the United States Congress--Darrell 
Issa is with us today. Thank you, Congressman, for being here. I 
appreciate it. I, too, want to thank the campaign team here, led by 
Gerry Parsky. I'm honored to call him a friend as well. I spent an 
amazing couple of hours with Dennis Miller. [Laughter] He keeps you on 
your toes. I was also honored to meet his wife, Carolyn. Like me, he 
married above himself. [Laughter] It may not be all that hard, in his 
case. [Laughter] But I'm proud to have his help.
    I'm also proud of my friend Kelsey Grammer. I appreciate him being 
here. If only I could have heard Johnny Mathis sing, then I would have 
wished Laura were here again. [Laughter]
    Thank you all for coming. This is a big night. I'm really honored 
you're here.
    You know, in the last 2\1/2\ years, this Nation has acted decisively 
to confront great challenges. I came to the office of the President to 
solve problems instead of passing them on to future Presidents and 
future generations. I came to seize opportunities instead of letting 
them slip away. And I believe we are meeting the test of our time.
    Terrorists declared war on the United States, and war is what they 
got. We have captured or killed many of the key leaders of Al Qaida, and 
the rest of them know we're hot on their trail. In Afghanistan and Iraq, 
we gave ultimatums to terror regimes. Those regimes chose defiance, and 
those regimes are no more. Fifty million people in two countries once 
lived under tyranny, and now they live in freedom.
    Two-and-a-half years ago, our military was not receiving the 
resources it needed, and morale was beginning to suffer. We increased 
the defense budget to prepare for the threats of a new era. And today, 
no one in the world can question the skill and the strength and the 
spirit of the United States military.
    Two-and-a-half years ago, we inherited an economy in recession. And 
then the attacks came on our country, and we had scandals in corporate 
America, and war--all of which affected the Nation's confidence. But we 
acted. We passed tough new laws to hold corporate criminals to account. 
And to get our economy going again, we have twice led the

[[Page 834]]

United States Congress to pass historic tax relief for the people of 
    Here's what we believe and here's what we know: When Americans have 
more take-home pay to spend, save, or invest, the whole economy 
benefits, and people are more likely to find a job.
    This administration also knows this: When we spend money in 
Washington, it is not the Government's money. It is the people's money. 
We're returning more money to the people so they can raise their 
families easier. We're reducing taxes on dividends and capital gains to 
encourage investment. We're giving small businesses incentives to expand 
and hire new people.
    With all these actions, we are laying the foundation for greater 
prosperity and more jobs across America, so that every single person in 
our country has a chance to realize the American Dream.
    Two-and-a-half years ago, there was a lot of talk about education 
reform. But there wasn't much action. So I called for and Congress 
passed the No Child Left Behind Act. With a solid bipartisan majority, 
we delivered the most dramatic education reforms in a generation.
    We're bringing high standards and strong accountability to every 
public school in America. We believe every child can learn the basics of 
reading and math, and we expect every school in America to teach those 
basics. We are challenging the soft bigotry of low expectations. The 
days of excuse-making are over, and we expect results in every 
classroom, so that not one single child in America is left behind.
    We reorganized the Government and created the Department of Homeland 
Security to safeguard our borders and ports and protect the American 
people. We passed trade promotion authority to create new markets for 
America's entrepreneurs and farmers and ranchers and manufacturers. We 
passed a budget agreement that is helping to maintain spending 
discipline in Washington, DC.
    On issue after issue, this administration has acted on principle, 
has kept its word, and has made progress for the American people. The 
United States Congress has shared in these achievements, and I 
appreciate the hard work of Members of the Congress. We will continue to 
work together to change the tone in Washington, DC, by focusing on the 
people's business and by focusing on results.
    And those are the kind of people I've asked to serve our Government 
in my administration. I have put together a fantastic team of solid 
American citizens. I'm proud of their service. I'm proud of the work. We 
have got no finer Vice President in our Nation's history than Dick 
Cheney. Mother might have a second opinion. [Laughter]
    In 2\1/2\ years, we have come far, but our work is only beginning. I 
have set great goals worthy of this great Nation. First, America is 
committed to expanding the realm of freedom and peace, freedom and peace 
not only for our own security but for the benefit of the world.
    And second, in our own country, we must work for a society of 
prosperity and compassion so that every citizen has a chance to work and 
succeed and realize the great promise of our country. It is clear that 
the future of freedom and the future of peace depend on the actions of 
America. This Nation is freedom's home and freedom's defender. We 
welcome this charge of history, and we are keeping it.
    Our war on terror continues. The enemies of freedom are not idle, 
and neither are we. This country will not rest; we will not tire; we 
will not stop until this danger to civilization is removed.
    Yet, our national interest involves more than eliminating aggressive 

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