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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, March 7, 1994
Volume 30--Number 9
Pages 375-440

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Weekly Compilation of



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Addresses and Remarks

    Family caregivers, teleconference--407
        Hillcrest High School in Country Club Hills--388
        Wilbur Wright College in Chicago--377, 383
    National Performance Review--419
    Pittsburgh, PA, remarks welcoming Prime Minister John Major of the 
        United Kingdom--396
    Radio address--375
    Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys--403

Appointments and Nominations

    Federal Communications Commission, Commissioner--418
    Permanent Committee for the Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise, member--
    President's Committee on the Employment of People With Disabilities
        Vice Chair--418
    Small Business Administration, Regional Administrator--405
    State Department, Ambassadors
    Transportation Department, Research and Special Programs 

Appointments and Nominations--Continued

    United Nations, Deputy U.S. Representative--398
    U.S. International Development Cooperation Agency, Agency for 
        International Development, Assistant Administrator--399

Communications to Congress

    Chemical Weapons Convention, message--405
    Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee, message transmitting 
    Iraq, message--423
    NATO action in Bosnia, letter--406
    Trade with Ukraine, message--427
    Transportation Department, message transmitting report--417

Executive Orders

    Identification of Trade Expansion Priorities--422

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters
        Oval Office--412, 427
        Pittsburgh, PA--398
        Roosevelt Room--402, 419
        South Lawn--376
    News conferences
        March 1 with Prime Minister Major of the United Kingdom (No. 
        March 4 with President Kravchuk of Ukraine (No. 51)--428
(Continued on the inside back cover.)

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Joint Statements

    Development of U.S.-Ukrainian Friendship and Partnership--435
    U.S.-Ukraine Economic and Commercial Cooperation--436

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    Ukraine, President Kravchuk--427, 428
    United Kingdom, Prime Minister Major--396, 398, 399


    American Red Cross Month--415
    National Poison Prevention Week--404
    Save Your Vision Week--414
    To Amend the Generalized System of Preferences--426
    Women's History Month--416

Statements by the President

    See also Appointments and Nominations
    Attack on Jewish students--418
    Church bombing in Lebanon--376
    Disaster assistance to Alabama--426
    Identification of trade expansion priorities--423
    National Performance Review--422
    Presentation of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to William H. 

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--440
    Checklist of White House press releases--439
    Digest of other White House announcements--438
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--439


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 375]
Monday, March 7, 1994
Volume 30--Number 9
Pages 375-440
Week Ending Friday, March 4, 1994
Nomination for Ambassador to Egypt

February 25, 1994

    The President today announced his intention to nominate Edward S. 
Walker of Maryland as Ambassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt.
    ``Ambassador Walker's broad experience in the Middle East and his 
dedicated service to the United States in the Foreign Service will be a 
valuable asset to our Embassy in Egypt,'' said the President. ``I am 
delighted to nominate him to this position.''

Note: A biography of the nominee was made available by the Office of the 
Press Secretary. This item was not received in time for publication in 
the appropriate issue.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 375-376]
Monday, March 7, 1994
Volume 30--Number 9
Pages 375-440
Week Ending Friday, March 4, 1994
The President's Radio Address

February 26, 1994

    Good morning. Today I'm speaking to you from the First Police 
District in Washington, DC, the base for hundreds of police officers 
under the command of Inspector Robert Gales. The men and women who are 
with me here today and the other police officers throughout our Nation 
are a lot like you; they're our neighbors and friends, they're mothers 
and fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters, and sons. The difference, 
though, is that it's their job to keep our streets, our workplaces, and 
our schools safe, and it's a dangerous job. In the last year alone, 
about 150 police officers were killed in the line of duty. Today I want 
to talk about two officers, one who died this week in Los Angeles, and 
the other, killed a few weeks ago just blocks from where I'm sitting 
now. Both followed in the footsteps of their fathers who also wore a 
badge. They served with idealism, dedication, and honor, and they died 
in the line of duty.
    For Officer Christy Lynne Hamilton, becoming a policewoman was the 
beginning of a new life and the fulfillment of a dream, one she put off 
until after she raised her two children. She was 45 years old when she 
earned her badge in Los Angeles just last week. She said, then, the only 
thing she was afraid of was not doing a good job. No one else thought 
that was a possibility. She was voted the most inspirational person in 
her policy academy class. Then, in her first week on the job, she was 
murdered with a single round from an assault rifle, aimed by a 17-year-
old boy who had just killed his father.
    Officer Jason White was just 25 years old. He had a new wife, Joie, 
a new home, a job he loved. The officers here at the First Police 
District knew him well. He was on the force for 3 years, and every day 
he made a difference. He worked with young people at risk, he helped 
citizens set up community patrols, he took on the drug dealers on his 
beat. And then one night, 2 months ago, he was killed, shot six times 
with a handgun at point-blank range when he tried to question a suspect.
    These brave officers and their other fallen comrades across our 
Nation left behind people who loved them, respected them, and looked up 
to them. For them, their relatives, their friends, their coworkers, for 
all the people in this country who deserve protection, Congress must 
move to make our streets, our schools, and our workplaces safer.
    Last year Congress passed and I signed the Brady law after 7 years 
of hard struggle. And on Monday it will take effect. It will require 
background checks of anyone buying a gun. And that will help to keep 
guns out of the hands of people with prior criminal records and the 
mentally unfit. The law will prevent thousands of handgun murders.
    Consider these figures on firearm crimes that are being released 
today by the Justice Department. Between 1987 and 1992 about 858,000 
armed attacks took place every year. In 1991 and 1992, the annual rate 
of murder with firearms was 16,000 in each year. This

[[Page 376]]

is where the Brady law will help. Among criminals who used a firearm and 
had a prior record, 23 percent, nearly one-fourth, said they bought 
their guns retail. Among murderers, about 5,000 had prior records and 
were still able to buy a gun in a retail store. Among those who killed 
police officers, 53 percent had a prior conviction record and still were 
able to do that.
    If the Brady law had been in effect, none of these guns could have 
been purchased at a retail store. So it's a good start. But we need 
more, much more. We need a new crime bill that is both tough and smart. 
Our crime bill punishes serious criminals. It sends this message: Kill a 
police officer and you face the death penalty. It tells violent felons: 
Three violent crimes, three strikes, and you're out.
    Our crime bill also works to prevent crime. It will give us a 
stronger police presence, 100,000 more police officers in our 
communities in the next 5 years. It will help stop young criminals from 
being better armed than the police by banning assault weapons. And while 
we take these steps, we encourage all our people to work with officers 
in their communities to reclaim our streets.
    Here at the first district, a high premium is put on community 
policing. We know this works to reduce crime when officers know their 
neighbors, know the kids on the streets, when they do things like are 
being done here, where the officers organize citizen patrols and look 
after the children. Two officers here, Limatine Johnson and Joyce 
Leonard, run a safe house for kids where they can play games, watch 
movies, and learn away from the mean streets. I hear that the kids 
called Officer Johnson ``Officer Lima Bean.'' And they smile when they 
    Police officers, it has been said, are the soldiers who act alone. 
But we can't let them be alone. The community must honor their service, 
respect their example, obey the laws they uphold, and walk beside them. 
If we do that, we can replace fear with confidence and help to make our 
country whole again.
    Thanks for listening.

Note: The President spoke at 10:06 a.m. from the First District Police 

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