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Monday, May 7, 2001

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Pages 679-711
Week Ending Friday, May 4, 2001
Remarks at the Dedication of the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum 
in Austin, Texas

 April 27, 2001

     Thank you, Governor; and thank you, Jan, very much for having Laura 
and me. We're sure glad to be home. I love my work; I really do. I love 
what I'm doing. But I've got to confess, I miss my friends in Texas, and 
it's good to see so many of my friends here today.
     It's also good to be here with members of the Bullock family, and 
the many whose lives he touched. Governor Perry, I appreciate the job 
you're doing here in Texas. Some of you may recall that I had mixed 
feelings about leaving the Governor's office, but it was easier knowing 
that I was leaving the State in pretty darn good hands.
     And when I decided to leave, I joined the former Governors club. 
I'm your newest member. But I see three of the members here today: 
Governors Briscoe, Smith, and Clements, and we're honored by your 
     And representing the family of the 36th President is Lucy Baines 
Johnson. Laura and I live in your former home, and we look forward to 
the day we can welcome you and your lovely mom back to Washington.
     It's good to be here with the Lieutenant Governor, and I 
congratulate him on his promotion. And of course, my friend, the 
Speaker. It's great to see both Nelda and Pete; we miss you both a lot.
     I see a lot of other familiar faces here, as well, members of the 
legislature--some of you smiling--[laughter]--some of those same old 
familiar scowls. [Laughter] And it's good to see a lot of other folks 
from back in the days when it seemed like everybody worked for Bob 
     This is really a fine museum. Laura and I were honored to be able 
to tour it. It is magnificent. Everybody in Texas needs to come and see 
it. And so I want to congratulate the members of the preservation board; 
Clay Johnson and Dealey Herndon and John Nau, who took the idea from 
paper to reality. They deserve a lot of credit for their vision.
     In the years to come, visitors will take the tour we have just 
taken. They'll view the exhibits. They'll come upon the statue of the 
38th Lieutenant Governor of Texas and see it just as the way we saw it 
today. With time passing, fewer visitors will know Bob Bullock as we 
knew him, and we're the lucky ones.
     If you knew him, you were very much aware of this fact: He had a 
way of making himself clear. [Laughter] Nobody ever came out of a 
meeting with Bob Bullock thinking, ``Gee, I wonder what's on his mind.'' 
[Laughter] As a result, many of us knew that Bob didn't want his name on 
this building. Well, that's just too darn bad. We have no choice but to 
overrule him.
     You see, to a great building like this, telling the story of Texas 
and standing right here in the center of our State's capital, the only 
name to give it was Bob Bullock. I can't help thinking how much he would 
have loved to hearing ``Hail to the Chief'' played here in Austin. Bob 
seemed to know my future before I did. He was among the first people who 
told me I was going to be the President, and like always, he made it 
sound like an order. [Laughter] His confidence meant a lot to me, and 
I've thought a lot about him when I've sat in the Oval Office.
    Along with his predictions, I always got some advice from Bob. One 
of the last times we talked, he had just seen a picture of me on a 
magazine. He took the oxygen mask off and summoned up some strength in 
his frail body, and he said, ``You need to smile more for the cameras.'' 
[Laughter] I seem to remember a few other occasions when Bob gave me 
advice, and I was always glad he did. Many of his words of advice can't 
be quoted here--[laughter]--really only meant for mature audiences. 

[[Page 680]]

     We all remember Bob's gift for a colorful image and the fragrant 
phrase. But we remember the advice, too, because there was wisdom in it. 
He spoke with experience and with conviction and authority. In 1994 
people warned me about him before I even got to Austin. We were men of 
different backgrounds and of different political parties, both elected 
to high offices in our State. He was the one who had been around. I 
recognized that early. He had the kind of influence you don't get with a 
title. And no Governor, and certainly no new Governor, had anything to 
teach him about getting anything done.
    We know how it turned out. We know there was a record of shared 
accomplishment and a record of shared credit, as well. Yet, it all could 
have worked out differently. It could have been much different. Had he 
chosen to, Bob--and for that matter, Pete Laney--could have prevented 
tax reform or legal reform or education reform. In the Constitution, I 
could stop legislation with a veto. In the capital, Bob Bullock could 
stop it with a phone call.
    But when he exercised power, it was on principle. He was a Democrat 
and a loyal one. He was a politician and a skilled one. He was a 
competitor and a tough one. When I met Bob Bullock, he was set in his 
ways. Bob Bullock had decided on his priorities. He was an American, a 
Texan, and a Democrat, in that order. He decided things on merits. He 
took his responsibilities as seriously as his power, and that's what 
made him an essential ally, a great public servant, and a towering 
figure to all who knew him.
    In Texas, we have a tradition of straight talk and fair dealing, and 
Bob Bullock embodied that. In the last 97 days I've done my best to take 
the values I learned here in Texas to the debates in Washington. And 
there's a way yet to go, but I think we're making some progress. The 
tone is more civil; the respect is more widespread. I think Bob Bullock 
would be pleased.
    Something about politics in this State--in every generation, a 
figure comes along who just seems larger than life, and I'm sure they'll 
keep coming. But he was ours, Bob Bullock, and we'll always remember 
him. He's been called the last of a breed, and it's true that politics 
has changed. Let's just hope it doesn't change too much. We'll always 
need his kind of strength and toughness and shrewd wisdom. These were 
the outward qualities of a man who had more kindness and gentleness than 
he would ever admit. And that's why we miss him so much, not just 
because he was a character but because he was a charming, loving, and 
loyal friend.
    Twenty-two months ago, we stood in the rain and said goodbye to Bob 
Bullock. Today, under a warm, Texas sky, we're all here again, to point 
with pride to a new building and the fine name upon it. It's a happy 
moment for us who knew him, a day to reunite, a day to offer thanks, and 
a day to smile for the cameras.
    God bless.

Note: The President spoke at 12:25 p.m. outside the museum. In his 
remarks, he referred to Gov. Rick Perry and former Governors Dolph 
Briscoe, Preston Smith, and William P. Clements, Jr., of Texas; Jan 
Bullock, widow of Bob Bullock; Lucy Baines Johnson, daughter of 
President Lyndon B. Johnson; Lt. Gov. Bill Ratliff of Texas; State 
Speaker of the House of Representatives James E. ``Pete'' Laney and his 
wife, Nelda; and Clay Johnson, Dealey Herndon, and John Nau, members, 
Museum Advisory Committee. This item was not received in time for 
publication in the appropriate issue.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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