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Monday, October 7, 2002

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Addresses and Remarks

        Dinner for gubernatorial candidate Matt Salmon in Phoenix--1650
        Rally for congressional candidate Rick Renzi in Flagstaff--1645
    Colorado, luncheon for congressional candidate Bob Beauprez in 
    Congressional leaders, meeting--1661
    Hispanic leaders--1678
    Joint Resolution To Authorize the Use of U.S. Armed Forces Against 
        Iraq, bipartisan agreement--1669
    Maryland, reception for gubernatorial candidate Robert L. Ehrlich, 
        Jr., in Baltimore--1671
    Massachusetts, reception for gubernatorial candidate Mitt Romney in 
    Radio address--1656
    Terrorism insurance legislation, call for congressional action--1683
    White House Conference on Missing, Exploited, and Runaway Children--

Bill Signings

    Continuing resolution, statement--1660
    Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 2003, statement--

Communications to Congress

    Partial Revision of the Radio Regulations, message transmitting--

Communications to Federal Agencies

    Designation of Officers of the Department of Commerce To Act as 
        Secretary of Commerce, memorandum--1687

Communications to Federal Agencies--Continued

    Notification to the Congress of Trade Negotiations, memorandum--1677
    Transfer of Funds From International Organizations and Programs 
        Funds to the Child Survival and Health Programs Fund, 

Interviews With the News Media

    Exchange with reporters in the Cabinet Room--1661


    Gold Star Mother's Day--1657
    National Breast Cancer Awareness Month--1663
    National Disability Employment Awareness Month--1664
    National Domestic Violence Awareness Month--1665

Statements by the President

    See also Bill Signings
        Patsy T. Mink--1658
        Walter Annenberg--1662

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--1697
    Checklist of White House press releases--1696
    Digest of other White House announcements--1694
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--1695


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Pages 1639-1697
Week Ending Friday, October 4, 2002
Remarks at a Luncheon for Congressional Candidate Bob Beauprez in 
Denver, Colorado

September 27, 2002

    Thank you all. Nice to be out West. [Laughter] Thank you all for 
coming today. And ``Congressman,'' thank you for that kind introduction. 
Bob Beauprez is the right man to represent the State of Colorado. There 
is no question in my mind. I am proud to stand with him, and I hope the 
good folks of Colorado are wise enough to send him to Washington, DC.
    I'm honored to be up here with Claudia, mother of four. These two 
folks love their family; they love their country. And Claudia, I 
appreciate you're willing to sacrifice. See, moving out of Colorado is a 
pretty good size sacrifice. [Laughter] But like Bob, I married above 
myself. [Laughter] And my good wife sends her love and her best to our 
friends who are here, and to the Beauprezes in their quest of this high 
office, the Governor and the first lady of the State of Colorado. She 
sends her best, as do I.
    By the way, she's doing a fabulous job. She was down in Mexico 
representing the United States. She's winging her way back to Crawford. 
I'm going to see her tonight after my trip. Tomorrow we're going to 
spend a little quality time on the ranch, helping to make sure we 
maintain perspective, understanding that there's life outside of the 
Beltway, that the values of central Texas and the values of the West out 
here in Denver are important values to keep a part of our spirit.
    And so I'm honored to be here to campaign. She sends her love. By 
the way, she is doing a fabulous job. She is a great First Lady for 
America, and I'm really proud of her. Not bad for a west Texas girl who, 
when I married her, was a public school librarian who, frankly, didn't 
care for politics and wasn't too keen on politicians. [Laughter] She's a 
great lady. She sends her love.
    I also am honored to be here with your Governor. He is one of the 
Nation's best Governors. Unlike some of them, he can run on his record. 
[Laughter] And it's a record that's going to put him back in office. And 
that's good for Colorado. I'm honored Frances is here with him as well, 
a great first lady for the State of Colorado.
    I want to thank the grassroots activists who are here. I want to 
thank Chairman Benson. I've known him for a long time. He's a fine 
leader. I want to thank you for what you have done and what you're going 
to do, and that is, you're going to turn out the vote. You're going to 
man the precincts. You're going to do what you're really good at, which 
is grassroots politics. And a lot of times you don't get thanked enough. 
I'm here to thank you. I want to thank you for turning out the vote, not 
only to make sure the Governor wins and Bob wins but to make sure Wayne 
Allard goes back to the United States Senate.
    I want to thank Senator Campbell for being here, and the rest of the 
congressional delegation. You've sent some fine folks to Washington, DC, 
and I've enjoyed working with all of them. And I want to thank the folks 
who have organized this dinner--or lunch, however you want to call it. 
[Laughter] It's a big crowd. Bob, it's a good sign. See, the folks here 
know what I know, that you're a man of principle, a man of character.
    I love the Beauprez story. It's an American story, really, when you 
think about it. It's a Colorado story. It embodies the values of the 
State of Colorado and the best of America. After all, his grandfather 
came here penniless in 1910, left a wife and child behind. He wasn't 
sure if he could make it in America. He came and worked hard. Had the 
honor of meeting Bob's mom and dad. One of them got out of the eighth 
grade, and the mom got a little farther in school. She got out of the 
ninth grade. But they're truly the American story, that hard work and 
dreaming big dreams and loving one another and raising

[[Page 1640]]

your family means you can get ahead in America. Those are the values of 
Bob Beauprez, and they're important values for America to understand, 
and they're good values for the United States Congress.
    I like to support a man who's made a living, who understands what it 
means to take risk, who's not only worked on a farm but has had a vision 
and saw that vision come to be. It's the kind of thinking we need in 
Washington, because we've got a problem with our economy. And here's the 
problem: Anytime somebody who wants to work can't find work, that's a 
problem. And even though there is economic growth, we don't have enough 
growth. And even though interest rates are low and inflation is low, the 
foundation for a growing economy--we need to do more.
    But here's our attitude about the economy. The role of Government is 
not to create wealth, the role of Government is to create an environment 
in which the entrepreneur can flourish, in which the producer can make a 
living, in which the small business can grow to be a big business.
    You're backing the right man for Congress. He understands how the 
economy works. He will join me and others in making sure the tax cuts 
which we passed are a permanent part of American life. There's an 
interesting debate in Washington about taxes. There always is. There's 
some who want more of your taxes in Washington; there are some who want 
less. I believe that, when the economy slowed the way it was slowing 
when we came in, we needed to let people keep more of their own money. 
Here's the page of the textbook which we read. It says, ``If you have 
more money in your pocket, it means you're more likely to demand a good 
or a service. And if you demand a good or a service, in the American 
system somebody is going to produce the good or a service. And when 
somebody produces the good or a service, somebody is more likely to find 
work.'' The tax cuts came at the right time in American history.
    The tax cuts stimulate economic growth. The tax cuts are good for 
small business creation. Small businesses create 70 percent of the new 
jobs in America. Most small businesses are not incorporated. Most small 
businesses are sole proprietorships or limited partnerships and, 
therefore, pay income taxes at the individual rates. And so when you 
drop the rates, you're encouraging capital creation in the small-
business sector of America. Those who oppose tax cuts do not understand 
job creation and what the small-business community does for job 
    It's hard for me to explain why we need to make them permanent. It's 
kind of--some of the things that happen in Washington. On the one hand, 
they taketh away; on the other hand, they giveth. In this case, we had 
tax reductions, but because of a rule in the United States Senate, those 
tax reductions cease after 10 years from the date of enactment. Congress 
gives, and then it takes away. And that's not right. What I need--I need 
allies in Washington who will make those tax reductions permanent, so 
people can plan and save and the job will grow.
    And we did a good thing in that tax reduction plan. We sent the 
death tax on its way to extinction. The death tax is bad for Colorado 
ranchers. The death tax is bad for Colorado farmers. If you're 
interested in curtailing urban sprawl, you ought to eliminate the death 
tax, so people aren't forced to sell their farms and ranches when they 
don't want to, because of a bad tax. The death tax is bad for small 
businesses. The death tax is just plain bad. And this State and this 
district better send somebody to Washington who will vote to permanently 
repeal the death tax.
    Economic vitality and economic growth means that we've got manage 
our resources wisely, and we're not managing our forests resources 
wisely in America. We're allowing our forests to grow up like giant 
piles of kindling and just hoping that something doesn't happen. We're--
backwards policy. We don't listen to the folks out West enough. We don't 
listen to the folks whose job it is to conserve our forests for future 
generations. The fires that have devastated the West should send a clear 
signal to not only the voters of this district but to the people in 
Washington, DC, that America, for the sake of our precious resources, 
and America, for the sake of future generations, must have forest policy 
based upon common sense. We must thin out our forests so that they're 
not giant piles of kindling for future national disasters.

[[Page 1641]]

    Bob's commonsense approach makes sense for Colorado. He understands 
as well, when you're good at something, you ought to promote it. We're 
good at high-tech. We're good at growing crops. We're good at producing 
things, and we ought to be selling our products overseas. And so I 
appreciate that we're going to have a fellow free-trader elected to the 
United States Congress from this district. Trade is good for jobs. Trade 
is good for Colorado. And trade is good for America.
    In order to create more jobs in America, Congress needs to act when 
it comes to terrorism insurance. There's some significant projects on 
hold because people can't get insurance because of what the terrorists 
did to us. It's estimated there's over 300,000 jobs that have been 
delayed, 300,000 hardhat, good, hard--good-paying jobs, because we can't 

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