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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, April 8, 1996
Volume 32--Number 14
Pages 593-621

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Weekly Compilation of



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Addresses and Remarks

    Aircraft tragedy in Croatia
        Commerce Department employees--611
        Memorial service for Secretary of Commerce Ronald H. Brown--613
        Tree planting ceremony--615
    Italy, visit of President Scalfaro
        Welcoming ceremony--596
        Families of the victims of the 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City--
        Plaque dedication ceremony for new YMCA day care center in 
            Oklahoma City--615
    Radio address--594

Bill Signings

    Contract with America Advancement Act of 1996, statement--593
    Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act of 1996, statement--
    Twelfth continuing resolution, statement--594

Executive Orders

    Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization--596

Interviews With the News Media

        Jon Miller and Fred Manfra of WBAL Radio in Baltimore, MD--602
        Mel Proctor, Jim Palmer, and Mike Flanagan of Home Team Sports 
            in Baltimore, MD--606
    News conference with President Scalfaro of Italy, April 2 (No. 

Letters and Messages

    Easter, message--613
    Passover, message--612

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    Italy, President Scalfaro--596, 597, 609


    Death of Those Aboard U.S. Air Force Aircraft in Croatia--613
    National Day of Prayer--610
    National Day of Remembrance of the Oklahoma City Bombing--619

Statements by the President

    See Bill Signings

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--621
    Checklist of White House press releases--620
    Digest of other White House announcements--619
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--620

Editor's Note: The President was in Oklahoma City, OK, on April 5, the 
closing date of this issue. Releases and announcements issued by the 
Office of the Press Secretary but not received in time for inclusion in 
this issue will be printed next week.


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, April 8, 1996
Volume 32--Number 14
Pages 593-621
Week Ending Friday, April 5, 1996
Statement on Signing the Contract With America Advancement Act of 1996

March 29, 1996

    Today I have signed into law H.R. 3136, a bill providing for an 
increase in the public debt limit, an increase of the Social Security 
earnings limit, and increased flexibility for small businesses to comply 
with regulations.
    I applaud yesterday's bipartisan congressional vote to maintain the 
Nation's creditworthiness and financial integrity. With the signing of 
this bill, millions of Americans will, once again, be secure that this 
great Nation will stand behind its obligations to pay not only 
beneficiaries of Federal programs but bondholders as well.
    Over 8 months ago, Secretary of the Treasury Rubin wrote to the 
leaders of the Congress, urging them to pass an increase in the debt 
limit sufficient to extend through the current political season. 
Secretary Rubin pointed out that attempting to use the prospect of a 
Federal Government default to achieve leverage in a budget debate was 
not in the best interests of the American people. Now that we no longer 
need to focus our efforts on avoiding a default, we can turn our full 
attention to continuing to bring down the budget deficit as we have 
successfully done for the last 3 years.
    When I took office, the deficit was $290 billion--and rising. By the 
end of fiscal 1995, the deficit was $164 billion. As a share of the 
economy, we have cut the deficit by more than half. And just yesterday, 
the Congressional Budget Office announced its estimate that the deficit 
for the current fiscal year will fall to $140 billion--thus cutting the 
deficit that I inherited in half and fulfilling my commitment to do so 
in my first term.
    We should now continue this progress--and limit future increases in 
the public debt--by reaching an agreement to balance the budget by 2002. 
Over the last several months, I have worked closely with congressional 
leaders to reach agreement on balancing the budget. In fact, we have 
about $700 billion in common savings, enough to balance the budget and 
provide a modest, targeted tax cut. Let me reiterate: I am committed to 
reaching an agreement with the Congress to balance the budget--and to 
reaching that agreement this year.
    I also am pleased that this legislation increases the Social 
Security earnings limit. Currently, retired workers ages 65 through 69 
who earn wages above a certain amount have their Social Security 
benefits reduced by $1 for every $3 in earnings. Over 900,000 Social 
Security beneficiaries lose some or all of their benefits. This 
reduction in benefits discourages work by senior citizens who are able 
and willing to do so. Raising the earnings test will increase the 
standard of living of the elderly and help the Nation's economy.
    This legislation also responds to the legitimate concerns of small 
businesses regarding regulatory burdens. The bill includes several 
recommendations of the White House Conference on Small Business that I 
have supported. In addition, it codifies a number of my reinvention 
initiatives that will help small businesses comply with Federal 
regulations and, just as important, enable them to become meaningful 
partners in the regulatory process.
    Finally, this legislation increases congressional accountability for 
regulations, providing expedited procedures for the Congress to review 
those regulations. I have long supported this concept, and my 
Administration endorsed the Senate's efforts of last year in this 
regard. I am, however, concerned about changes that the House made to 
this bill, which will unduly complicate and extend this

[[Page 594]]

congressional review process. We will work with the Congress to resolve 
these concerns.
                                            William J. Clinton
The White House,
March 29, 1996.

Note: H.R. 3136, approved March 29, was assigned Public Law No. 104-121. 
This item was not received in time for publication in the appropriate 

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, April 8, 1996
Volume 32--Number 14
Pages 593-621
Week Ending Friday, April 5, 1996
Statement on Signing the Twelfth Continuing Resolution

March 29, 1996

    Today I have signed into law H.J. Res. 170, the Twelfth Continuing 
Resolution for fiscal year 1996.
    House Joint Resolution 170 provides for a temporary extension of 
appropriations, through April 24, for activities funded in the five 
appropriations bills that have not been enacted into law. Thus, it 
prevents a third government shutdown.
    Full-year funding is provided for the Federal payment to the 
District of Columbia and the Federal contribution to the District's 
retirement funds. Language is included to permit the seven unions of the 
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to continue to represent FAA 
employees and to bargain collectively on their behalf.
    I commend the Congress for providing $198 million to cover the costs 
of civilian implementation of the Dayton Peace accords in Bosnia. 
Subject to certain conditions, these funds will be available to finance 
civilian programs identified for the rest of fiscal year 1996. The 
commanders of the United States military units that are part of the 
NATO-led Bosnia Peace Implementation Force (IFOR) have strongly urged 
that the Congress make these funds available expeditiously in order to 
support their military mission. This bill provides an appropriately 
prompt response to their request.
    In addition, the provision of this $198 million will enable the 
United States, as provided for in this bill, to mobilize broad 
international support for economic revitalization at an aid donor's 
conference on Bosnia, scheduled for mid-April. In sum, the bill 
demonstrates bipartisan support for the kind of American leadership 
abroad that serves our country well.
    Despite this accomplishment, we are now halfway through the fiscal 
year, and the Congress still has not completed the work it should have 
done six months ago. That is a disservice to the American people.
    While this is taking place, school districts around the country are 
facing the possibility of teacher layoffs, environmental clean-ups are 
being delayed, and States, local governments, and government contractors 
must contend with continuing uncertainty as they seek to provide 
critical services to the public.
    My Administration has been working with the Congress in an effort to 
resolve our differences on funding levels for education, the 
environment, and other key priorities, as well as on numerous special 
interest legislative riders. We have made some progress in our 
discussions, but many difficult issues remain to be resolved.
    It is time for the Congress to do its job. I call on the Congress to 
meet its responsibilities by sending me legislation for the remaining 
fiscal year 1996 appropriations bills in an acceptable form.
    I hope that this will prove to be the final continuing resolution 
for fiscal 1996, and I intend to continue working with the Congress to 
ensure that it is.
                                            William J. Clinton
The White House,
March 29, 1996.

Note: H.J. Res. 170, approved March 29, was assigned Public Law No. 104-
122. This item was not received in time for publication in the 
appropriate issue.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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