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Monday, November 8, 1999
Volume 35--Number 44
Pages 2199-2266

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Weekly Compilation of



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Addresses and Remarks

    See also Bill Vetoes; Meetings With Foreign Leaders
    Connecticut, North End community in Hartford--2257
    EgyptAir Flight 990 aircraft tragedy--2213, 2218
    Foundry United Methodist Church, following services--2213
        Anti-Defamation League National Commission dinner in Atlanta--
        Democratic National Committee dinner in Atlanta--2199
    Middle East peace process--2229, 2230
    New Jersey
        Community in Newark--2246
        Project GRAD students at Malcolm X Shabazz High School in 
        American Embassy community in Oslo--2231
        Departure for Oslo--2218
        Luncheon hosted by King Harald V in Oslo--2225
        Yitzhak Rabin, ceremony honoring memory in Oslo--2227
    Radio address--2211
    Shootings in Honolulu and Seattle--2233

Addresses and Remarks--Continued

    Wildlife refuge expansion to protect the salmon habitat in the 
        Columbia River, radio remarks--2263

Bill Signings

    Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2000, statement--2260

Bill Vetoes

    Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2000, statement--2260
    District of Columbia, Departments of Labor, Health and Human 
        Services, and Education and related agencies appropriations bill

Communications to Congress

    See also Bill Vetoes
    Australia-U.S. agreement on technology for the separation of 
        isotopes of uranium by laser excitation with documentation, 
        message transmitting--2242
    ``Bipartisan Consensus Managed Care Improvement Act of 1999,'' 
        selection procedure for participants in joint House-Senate 
        conference, letter--2262
    Hurricane Floyd, disaster assistance and relocation funding, 
    Minimum wage legislation, letter--2261
(Continued on the inside of the back cover.)

Editor's Note: The President was in Chicago, IL, on November 5, the 
closing date of this issue. Releases and announcements issued by the 
Office of the Press Secretary but not received in time for inclusion in 
this issue will be printed next week.


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Interviews With the News Media

    Exchanges with reporters
        Foundry United Methodist Church--2213
        Norway, Oslo--2221, 2226, 2229, 2230
        Rose Garden--2233
        South Lawn--2218
        Bryant Gumbel of CBS' ``Early Show''--2213
        Dan Patrick of ESPN Radio--2254
        Neil Cavuto of FOX News--2250

Joint Statements

    Joint Statement by President Clinton and Prime Minister Kjell 

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

    Israel, Prime Minister Barak--2229, 2230
        King Harald V and Queen Sonja--2225, 2227
        Prime Minister Bondevik--2221
    Palestinian Authority, Chairman Arafat--2226, 2229, 2230


    Child Mental Health Month--2220
    National American Indian Heritage Month--2226

Statements by the President

    See also Bill Signings; Bill Vetoes

Statements by the President--Continued

        Daisy Bates--2260
        Walter Payton--2226
    District of Columbia appropriations legislation--2241
    Foreign operations appropriations bill, funding--2263
    House action on the proposed ``African Growth and Opportunity 
    Hurricane Floyd, additional assistance for victims--2259
    India, cyclone--2229
    Patients' Bill of Rights legislation--2242
    Senate action
        District of Columbia, Departments of Labor, Health and Human 
            Services, and Education and related agencies appropriations 
        Financial system, legislation to reform--2260
    Senator John H. Chafee, naming guided missile cruiser in his honor--
    Verdict in the Matthew Shepard murder trial--2241

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--2266
    Checklist of White House press releases--2266
    Digest of other White House announcements--2264
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--2265

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 2199-2206]
Monday, November 8, 1999
Volume 35--Number 44
Pages 2199-2266
Week Ending Friday, November 5, 1999
Remarks at a Democratic National Committee Dinner in Atlanta, Georgia

October 29, 1999

    Thank you so much. Well, first, Larry and Carol, thank you for 
opening your home. This is a beautiful tent. I was complimenting Larry 
on the tent, and he said, ``Well, it covers the parking lot.'' 
[Laughter] And I said, ``Well, maybe you ought to just leave it up 
then.'' [Laughter] It's wonderful, and we could probably, most of us, be 
back tomorrow night if you'll have us here. [Laughter] This is really, 
really beautiful.
    And I want to compliment you, too, Doctor, on your short speech, 
where you said everything that needed to be said. And maybe we'll get a 
chance to vote for you someday; if you give speeches like that, you'll 
be elected to anything.
    I want to thank our DNC chair, Joe Andrew, for coming down with me 
tonight and for his leadership, and my good friend Andy Tobias and your 
State chair, David Worley. Thank you, David. I also want to acknowledge 
our finance director, Fran Katz, who is here. And her sister's family is 
here tonight. And I think this is Fran's last event. She has been 
magnificent for us, and thank you, Fran, for all the work you've done.
    I want to thank my longtime friend Senator Max Cleland and tell all 
of you that in my opinion, at least--I may be a little biased because 
we've been friends a long time, and I was the happiest person in America 
outside Georgia when he got elected in 1996. But he is doing a wonderful 
job for you, and you should be very proud of him.
    I want to thank Senator Charles Walker, the majority leader of the 
Senate, for being here; and Mike Thurmond, your labor commissioner; and 
all the other officials that are here--my longtime friend Michael 
Hightower, the Fulton County executive. Thank you all for coming.
    I will try to make a fairly brief speech tonight, but it occurred to 
me you have so many new people here tonight that don't normally come to 
these things, and two of them I see are from Arkansas. I don't know if 
the others have any excuse or not. [Laughter] But it occurred to me that 
if people were asking you why you were doing this, that tomorrow, people 
might ask the rest of you why you were here. And I would like to give 
you a few reasons, because they're why I'm here.
    And Joe Andrew's right. I guess I don't have to be here; I'm not 
running for anything. I kind of hate it; I wish I could. [Laughter] But 
that's the system we've got and--every time I see a debate, I wish I 
were part of it. When the Republicans were debating in New Hampshire the 
other night, I wish I had been part of it, you know. [Laughter] I'm 
always convinced I could turn just one more, you know.
    I come here tonight because I believe in what we have done these 
last 7 years, because I believe the choices before the American people 
are stark but also marvelous. And because I believe that we are now in a 
position to do something that in my whole lifetime--in my whole 
lifetime--which now spans 53 years, we have never been able to do as a 
country before. We are, for the first time in my lifetime, economically 
and socially and politically strong enough and free enough of external 
and internal debilitating crises that we actually have a chance to write 
the future of our dreams for our children.
    And I'd like to tell you how I think that came to be and what I 
think the choices are. And tomorrow I hope you'll be able to tell people 
why you came.
    When I came to Georgia in 1991 and 1992, the United States was in a 
period of economic distress, social division--we had a big riot in Los 
Angeles, remember?--political

[[Page 2200]]

drift, where the so-called vision thing was derided and government 
itself had been discredited. Even liberals thought government would mess 
up a two-car parade. And I came before the people of Georgia, and I 
said, ``Look I have some new ideas. It's time to put people back at the 
center of our politics. It's time to work for unity, not division. It's 
time to build a country with a goal of opportunity for every citizen and 
responsibility from every citizen and a community of all of our people--
meeting our responsibilities at home, but also our responsibilities to 
lead the world for peace and freedom and prosperity.''
    And Georgia was good to me. I remember when I ran in the Georgia 
primary, all the Washington experts said that ``Governor Clinton heads 
south to Georgia in deep trouble. If he doesn't get at least 40 percent 
in the Georgia primary, he's toast.'' It was by then I'd already been 
declared dead three times. Now it's happened so often, I'm going to open 
a tombstone business when I leave office. [Laughter] But anyway--and the 
people of Georgia in the primary gave me 57 percent of the vote in 1992 
and sent me on my way. And I'm very grateful for that.
    And then I remember, we had a rally in a football stadium outside 
Atlanta, in the weekend before the election of '92. You remember that, 
Max? And we filled it. And I think Buddy Darden was there. We filled the 
rally. And I remember Hank Aaron was there, and there were over 25,000 
people there. And we won the State by 13,000 votes. So everyone who 
spoke at that rally can fairly claim to have made me President of the 
United States, since there were twice as many people there as we won the 
State by. But we made it, and the rest is history.
    I believe that a parallel process has been going on in Georgia, 
trying to create a new Democratic Party with Max and, first, Governor 
Miller and now Governor Barnes, with the election of Mike Thurmond and 
Thurbert Baker, Senator Walker, all the other people on your team, a new 
generation of leadership, reflecting the broad society of this great 
    We've been working at this now, the Vice President and I and our 
team, for 7 years. And when I came in '92, we made an argument to the 
people. We said, ``Hey, give us a chance; the country's in trouble'' And 

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