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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Monday, October 9, 2000
Volume 36--Number 40
Pages 2269-2347

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Weekly Compilation of



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 Addresses and Remarks

      See also  Resignations and Retirements
     ``Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Act''--2320
     Congressional candidate John Kelly, reception--2311
    Congressional leaders, meetings--2281, 2320
     Debt relief--2281
     Education legislation--2321
         Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee dinner in Jupiter, 
            telephone remarks--2297
         Hillary Clinton, luncheon in Miami--2293
        Representative Corrine Brown
             Rally in Jacksonville--2299
             Reception in Jacksonville--2308
         Uncommon Women on Common Ground conference in Jacksonville--
     Hillary Clinton, dinner--2317
     Montana gubernatorial running mates Mark O'Keefe and Carol 
        Williams, reception--2287
     New Jersey, Conference on the Progressive Tradition in Princeton--
     New York City
         National Leadership PAC reception--2335
         Reception for Gov. Tom Carper--2339
     Radio address--2275
    Religious leaders, meeting--2281

 Addresses and Remarks--Continued

     Representative Dennis Moore, reception--2289
     Student loan program and student assistance--2277

 Bill Signings

     First continuing resolution for fiscal year 2001, statement--2270

 Communications to Federal Agencies

     Military Drawdown for Tunisia, memorandum--2271
     Refugee admissions, memorandum--2270

 Interviews With the News Media

     Exchanges with reporters
         Briefing Room--2269
         Cabinet Room--2281
         Rose Garden--2320

Letters and Messages

    Yom Kippur, message--2345


     Child Health Day--2274
     German-American Day--2334
    National Breast Cancer Awareness Month--2272
    National Disability Employment Awareness Month--2273
(Continued on the inside of the back cover.)

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    National Domestic Violence Awareness Month--2276
    To Implement the African Growth and Opportunity Act and To Designate 
        Eritrea as a Beneficiary Developing Country for Purposes of the 
        Generalized System of Preferences--2283
    To Implement the United States-Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership 

Resignations and Retirements

    White House Office, Press Secretary Joe Lockhart, remarks--2269

Statements by the President

    See also Bill Signings
    Caribbean Basin Initiative and African Growth and Opportunity Act 
        beneficiary countries--2283
    Congressional action on a national blood alcohol content standard to 
        combat drunk driving--2297

Statements by the President--Continued

    Energy and water development appropriations legislation--2282

    Hate crimes legislation--2334
    House of Representatives action on conservation appropriations--2297

    National economy--2344

    Senate passage of the ``Breast and Cervical Cancer Act of 1999''--

    Smaller Learning Communities grants--2311

    Tobacco, urging action on--2334

Supplementary Materials

     Acts approved by the President--2347

     Checklist of White House press releases--2347

     Digest of other White House announcements--2345

     Nominations submitted to the Senate--2346

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 2269-2270]
Monday, October 9, 2000
Volume 36--Number 40
Pages 2269-2347
Week Ending Friday, October 6, 2000
Remarks at Press Secretary Joe Lockhart's Last Press Briefing and an 
Exchange With Reporters

September 29, 2000

    The President. Most people think Joe's leaving for purely selfish, 
monetary reasons. But the truth is, he told me that I was no longer in 
enough trouble to make it interesting for him--[laughter]--that getting 
up every day and going to work and making policy and helping the 
Democrats, you know, it's boring him to tears. [Laughter] And he said he 
couldn't stand to be alone in his office crying anymore, and so he had 
to leave.
    So I have one little gift for him, a memorial of our one and only 
day playing golf together. [Laughter] It happened a couple of weeks ago. 
Here's Joe. [Laughter] And the caption is, ``Joe, typical day as 
Presidential Press Secretary, lost in the weeds.'' [Laughter] ``Unlike 
the press corps, I'll give you a mulligan.'' [Laughter]
    Let me say seriously, I know what a difficult job this is, and I 
know it takes a toll on everyone, and I know Joe's spent a lot of time 
away from his wonderful wife and beautiful daughter, who are here. I 
remember when I appointed him, there was all this yapping about whether 
he was heavy enough to do the job. [Laughter] He leaves with gravitas 
and gravy toss--[laughter]--and a lot of gratitude.
    I know that I have a different perspective than the members of the 
press corps, but I've been following this business a long time, a long 
time before I showed up. I don't believe I've ever seen anybody do this 
job better. I admire you. I'm grateful to you. I'll miss you, and I'll 
try to keep you bored. Thank you, friend.
    Press Secretary Lockhart. You don't have to hang around for this 
part. You don't really want to talk to them. [Laughter] I'm still on the 
clock. [Laughter]
    The President. You want us to go? Well, wait, I've got to do one 
thing. I have a gift for your successor, Jake. [Laughter]

[At this point, the President presented Press Secretary-designate Jake 
Siewert with a helmet.]

    The President. They're going to try to get even with you, and 
they're also going to try to get even for everything they couldn't get 
away with with Joe, so I thought you ought to have this. I hope you'll 
wear it to your first briefing. [Laughter]
    Press Secretary-Designate Jake Siewert. I worked enough on the 
Dukakis campaign not to put this on. [Laughter]
    The President. Joe?
    Press Secretary Lockhart. No, I won't put it on. [Laughter]

Middle East Peace Process

    Q. Mr. President, can I ask you, I guess on a serious note, about 
the violence in Jerusalem, and what that might mean to the peace 
process, and whether you would like to contact Chairman Arafat to see 
what you can do?
    The President. I'm working on all that right now, but I think the 
less I say about it, the better. I may have something to say tomorrow, 
but I think today I'd like to say less and try to keep working.

2000 Campaign

    Q. What about the campaign? You seemed to be having an awful good 
time at that fundraiser a little while ago. [Laughter]
    The President. I was having a good time. It's easier for me when you 
don't have to run. It's easier. I'm having a good time.
    Do the briefing, Joe.
    Press Secretary Lockhart. Okay. [Laughter]
    The President. Keep me out of trouble. Stay bored. [Laughter] Bored.
    Press Secretary Lockhart. I can do that.
    The President. Thank you.

[[Page 2270]]

Note: The President spoke at approximately 2 p.m. in the James S. Brady 
Briefing Room at the White House. In his remarks, he referred to Mr. 
Lockhart's wife, Laura Logan, and daughter, Clare. A reporter referred 
to Chairman Yasser Arafat of the Palestinian Authority. The President's 
remarks were included in the transcript of the press briefing by Press 
Secretary Lockhart. This item was not received in time for publication 
in the appropriate issue.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

[Page 2270]
Monday, October 9, 2000
Volume 36--Number 40
Pages 2269-2347
Week Ending Friday, October 6, 2000
Statement on Signing the First Continuing Resolution for Fiscal Year 

September 29, 2000

    Today I have signed into law H.J. Res. 109, a short-term continuing 
resolution for FY 2001.
    The Resolution provides 2001 appropriations for continuing projects 
and activities of the Federal Government through October 6, 2000, except 
for those funded by the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2001, 
and the Military Construction Appropriations Act, 2001, which I have 

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