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Monday, November 11, 2002

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Week Ending Friday, November 8, 2002
Remarks in Louisville, Kentucky

November 1, 2002

    The President. Thank you all. Thank you all very much for coming 
tonight. I'm here to talk about the American spirit, and I'm here to 
remind the good folks of this part of the State of Kentucky that if 
you're interested in good Government, if you're interested in sending 
somebody to Congress who will represent all the people of the district, 
if you want somebody who can do the job, send Anne Northup back to the 
United States Congress.
    I love traveling America because it gives me a chance to see 
firsthand and to feel the fact that the American spirit is alive and 
well. That's the spirit that says, no matter what the cost, we'll defend 
our freedom. It's the spirit--the American spirit says to me that we'll 
serve something greater than ourselves here in this country. The 
American spirit means that we love freedom. And if you love freedom, you 
have a duty to participate in the democratic process.
    I'm here to urge all the people of the great State of Kentucky to 
vote, Republican, Democrat, people who don't care about any kind of 
political party. You need to do your duty. But when you get in that 
poll, I've got a suggestion for you: Anne Northup is the right choice.
    I wasn't Anne's first choice tonight. [Laughter] She wanted Laura. I 
saw on TV that Laura was campaigning with Elizabeth Dole. She got the 
long straw; you got the short straw. But she sends her love. She sends 
her best. She's as strong for Anne as I am.
    I want to tell you how proud I am of Laura. When I married her, she 
was a public school librarian. [Applause] I didn't realize there were so 
many public school librarians here in Louisville.
    Audience member. [Inaudible]
    The President. That's good. When I said, ``Would you marry me,'' her 
state of mind was this: She didn't like politics, and she didn't care 
for politicians. [Laughter] And now she's doing a fabulous job as our 
First Lady.
    I appreciate Anne's family. I appreciate Woody and all of their 
kids. Heck, if they just get the kids to vote, it would be a landslide. 
    I'm proud to be up here as well with a fine Kentucky couple, 
starting with a United States Senator who has done a fabulous job for 
the people of Kentucky, and that's Mitch McConnell. Like me, he married 
well--so well I put Elaine in the Cabinet. [Laughter] She's doing a 
really good job on behalf of the American people. I'm proud of Elaine.
    I'm also honored to be up here with another great Senator from 
Kentucky, Jim Bunning. We need to make sure Mitch goes back to the 
Senate. We need him there for a lot of reasons. Some of the reasons I'll 
talk about later, but one of the key reasons why Senators McConnell and 
Bunning are important to our future is because they know what I know: 
We've got a problem on our Federal judiciary. There's too many 
vacancies. And there's too many vacancies because the current leadership 
in the Senate has done a lousy job on letting my people have a fair 
hearing when I nominate them. They don't like the kind of judges I 
nominate. I put good, honest, honorable people who understand their job 
is to interpret the Constitution, not use the bench from which to 
legislate. We don't need any more legislators. We need good, honorable 
judges on the bench.
    I appreciate so very much Ernie Fletcher. Congressman Ernie Fletcher 
is with us today--he's one of the fine Members of the United States 
Congress--and Ron Lewis of the United States Congress, from Kentucky as 
well. These are two solid Members, Members with whom I can work for the 
good of everybody.

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    Also on the stage today we've got Geoff Davis, who's a candidate for 
the United States Congress. And if you're living in Geoff's district, 
give him your vote and give him your word. And Mike Sodrel is here. 
[Applause] Sounds like old Mike's got something going. We want both 
these good men in the Congress. We've got a lot to do to work together.
    I'm here to thank the grassroots activists as well. I want to thank 
you for what you have done. I want to thank you for what you're fixing 
to do over the next couple of days. You need to go to your coffee shops 
and your houses of worship and your community centers and tell the 
people they need to go and vote, and tell the people that we've got some 
fine candidates. Tell the people that Anne Northup is as good as it gets 
in the United States Congress. Urge them to vote, and don't be afraid to 
talk about good, discerning Democrats--to talk to good, discerning 
Democrats and wise independents. These people want good Government as 
well, just like we do. And the best person to represent good Government 
is Anne Northup.
    I know Anne well. I know her well. I respect her a lot. I value her 
advice. I appreciate the way she works hard in Washington to change the 
tone of politics. People who know Anne well know what I'm about to say. 
She's got a big heart. She cares for those who suffer. She doesn't need 
a poll or a focus group to tell her what to think. She bases her 
decisions on a deep-seated philosophy. She's decency; she's great. She 
needs to be back in the Congress. She's an effective person. She can get 
things done.
    She secured funding for the Ohio River bridges project. She worked 
hard to make sure transportation was effective in this part of the 
world. She worked closely with me on making sure that we could get a 
Faith-Based Initiative out of the United States Congress. Anne feels 
passionately about that because, as a Congresswoman, she has reached 
across the community divides to bring people together. She knows what I 
know, that there are people who hurt and people who suffer. And one of 
the ways to heal the broken heart is to unleash the great faith and 
compassion of the American people.
    I've worked closely with Anne on issues like adoption. She and Woody 
are adoptive parents, which in my view is one of the greatest 
expressions of love. No, Anne Northup can get things done. She cares 
deeply about the citizens of this district. And she knows that we've got 
some hurdles to cross here in America, and I look forward to having her 
in Congress to work on--working to cross those hurdles.
    One of the biggest problems we've got is our economy. It's just 
bumping along. It's not going like it should. There are too many people 
in America who want to work and cannot find a job. And so long as 
somebody is looking for work, that means we've got a problem. And I need 
people in the United States Congress who will join me in job creation.
    But we understand the role of Government. It is not to create 
wealth; it's to create an environment in which the entrepreneurial 
spirit can flourish. It is to create an environment in which the small 
business can grow to be a big business. Anne and I understand that 70 
percent of new jobs are created by small-business owners.
    If you're worried about job creation like we are, then you must put 
forth policy that encourages small-business growth. Most small 
businesses pay taxes at the individual income tax level. Most small 
businesses are sole proprietorships or limited partnerships. So when you 
open up your tax forms and see the individual rates, you've got to think 
of the fact that most small businesses pay those rates. And therefore, 
the tax relief plan that we passed was the best antidote to a slowing 
    If you're interested in creating jobs, you let small businesses as 
well as consumers keep more of their own money. You see, when people 

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