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Monday, October 11, 2004


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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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 Addresses and Remarks

    See also Bill Signings
         Discussion in Clive--2244
         Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004, signing in Des 
    Michigan, remarks in Farmington Hills--2268
    New Hampshire, remarks in Manchester--2209
        Discussion in Mansfield--2223
        National Association of Home Builders in Columbus--2217
        Remarks in Cuyahoga Falls--2235
    Pennsylvania, remarks in Wilkes-Barre--2262
    Radio address--2222
    Report on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction--2275
        Departure for Wausau--2275
        Remarks in Wausau--2276

 Bill Signings

    Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004, remarks in Des Moines, IA--

 Communications to Congress

    Budget request to support comprehensive response and recovery 
        efforts after Hurricane Jeanne, letter transmitting--2262

Communications to Federal Agencies

    Determination Pursuant to Section 2(c)(1) of the Migration and 
        Refugee Assistance Act of 1962, as Amended--2284


    Child Health Day--2259
    Fire Prevention Week--2259
    German-American Day--2275
    Leif Erikson Day--2283
    National Breast Cancer Awareness Month--2216
    To Implement the 2004 United States-Israel Agreement on Trade in 
        Agricultural Products--2260

Statements by the President

        House of Representatives action on legislation to reinstate the 
        Senate passage of the ``National Intelligence Reform Act''--2274
    Death of Gordon Cooper--2261
    Egypt, terrorist attacks--2284

Supplementary Materials

     Acts approved by the President--2287
     Checklist of White House press releases--2287
     Digest of other White House announcements--2284
     Nominations submitted to the Senate--2286

 Editor's Note: The President was in St. Louis, MO, on October 8, the 
closing date of this issue. Releases and announcements issued by the 
Office of the Press Secretary but not received in time for inclusion in 
this issue will be printed next week.

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[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Pages 2209	2288
Week Ending Friday, October 8, 2004
New Hampshire

October 1, 2004

    The President. Thanks for coming. I appreciate you all coming. 
Thanks. It's great to be back in the great State of New Hampshire.
    So guess what happened? We pulled up in our entourage, and I opened 
the door. I come bounding in the tent, and Mother's there checking up on 
me. They said--you know, sometimes they say I get a little too blunt, 
reminds me of the time a woman in Texas said, ``Well, you got your 
daddy's eyes and your mother's mouth.'' [Laughter] I love you, Mom. 
Thanks for coming.
    I'm keeping really good company up here on the stage. First, I'm 
proud to be standing with your great United States Senator, Judd Gregg. 
He's as solid as the granite in this State. I know you're going to send 
him back for 6 more years.
    And I'm proud to be in New Hampshire with John McCain. What a fine 
American he is and a good friend. He told me a little something about 
New Hampshire politics--in case you forgot. [Laughter] I didn't. I 
picked up on the lessons and carried the State of New Hampshire in 2000, 
and with your help, we'll carry it again in 2004.
    We had a great debate last night. It highlighted some fundamental 
differences between my opponent and me, differences I believe are 
crucial to our Nation's national security. First of all, there's a big 
difference when it comes to supporting our troops in harm's way. When 
America puts our troops in combat, I believe they deserve the best 
training, the best equipment, the full support of our Government. Last 
night my opponent said our troops deserve better. They certainly deserve 
better than they got from Senator Kerry when he voted to send them to 
war, then voting--voted against funding our troops in combat.
    Audience members. Boo-o-o!
    The President. You may remember his quote when they asked him about 
his vote. He said, ``Well, I actually did vote for the $87 billion, 
right before I voted against it.'' [Laughter] Not a lot of people in New 
Hampshire talk that way. Last night he said he had made a mistake in how 
he talked about that vote. I don't know if you remember that part of the 
debate or not. I certainly do. But the mistake wasn't what Senator Kerry 
said. The mistake was what Senator Kerry did.
    During the course of this campaign, they kept asking him to explain 
the vote. He said the famous quote. Then he went on and said he was 
proud of his vote. He said, ``The whole thing was a complicated 
matter.'' And earlier this week he gave yet another explanation of his 
vote. He said, ``Well, it was a protest vote.'' [Laughter] Exactly what 
he said, ``protest vote.''
    Audience members. Boo-o-o!
    The President. When we put American troops in harm's way, they 
certainly deserve better than to have a candidate for President use them 
as a protest.
    Last night was very revealing. He continued his pattern of confusing 
contradictions. After voting for the war, after saying my decision to 
remove Saddam Hussein from power was the right decision, he now said it 
was all a mistake. But asked a logical question, ``Does that mean our 
troops are dying for a mistake,'' he said, ``No.'' You can't have it 
both ways. You can't say it's a mistake and not a mistake. You can't be 
for getting rid of Saddam Hussein when things look good and against it 
when times are difficult. You can't claim terrorists are pouring across 
the border into Iraq yet, at the same time, try to claim that Iraq is 
somehow a diversion from the war on terror. The American President must 
speak clearly, and when he speaks, must mean what he says.

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    The crucial difference between my opponent and me is the most 
important question for voters in this election, and that is: Who can 
lead this war against terror to victory? And here my opponent has a 
fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of this war against terror, 
and he has no plan to win in Iraq. The cornerstone of Senator Kerry's 
plan for Iraq is to convene a summit. That's what he said. Now, look, 
I've been to a lot of summits. [Laughter] Since I've been your 
President, I've been honored to be at summits throughout the world. I've 
never been to a meeting that has deposed a tyrant or brought a terrorist 
to justice. The way to defeat the terrorists is to stay on the offense 
and bring them to justice.
    My opponent last night claims he can work with our allies. Yet he 
said those who are standing with us are not a part of a genuine 
    Audience members. Boo-o-o!
    The President. He earlier called them a ``coalition of the coerced 
and bribed'' and dismissed their sacrifices as ``window dressings.''
    Audience members. Boo-o-o!
    The President. See, you cannot lead by pushing away the allies who 
are already with us, who are sacrificing along with our soldiers. You 
can't expect any support for a cause you have called a ``mistake,'' a 
``grand diversion,'' or ``the wrong war at the wrong time.'' As I said 
last night, I've been meeting with these leaders around the world. 
Imagine walking into a room, and say, ``Get your sons to sacrifice and 
your daughters to sacrifice for the wrong war at the wrong place at the 
wrong time.'' Imagine. [Laughter] The way to lead this coalition is not 
to be disdainful or dismissive. The way to lead this coalition to 
victory is to be clear about our thinking, grateful for their 
sacrifices, and resolute in our determination to achieve victory.
    Let me say one other thing, one more thing I want to share with you 
about last night's debate. Perhaps it was the most disturbing aspect of 
the debate. Senator Kerry said that America has to pass some sort of 
``global test''----
    Audience members. Boo-o-o!
    The President. ----before we can use our troops to defend ourselves. 
Think about that. He wants our national security decisions subject to 
the approval of a foreign government.
    Audience members. Boo-o-o!
    The President. Listen, I'll continue to work with our allies. I'll 
work with the international community, but I will never submit America's 
national security to an international test. The President's job is not 
to take an international poll. The President's job is to defend the 
United States of America.
    Audience members. U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
    The President. I've come for more reasons than just to talk about 
last night's debate and to see my mother. [Laughter] I have come back to 
New Hampshire to ask for your vote, and I am here to ask for your help. 
I ask you to register your friends and neighbors. I ask you, then, to 
head them to the polls come the voting time. And as you do so, remind 
them if they want a safer America, a stronger America, and a better 
America, to put me and Dick Cheney back in office.
    I'm glad my mother is here, but I really wish Laura were here. What 
a great First Lady. You know, when I asked her to marry me, she said, 
``Fine, just so long as I never have to give a political speech.'' 
[Laughter] I said, ``Okay, you'll never have to give one.'' [Laughter] 
Fortunately, she didn't hold me to that promise. In New York, at our 
convention, America got to see a compassionate, strong, fine First Lady 
in Laura Bush.
    And I'm proud--I'm proud I'm running with Dick Cheney. He's a fine 
man. I concede, he doesn't have the waviest hair in the race. [Laughter] 
I didn't pick him because of his hair. I picked him because of his 
experience, his judgment, and because he can get the job done for the 
American people.
    I want to sing the praises of your other United States Senator, John 
Sununu. You've got two really fine Senators in Judd and John, and I'm 
proud to work with them. They're kind of independent sometimes--
[laughter]--just like the people of New Hampshire.
    I appreciate your Governor, Craig Benson. I hope you put him back 
into office. Thanks for coming, Craig. I appreciate you being here, 
Craig. I'm proud of Congressman Jeb Bradley's work in the United States 
Congress, a fine Member of the House of Representatives. I want to thank 
Ted Gatsas and

[[Page 2211]]

his wife, Cassandra. I want to thank Brian Golden, who's a Democrats for 
Bush member from Massachusetts. I am honored you're here, Brian. Thank 
you for coming.
    I want to thank all the other State and local officials. But most 
importantly, I want to thank the grassroots activists and those who are 
doing the hard work, getting ready to turn out the vote come November.
    I appreciate the Oak Ridge Boys who are here with us today. I'm 
proud to call them friends. And I want to thank Kaleigh Cronin, the 
student from Manchester Central High, who performed the National Anthem. 
I want to thank Manchester Central High School Band for being here 

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