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Monday, August 12, 2002

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Addresses and Remarks

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Communications to Congress

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Communications to Federal Agencies

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Interviews With the News Media

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Statements by the President

    Terrorist attacks in Colombia--1332

Supplementary Materials

    Acts approved by the President--1334
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    Digest of other White House announcements--1332
    Nominations submitted to the Senate--1333

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Pages 1301-1334
Week Ending Friday, August 9, 2002
The President's Radio Address

August 3, 2002

    Good morning. We've had a month of accomplishment in Washington. 
Congress acted on several important proposals to strengthen our national 
security and our homeland security and our economic security. 
Republicans and Democrats worked in a spirit of unity and purpose that I 
hope to see more of in the fall.
    I requested more money for our military and for our homeland 
security, and Congress provided crucial funding to continue military 
operations, to train and equip medics, police officers, and firefighters 
around America, and to support the Coast Guard operations that protect 
our ports and coasts.
    I proposed tough new standards for corporate executives and 
accountants and increased penalties for fraud and abuse. Congress 
responded with strong corporate accountability reforms, which I signed 
into law on Tuesday. And we are rigorously enforcing the laws against 
corporate crimes with new arrests just this week.
    For nearly a year and a half, I've been pressing Congress for trade 
promotion authority so I can aggressively push for open trade with other 
nations. This week, the Senate followed the lead of the House by giving 
me that authority, which I will sign into law next week. Expanded trade 
will mean more business for America's farmers and ranchers and 
manufacturers, better buys for American consumers, and good jobs for 
America's workers.
    Together, we made significant progress on national priorities. Yet, 
when Congress returns from its summer recess, important work remains. In 
March, I urged Congress in a time of war to pass the defense budget 
first. After 4 months, the House and the Senate have acted on their own 
bills--but they have not sent me a final bill that works out their 
differences. When the Congress returns in September, its first priority 
should be to complete the defense budget so our military can plan for 
and pay for the war on terror and all the missions that lie ahead.
    The Senate should also act quickly to pass a bill authorizing the 
new Department of Homeland Security, which it failed to do before the 
recess. This Department will consolidate dozens of Federal agencies 
charged with protecting our homeland, giving them one main focus: 
protecting the American people. And when we create this Department, the 
new Secretary of Homeland Security will need the freedom and flexibility 
to respond to threats by getting the right people into the right jobs at 
the right time, without a lot of bureaucratic hurdles. The Senate must 
understand that the protection of our homeland is much more important 
than the narrow politics of special interests.
    Congress should also act to strengthen the economic security of all 
Americans. The Senate must pass reforms to protect workers' savings and 
investments and reform Medicare to include prescription drug benefits. 
Both Houses must reach a consensus on final terrorism insurance 
legislation to spur building projects and create construction jobs. And 
they must agree on a comprehensive energy bill that will increase 
production and promote conservation and reduce our dependence on foreign 
energy sources.
    And as we work to strengthen America's economy, we must remember 
Americans who are struggling. The Senate should follow the House's lead 
and pass welfare reform that encourages work and promotes strong 
families. And they should pass legislation to promote the vital work of 
private and religious charities and helping disadvantaged children and 
people struggling with addiction, the homeless and many others.
    I know, in the fall of an election year, the tendency is to focus 
more on scoring political points than on making progress. I hope the 
Congress will reject this approach. In the last

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month we've proven how much we can get done when everyone in Washington 
works together on behalf of the American people. Come September, I look 
forward to working with the Republicans and Democrats to build on that 
    Thank you for listening.

Note: The address was recorded at 10:04 a.m. on August 2 in the Cabinet 
Room at the White House for broadcast at 10:06 a.m. on August 3. The 
transcript was made available by the Office of the Press Secretary on 
August 2 but was embargoed for release until the broadcast. The Office 
of the Press Secretary also released a Spanish language transcript of 
this address.

[Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents]

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Pages 1301-1334
Week Ending Friday, August 9, 2002
Remarks at a Reception for Senator Susan Collins in Prout's Neck, Maine

August 3, 2002

    Thank you all very much. Please be seated. Well, thank you all very 
much for that wonderful welcome. This probably is the first political 
event I've ever traveled to by boat. [Laughter] And I want to thank the 
boat's captain, ``Number 41.'' You're never supposed to drive a boat 
wearing a tie. [Laughter] That's why he doesn't have one on. [Laughter]
    But as you can see, we--the best of our family isn't with us. My 
mother is back there in Kennebunkport, and the great First Lady of the 
United States is in Texas. But if they were here, I can assure you, they 
would say what I'm about to say--that Susan Collins is a great United 
States Senator, and Maine needs to send her back to the Senate.
    Both of us are really proud to be here to campaign on her behalf. We 
want to thank you all very much for helping her. We--I urge you to make 
sure that you continue working for her. For those of you who lick the 
envelopes and make the phone calls and put out the signs and turn out 
the vote, get your uniforms on, because you win in all States, but 
particularly in Maine, through grassroots politics. You win because you 
energize the voters. You win because you remind the people of what a 
fine person you have as a United States Senator. So thank you for what 
you have done on behalf of Susan Collins, and as importantly, thank you 
for what you're going to do to make sure this fine lady returns back to 
the United States Senate.
    And I appreciate her mother and dad driving all this way. It is a 
long way. [Laughter] That's a 5\1/2\ hour drive. But it's wonderful to 
meet the Collins family, all of them. And it says something to me that, 
you know, Mom and Dad and brothers are willing to stand by their sister 
and/or child to do whatever it takes to help out. To me, that's what 
family is all about, and I appreciate so very much the Collins family 
for being here today, and thank you for supporting your little girl.
    Maine's got two fantastic United States Senators. Olympia Snowe is a 
capable lady. Olympia and Susan make a formidable team on behalf of the 
citizens of Maine, and it would be wise for Maine not to break that team 
up. It would be wise for the people of this State to make sure that they 
send somebody back to Washington who understands that to get things 
done, you've got to work with people of both parties, and who solidly 
rejects, like I reject, the same old, tired politics of tearing somebody 
down to get ahead.
    Susan Collins, she's a breath of fresh air in Washington, DC. She's 
kind of an independent thinker, I might add. [Laughter] I don't do 
everything she says. [Laughter] She doesn't do everything I say. 
[Laughter] But she's an ally, and I'm proud to call her friend.
    I want to thank very much Steven Joyce and Kevin Raye for tossing 
their hats in the ring. Steven is running for the Congress, Maine 1; and 
Kevin is running for Congress, Maine 2. Thank you all for coming; we 
hope you win. We look forward to seeing you in Washington--appreciate 
    It's nice to be here with the next Governor of the State of Maine, 
Peter Cianchette. [Laughter] I want to thank the party officials who are 
here. I want to thank Kathy Watson, who's the chairwoman of the 
Republican Party of Maine--Kathy, thank you for your hard work--and Jan 
Martens Staples, who's the national committeewoman.
    I want you to know that in Washington, they've got a lot of pretty 
good talkers, you know, people who can give a fine speech. But somehow, 
behind all the rhetoric, they don't get much done. That's not the way

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Susan Collins is. She gets a lot done. Let me talk to you about a couple 
of issues that's dear to her heart and dear to mine.
    First of all, we passed a really good education bill this year. It 
was called No Child Left Behind. And the reason why it was called that 
is because Susan and I believe that when we get it right, that we can 
make sure no child gets left behind in America. It means we've got to 
set high standards and high expectations for every child who lives in 
America. It means we've got to trust the local people to run the 
schools, that we understand that you're not going to have quality 
education if you try to run the public schools out of Washington, DC. 

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